An ifolor photo puzzle packed in an attractive gift box

A Photo Puzzle as an Easter Gift

Double the Fun - Some Assembly Required

For those of you who’d like to give your family something special this Easter, why not give them a gift voucher in the form of a photo puzzle good for an outing together - this’ll lend your gift an extra degree of fun and pleasant anticipation while they assemble it.

The Gift Voucher Photo Puzzle

There are countless ideas for possible gift vouchers. Here you can find a useful template for your photo puzzle in 20 x 30 cm landscape format. Our gift voucher template, for instance, offers you enough room to design your puzzle with a large-scale photo and comes integrated with an appealing text field, which you can use to describe your voucher in a few words. When using this template, you should keep in mind that the main motif of your photo should be on the right since the text field is located on the left side of the puzzle. In the editing options (click on the pencil), you can use the editor to rotate your photo, mirror it, or to use various filters.

For a voucher for something such as a family outing to the zoo, you could add colourful illustrations of wild animals or a suitable photo.

A perfect gift for children: a voucher good for a trip to the zoo bedecked with a photo of their favourite wild animal

Another puzzle template perfect for Easter comes with cute little bunnies on the border surrounding a large picture. You can then use the text field to describe what the voucher is good for.

Just about any kind of outing is perfect for the voucher as long as it’s not something you do every day. It could be something as simple as going out for ice cream, seeing a film at the cinema, or going on some kind of excursion. A gift voucher photo puzzle is sure to bring a gleam to children’s eyes.

Tip: When designing your puzzle for children, keep in mind that it should be age-appropriate. The puzzles come with either 50 or 196 pieces. The puzzle with 50 pieces it suitable for children ages 5 and up while children ages 8-9 will be sure to enjoy the challenge of assembling a 196-piece puzzle.

Gift certificate puzzle for a pralines course

Photo Puzzles for Grownups

Not only children enjoy putting together puzzles. You could also give your special someone a puzzle designed with a brilliant photo this Easter. For this, you can either use a simple full photo layout or one of our various romantic templates. Depending on which template you go with, you can also add a personal message to your puzzle. Should you have problems choosing just one photo to use for your puzzle, you can also design your puzzle with a collage out of your best photos of the two of you together.

It’s also possible to print out your own designs on the photo puzzle.

You can use a free photo-editing program like Canva to make your own design for your photo puzzle. This online tool offers you countless design templates for every occasion free of charge. This makes it super easy to design your own flyers or invitations. When creating a design for your photo puzzle, you should make sure to use a suitable image size to ensure the photo is not inadvertently cropped or becomes blurred.

An ifolor photo puzzle as a gift for adults this Easter - a voucher for an event

When making your own design, such as an invitation, you should also make sure that the text font is neither too thin nor too small since this can make the text especially difficult to read in between separate puzzle pieces.

Hide the Puzzle on Easter Morning

You can make the puzzle easy to find on Easter morning for smaller children by hiding the whole puzzle in one place. For those of you who’d like to make it a bit more difficult, you could put puzzle pieces in their own little packages and hide them separately. Or course you probably shouldn’t hide each individual piece by itself or else the kiddies might be left searching for the pieces into the wee hours of the night; hiding two separate packages of 25 pieces each or four packages of 49 pieces each should do the trick. You could also hide the original photo that comes delivered with your puzzle to be used as a guideline during puzzle assembly - perhaps rolled and bundled together with a bow or in an envelope.

Make sure that the puzzle pieces and their packaging don’t get wet if you hide them in grass as this can damage the puzzle box.

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