Create a Mother's Day wall decoration.

Create Mother's Day wall decorations

Unforgettable gifts for your mum

The second Sunday in May belongs to your mum, it’s a chance to give her what she deserves: an unforgettable day. Show her what she means to you by giving her a unique and thoughtful gift. A bouquet and a loving card are a good start, but if you're still looking for something special, we've come up with four different gift ideas to inspire you. Make the upcoming Mother's Day an unforgettable one and surprise your mum with a personalised wall decoration.

The right photo choice for Mother's Day

Design your mum a truly unique decoration for her home. Choose photos that you have taken together. Feel free to use anything you like: either photos of nature, family, childhood, more recent photos, or even art and graphics. It's best to take your time and look through your photo collection until you find the perfect images.


If the children are a little younger, mothers will love this idea too. Of course, dad is welcome to help create this unforgettable gift.

Once you've found the right picture or pictures, all you have to do is choose the right ifolor product. In this article, we'll introduce you to four great ways to put a smile on your mum's face.

Surprise your mum with a unique wall decoration

Give your mum a little work of art with a Gallery Print. This wall decoration looks great in any home and keeps memories alive for a long time. The high-quality ‘UV direct print’ onto the acrylic glass really makes your pictures stand out. The special processing gives the photo a brilliant colour quality and spatial depth. That's why this product is well suited for large-scale, high-resolution photos, such as a professional family portrait.

Give your mother a high-quality Gallery Print.

Give a photo collage this Mother's Day

If you've found several great photos, you can create a modern photo collage and print it on a canvas. Depending on the design, you can arrange and size the individual images in the collage in different ways.


There are many ifolor design templates suitable for a photo collage. Why not try out a neat collage with either four or nine square pictures arraigned symmetrically? Have these printed on a 30x30 cm or 40x40 cm canvas - your photos will look great with this modern look.

For a gift with a touch of extra nostalgia, choose old pictures from your childhood or even your mum's childhood. You can scan them and put them together in the ifolor editor to make a great collage.

Give a collage of photos as a Mother's Day gift.

Decorate photo gifts with loving messages

A gift for grandma is also a must for Mother's Day because this day is also a very special one for grandma. Create a gift for her by designing a Photo Poster with a picture of the whole family. Photos of the grandchildren are also very popular ideas for these gifts.

You can also add some lovely writing to go with it. A thank-you message, a few heartfelt words, or an inspiring quote will work really well on the Photo Poster. We recommend free image editing programmes like Canva. You can use it to create your own cool designs as wall decorations.

Give your grandmother wall decoration designed by yourself.

Make a family selfie wall decoration

Want to give your mum a trendy yet unique Mother's Day gift? Then print your favourite picture on an Aluminium Dibond. You are free to be creative in your choice of design.

For a modern photo gift, you can use selfies to create a great wall decoration. It doesn’t just have to be of you and your mum, it can be of the whole family. You'll get a fun photo that's also a great reminder of the day the photo was taken.

Für ein modernes Fotogeschenk kannst du Selfies verwenden, um eine tolle Wanddekoration zu kreieren. Dafür eignen sich nicht nur Selfies von dir und deiner Mutter. Du kannst auch ein Selbstporträt mit der ganzen Familie aufnehmen. So erhältst du ein lustiges Fotoprodukt, welches ausserdem eine tolle Erinnerung an den Tag der Aufnahme ist.

It's not just snapshots that make great Mother's Day gifts. You can also take a nice portrait of you and your mum. For example, try a shot of you making a heart with your hands or walking hand in hand towards the sunset. You can try to take some creative pictures with your mum without telling her what they are for and surprise her with the results for Mother's Day or simply give her a voucher for a photoshoot together.


It’s recommended to take photos taken with a high-resolution (mobile phone) camera. You can make your pictures as large as you like without them becoming blurred.

Create an Aluminium Dibond wall decoration for Mother's Day.

Create Mother's Day gifts with your siblings

If you have siblings, you can club together and think of a nice Mother's Day gift together from you all. Pictures of you when you were very little are always great memories for mums.

If you want to give your mother a present that makes her smile, you can recreate pictures from the past. Find a loved childhood picture with different features that you can recreate. Make sure you wear the right clothes and find the right posture. If you can, try to take your picture in the same place. With a little flair, you can create an unforgettable photo gift.



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