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Give the gift of a personalised photo book for Mother’s Day

A Personalised Photo Book for Mother’s Day

Give the Gift of Shared Memories

Mum is the best! Never is “Thanks!” more appropriate than Mother’s Day. Use this special occasion to thank your own everyday heroine. How best to do so than a personalised photo book with shared memories from years long past as well as today?

We’ll show you how to put together a unique photo book of your loveliest captured moments, so you and Mum together can delight in shared memories.

Choosing a Photo: A Journey into the Past

To begin, find as many recent and old photos as you can. Whether the first Polaroid taken of you and your mother, holiday photos, or other family snapshots, choose those with the most mutual sentimental value. Photos of your first baby shoes or other scraps of memory are also suitable for your book. Consider digitalising an old drawing you made as a kid of you and your mum. Once you’ve found all your photos, order them chronologically or thematically. This will help during the design process.

Choose older pictures for a personalized, Mother’s Day photo book

Tip: Older analogue photos can easily be digitalised with your smart phone. Here we show you how.

Five Design Tips for Your Photo Book

For best results, we recommend the use of our ifolor Designer. The programme allows you to save your progress and continue working later if necessary. You can also create your own design and font templates. Once you’ve downloaded the programme and started a new project, you’ll be directed to a selection of our products.

The photo book format with premium photo paper makes for an especially lovely gift: this photo book sports a lovely hardcover binding, as well as real matte photo paper with flat-lying pages, allowing your memories to truly stand out. Once you’ve chosen your photo book format, you can already begin.

Tip 1: Maintain Your Central Idea

Now that you’ve decided on a photo book and gathered your favourite photos, it’s time to fill those empty pages. A classic structure for your book is a journey into the past: what better way to indulge in nostalgia than to order your photos chronologically? You can also divide them into thematic subcategories, like favourite holidays or photos of family parties. Regardless of how you choose to order the photo book, it’s important you maintain some kind of central idea.

Tip 2: Don’t Overfill the Pages

When covering the pages in memories, less is more. Don’t use too many images on one page. Limiting yourself to a select number and quality of photos will convey more taste. You can even print a single photo in landscape format over two pages. This is an especially great idea for your favourite shared photo with Mum.

Design idea: print one photo on two pages

Tip 3: Play with the Graphics

When designing your photo book, simply use our countless backgrounds, or add your own design in a mere couple of clicks. This could orient itself around your mother’s favourite colour or flower. If Mum’s favourite colour is pink, go ahead and include pink in your photo book, whether it be whole pages or just parts of an empty page. If you want to add your own graphics and backgrounds, simply click below in Design Mode on “Add” and choose the option you need.

Design options in the ifolor Designer

Tip 4: Add Little Anecdotes and Proverbs

Add a further bespoke air to your book by inserting suitable headings, dates, places, and quotations. Make it even more personal by including little anecdotes and a message of gratitude.

Include little texts in your Mother’s Day gift

Tip 5: Use Varying Font Styles

For a little variety, we recommend playing with various fonts and sizes. For example, use a different font and size for your headings to distinguish from descriptions and commentary. Careful, though: use no more than three styles, otherwise your book will appear too chaotic.

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