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A voucher in a photo puzzle is two surprises in one

A voucher as a photo puzzle

Double the fun of a puzzle

Give your friends or family an extra treat with a gift voucher in the form of a puzzle – the fun of a puzzle with the surprise of a gift voucher all in one.

We share some voucher ideas that you can easily and simply have printed on a photo puzzle. Choose between 50 and 196 pieces in both landscape or portrait format. The hi-resolution photo puzzle comes in a matching box, making it a perfect gift!

Create a voucher as a photo puzzle

Choose from many design templates to create a beautiful photo puzzle. For example, a 20x30 cm photo puzzle in landscape format offers plenty of room for a large image and a large text box for the voucher description. One thing to keep in mind when adding your photo is the voucher text box covers part of the left side of the image. To ensure a great result, make sure the subject of the image is towards the right-hand side. You can use our editing tool to rotate, flip, and even add filters. Simply click on the pencil in the editing options to create the perfect final look.

The excitement grows as the puzzle forms

A gift and shared experience in one

A photo puzzle is suitable for any voucher type, whether it is for ice cream, coffee, a visit to the cinema, or even a day trip. The photo puzzle can be themed to match the gift, for example, you can use a picture of either a wild animal or a funny animal to design a voucher for a visit to the zoo. For a trip to Paris, a picture of the Eiffel Tower would be perfect. If the voucher is for a joint activity, then you could choose a nice photo of you together.

Photo puzzles are also perfect for children. Just make sure the puzzle is not too difficult for the age of the child.


The 50-piece jigsaw puzzle is suitable for children up to 5 years old. Children from 8 years old would enjoy the challenge of the 196-piece puzzle. Our example puzzle for the Paris voucher uses a 196-piece puzzle.

A romantic voucher for your partner

The picture puzzles are not only fun for children and friends, but they can also make a romantic gift for your partner. You can choose from our many romantic templates or simply use a large picture in the full-screen layout. Some templates allow you to label the puzzle.

If you have lots of great photos that you want to include, then you can also make a collage. For best results, make sure that all the picture dimensions are correct so that each photo does not look cropped or distorted.

There are lots of design options when making a voucher as a photo puzzle


Why not add an extra small treat along with the voucher? For example, some macarons and red roses would add an extra romantic touch to a trip to Paris.

Design your own picture puzzle

You can use your own design to create a picture puzzle. There are lots of free editing programs, for example, Canva. This online tool offers countless design templates for all occasions, so you can easily create attractive flyers or invitations. If you create your own design, then make sure that the font you use is not too thin or too small, as is will be too hard to read on the surface of the puzzle.

Add a treat to the photo puzzle to make the perfect gift

A photo puzzle as a holiday gift

Photo puzzles make great gifts for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Easter. A great idea for an Easter gift would be to hide the puzzle or better still, pack it into small packages and make an Easter trail.

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