• Table decoration tips: four ways to create a stylish look for your table.

    Table decoration tips:

    four ways to create a stylish look for your table.

    How can you lend a festive table setting a more personal touch? Get inspired and let your imagination and creativity set flight as you decorate the table with ifolor photo products. A charming table decoration or stylish place cards are very quick to create and sure to catch the eye.

    Every guest will feel welcome when they find their own photo at their seat. Place cards made using photo products not only show guests where to sit, but also serve as a beautiful adornment to the table. Place cards can be used for special celebrations like weddings and birthdays or for cosier meals with friends.

    Here are four creative table-decorating ideas for everyday or special occasions.

    1. A place card and a gift in one

    How about using photo tins with images of your guests as place cards? These smart metal tins will add a classy touch to your table. They’re also a lasting memento of time spent together. The tins can bring your guests double the pleasure if you hide a tasty treat or another souvenir inside.

    Our tins come in four shapes: rectangular, round, square and heart-shaped. The tins are rustproof, durable and easy to clean. Later on, they can be repurposed as a lunch box or for storing small items.

    Oh, and we already have some ideas ready for the surprise: for example, you can order the heart-shaped photo tin with chocolate hearts and the rectangular or round photo tins with Lindor truffles. That way, you’ll have an extra sweet little surprise ready to delight your guests.

    Retro photos create a vintage feel

    2. Retro photos create a vintage feel

    Retro photos are ideal as gifts and as place cards. You can use a felt-tip pen to write your guest’s name or a festive greeting in the white space at the bottom of the photo. Vintage-inspired retro photos will go with almost any style of table decoration and delight your guests.

    Retro photos in 10x10 cm format are developed on real photo paper and presented in a beautiful box. The box contains 24 photos.

    Photo gifts for guests

    3. Photo gifts for guests

    Decorate cupcakes, muffins or other treats with decorative picks featuring your guests’ photos. It’s easy to make fun cupcake toppers from cocktail picks and ifolor photo stickers. You’ll need two photo stickers per guest to place on either side of the cocktail pick.

    These decorative picks will add a personal touch to any celebration. Your guests will love them!

    From table decoration to bookmark

    4. From table decoration to bookmark

    A delicious meal will go down even better if you mix some cool photo strips into your table setting. You can attach a photo strip bearing a guest’s name to their wine glass or lean it against their water glass. These photo strips make a great keepsake for your guests. The photos, which resemble those from a photo booth, can be reused, e.g. as a handy bookmark.

    The photo strips come in sets of five. You can use various templates to create the strips. Choose photo strips with or without a frame and with a background colour that ties in with your table decor.


    Of course, your imagination doesn’t have to be confined to your table decorations. Why not create a custom mug, ceramic bowl, photo coaster or placemat to match the style of your home interior? These, too, can be designed to your precise specifications. Depending on which design you choose, they can also make a great keepsake for your guests to take home with them.

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