Creative gift idea for Mother's Day: design a voucher Spiral Book.

Personalised Mother’s Day voucher book

Make a creative surprise with the Photo Book Spiral

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to say "thank you" to your mum. It's not about big gifts, but about heartfelt and genuine appreciation. We show you how you can surprise the best mum in the world with a personalised voucher book.

Mother's Day voucher book: design tips

The photo book spiral is perfect for using as a gift voucher booklet. Its spiral binding ensures the book is especially easy to open and it’s easy to tear out individual pages. Start out by choosing the page size (A4, A5, or A6), the format, and how many pages. You can also reduce or add to the number of pages later if need be. Landscape format is most suitable for arranging text and graphic elements since it offers you enough room for everything.

You can choose from a variety of design templates. If you create your voucher book using ifolor Designer, you can choose your own layouts in addition to borders, clipart and much more.

Cover page with an added personal touch

For example, personalise the front with a lovely photo memory that you both share. To make it special, write a few personal words on the front in the form of a dedication, a poem or a lovely message.


Double pages for your vouchers

You can take advantage of the fact that the pages in the book are double-sided by using one side to print out in text form what the gift voucher is good for and then use the other side to feature fitting photo(s). When creating your book with either the ifolor Designer or directly online you’ll have the option to change the layout on each individual page. This ensures variety and makes your voucher book even more exciting.

Voucher for a film evening together in the Mother's Day voucher book.

Make sure the voucher text stands out

Use a suitable font: playful, creative or classically elegant - you know what your mum likes best. When writing text for your vouchers, keep in mind that the font shouldn’t be too small so the recipient doesn’t have to squint while reading. Your text will look best if placed centrally on the page.


Personalise vouchers with your own photos

You can give your voucher book a unique character by taking the photos yourself. Depending on the content of the voucher, photos of a recent restaurant visit or a lovely home-made meal fit well with the dinner voucher.  For a coffee date voucher, try adding a beautifully decorated cake or perhaps a picture of your favourite cake.


If you want to surprise your mum with a special gift voucher, create one using a Photo Puzzle. This will make the gift even more fun and engaging.

Vouchers ideas for your Mother's Day voucher book

We have collected a few voucher ideas to inspire you. From special meals, or a helping hand, to a unique shared experience: there are no limits to your Mother's Day vouchers. The main thing is that you can make your mum happy.


Culinary vouchers

  • Voucher for grilling or a picnic: in May the weather is finally becoming sunny and warm again. This is the ideal time to invite your mum to a grilling get-together or a picnic with tasty treats prepared by yourself.
  • Voucher for a self-baked cake: there’s no better way to say “thank you” than with self-baked tasty treats.
  • Voucher for going to a restaurant: invite your mother to her favourite restaurant.
  • Voucher for cooking or baking together including clean-up duty: preparing a meal together is always a fun experience. Maybe you can still learn a thing or two from mum in the kitchen. Of course, you can take care of all the cleaning and dishes.
  • Voucher for breakfast in bed: spoil your mother with sweet-smelling croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a nice bouquet of flowers to top everything off.
  • Voucher for brunch together: sit back and enjoy a relaxing Sunday brunch with your mother. She’ll be sure to enjoy herself.
A voucher for a picnic or coffee date is perfect for making great new memories.

Vouchers for relaxation and fun

  • Go to the cinema, musical or theatre together: Surprise your mum with the show she's always wanted to see or a subscription.
  • Attend an adult education course or yoga/fitness studio subscription together.
  • Pay for all her parking tickets for 3 months.
  • Making or looking at a Photo Book together to reignite old memories.
  • Make some new memories by having a day out together: a stroll through town, a visit to a famous sight or a nice walk or bike ride in the countryside.
  • Create a flower bed, plant a tree, or plant the balcony boxes together.
  • Family photoshoot: get a professional photoshoot together – either with a theme or just because.
  • House cleaning & odd jobs: take over a few of your mother's everyday chores so she just has time to relax or do other things.
  • A spa or beauty treatment: Have a nice relaxing afternoon at the spa.
  • Go on a herb walk together
  • Browse the flea market for a few nice treasures.

Have fun designing your own booklet and Happy Mother’s Day!

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