Keep your best summer memories in the ifolor Booklet
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Preserve your summer experiences in the ifolor Booklet

Quickly create a Booklet via the ifolor app, the ifolor Designer or online

Summer is the time to be outdoors: rediscover your local area by cycling, hiking, unforgettable hours by the lake or a few days relaxing at a campsite - simply wonderful. Naturally, all of these experiences need to be captured by photos. By using the ifolor app or online you can create a stunning Booklet directly from your smartphone whilst on the go. Relive your most memorable moments of summer, which you can look at time and time again. If you want to spend a little more time creating your booklet, you can of course also create it in the ifolor Designer or on our website. You can order it with a stylish gift box as an option.

Here you can find out more about how to quickly and simply create your own Booklet. Maybe create your Booklet as a personal outdoor guide? Get inspired by our summery design ideas.

Create your Booklet quickly and easily

Have you just come back from an amazing holiday? It takes less than 5 minutes to create your personalised photo book in a pocket-sized square format using our free app for iOS and Android. Or use either our Designer app or our website to create the booklet in a flash. Simply upload your photos to the app, Designer, or online and your snapshots will be automatically placed on the pages. You can use the handy drag-and-drop function to reposition individual photos or to move the pages in the book. There are 4 design templates to choose from to give your Booklet even more of a personal touch. Lastly, give your Booklet a title and your pocket-sized photo book is ready to go! Order the optional gift box so that your booklet arrives at your door beautifully packed - perfect for storage or as a gift.

Create a Booklet anywhere via the app


Save even more time when creating a Booklet by creating an album of your favourite shots in advance.

Capture your coolest outdoor experiences by putting them into the Booklet

The pocket-sized photo book is the perfect way to preserve your memories from a fantastic holiday or from just simply spending time in the great outdoors. This is a great way to share them with loved ones or as a little keepsake for yourself. The Booklet can be given as a unique holiday ‘postcard’ or to share your best memories from your adventures.

The Booklet as a travel diary

Create a small travel diary from your snapshots while on the go. This way you can remember your camping holiday, motorhome holiday or simply a fantastic bike tour you did with all the ups and downs you experienced. You can write down your daily experiences e.g. in a note app or a small notebook. You can also upload screenshots or photos of your notes directly into the booklet.

Using the Booklet as a travel diary

Preserve your summer memories whilst on the go

Keep memories of hiking or canoeing trips with snapshots of loved ones and fantastic landscapes. For example, you can take funny selfies with your friends. These great memories of unforgettable days, which can be added to the Booklet via the app at any time. You can also add a screenshot of your route to remember how far you went. Simply open any navigation app you have on your phone, take a screenshot of your route and drag-and-drop onto your Booklet - done!

Spice up your Booklet with personalised tips
The packaging design may differ from the design shown.

Your personal outdoor guide

Whether as an original holiday ´postcard´, a gift, or just for fun - add some personal tips to turn your Booklet into an individual outdoor guide. Your top 5 things not to miss on a bike trip, a particularly beautiful viewpoint or the best ice cream shop: share your insider tips between your snapshots. Use a note-taking app on your phone to write down any travel tips and simply screenshot them. Once you have put the travel tips in between your snapshots, your personalised outdoor guide is ready to go. You can use the guide to repeat the trip or it would also make a fantastic gift for family and friends.

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