A voucher in a photo puzzle is two surprises in one

Creatively design a Photo Puzzle into a voucher

Double the fun of a puzzle

Give your friends or family an extra treat with a gift voucher in the form of a puzzle – the fun of a puzzle with the surprise of a gift voucher all in one.

We share some voucher ideas that you can easily and simply have printed on a photo puzzle. Choose between 50-, 196-, 500-, 1000- and 1500-pieces in both landscape or portrait format. The hi-resolution photo puzzle comes in a matching box, making it a perfect gift!

Creative voucher: design your own Photo Puzzle

There are many design templates to design the voucher. To ensure that the recipient can complete the voucher in a reasonable amount of time, the 20x30 cm size with 50 pieces or the 45x30 cm version with 196 pieces are best suited. The template "Full-surface layout" offers you a lot of space for your photo and the voucher text in landscape format. Simply enter your text in the dynamic text field and upload your image. Make sure that the main object is clearly visible in the photo. You can adjust the size of the image and the text placeholder individually. You can also add more photos, which will automatically become a customisable collage on your photo puzzle.

Design a Photo Puzzle as a voucher for a trip: creative voucher for Easter

A gift and shared experience in one

Anything that brings joy is suitable as a voucher - be it an invitation to eat ice cream, a Netflix or Spotify subscription, a day out, or even a weekend trip. The design of the voucher can be themed to match the gift, for example, you can use a picture of either a wild animal or a funny animal to design a voucher for a visit to the zoo. For a trip to Paris, a picture of the Eiffel Tower would be perfect. For activities or the Netflix subscription for many movie nights together, you can choose a nice photo of yourselves.

Photo puzzles are also perfect for children. Just make sure the puzzle is not too difficult for the age of the child.


The 50-piece jigsaw puzzle is suitable for children up to 5 years old. Children from 8 years old would enjoy the challenge of the 196-piece puzzle. The 500-, 1000- and 1500-piece puzzle is suitable for adults or puzzle lovers.

A romantic voucher for your partner

The picture puzzles are not only fun for children and friends, but they can also make a romantic gift for your partner. In addition to the full-screen layout, there are other design templates available – some with hearts, different frames, and much more.

To add several pictures to your voucher puzzle, use the ‘collage’ template, ‘full-screen layout’ or a template with two picture placeholders. With these options, you don't have to choose just one photo, but you can decorate the voucher with your favourite pictures together.

There are lots of design options when making a voucher as a photo puzzle


Why not add an extra small treat along with the voucher? For example, some macarons and red roses would add an extra romantic touch to a trip to Paris.

Design your own picture puzzle

You can use your own design to create a picture puzzle, for example, you can imbed the voucher design directly into the voucher. There are lots of free editing programs, for example, Canva. This online tool offers countless design templates for all occasions, so you can easily add cool designs for your voucher puzzle this Easter. If you create your own design, then make sure that the font you use is not too thin or too small, as is will be too hard to read on the surface of the puzzle.

Give a gift voucher in a Photo Puzzle.

A photo puzzle as a holiday gift

Photo puzzles make great gifts for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Easter. A great idea for an Easter gift would be to hide the puzzle or better still, pack it into small packages and make an Easter trail.

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