So that the holidays won’t come to an end. So that the holidays won’t come to an end.

So that the holidays won’t come to an end. So that the holidays won’t come to an end.

These products will preserve your sunny holiday feeling These products will preserve your sunny holiday feeling

Immortalise photos from your holidays and travel

Capture your most precious memories in a photo book

The most popular photo books for your holiday memories

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Best-of holiday moments in a photo book

Snapshots, anecdotes or your travel itinerary: everything finds its place in our photo books. Explore our various photo books and find out which is your perfect photo book for capturing your favourite travel moments.

Create lasting memories of your travels

In our article, Instagrammer Martina Bisaz reveals her pro tips for creating your holiday photo book. This way, your trip will remain in your memory and give you great pleasure for years to come.

Make your travel impressions unforgettable with photos

Flexible formats for your digital images

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Holiday photos in many different formats

Your pictures will beam like the sun on our ifolor premium photo paper. Our various formats offer you numerous possibilities when it comes to capturing your most beautiful holiday memories.

A DIY mobile made using your holiday photos

This creative project shows that you don’t always have to opt for traditional picture frames or canvases: a DIY mobile with your favourite moments. A wonderful eye-catcher for your living room wall or a great gift.

Send holiday greetings to your favourite people

The most popular photo greeting cards for your holidays

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Fabulous photo greetings

Were your holidays wonderful and unforgettable? Share your joy with friends and family by sending them personalised photo greeting cards.

Send postcards with the ifolor app

See how you can send your pictures as postcards from your smartphone with just a few taps of your finger – worldwide! Your loved ones will be thrilled and will certainly enjoy the holiday greetings.

Decorate your home with your travel memories

The ideal wall decoration for any subject

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Bring your favourite panorama into your living room

No matter whether it’s a view of the mountain or the sea: with our ifolor wall decoration, your home will always have the most beautiful view. Be inspired by our many wall decorations and choose the one that suits you best to create your masterpiece for your own four walls.

Creative ideas for your photo poster

Matt, glossy, self-adhesive or with a frame: we’ll show you four design options for your photo poster.

Bring your adventures to life with photo gifts

Unique photo gifts for your travel companions

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Photo gifts for globetrotters

Turn your holiday experiences into unique photo gifts and bring great joy to yourself or to your favourite people. Whether it’s from your last city trip or from a longer holiday – with photo gifts, memories are preserved for a long time.

Come cuddle!

After the holiday, we like to make ourselves comfortable at home – preferably with cosy blankets and cushions you have designed yourself. Design your own home textiles and turn your living room into the ultimate feel-good oasis!

Impressive photos

The best tips for your travel photography

Get inspired with our travel articles

With our creative photo tips, you can make your vacation photos especially memorable. Get creative and browse through our design ideas and tricks to really showcase your travel photos in style.

Vacation time is the time to travel

What are the most popular travel destinations of the Swiss?

Whether to discover something new or to just take a break from the daily grind – most Swiss don’t pass up the chance to go on holiday. In the summer, the classic beach holiday and multi-day city trips tend to be most popular. These days, many Swiss head to Southern Europe and like to spend their summer holiday in Greece and Spain. The Canary Islands and Balearic Islands continue to be popular destinations in this regard.

For urban travel, many Swiss like to travel to popular destinations like London and Paris, as well as other more distant metropolises such as Bangkok, Dubai, and New York. Especially in the cold winter months, more and more Swiss head towards warmer temperatures. Thus, places like Thailand, Bali, and the Canary Islands are beloved travel destinations for a break from the cold weather during Christmas and New Year.

Destinations closer to home, however, continue to be just as popular as before: Swiss mountain ranges are destinations worth traveling to any time of the year for hiking and winter sport enthusiasts.

Who has the longest school holidays in Europe?

In terms of the amount of school vacation per year, there are some differences amongst European countries. With 12 to 16 weeks of vacation, Switzerland finds itself in about the middle of the scale. Depending on where certain holidays fall, the yearly sum of vacation days can vary a bit. The students in Bulgaria enjoy the most vacation in Europe. There, students get 14 to 19 weeks off per school year. At the other end of the spectrum, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Macedonia only have an average of 12 weeks of school vacation a year.

When dividing up school vacation days for the year, there are some differences amongst various countries due to climatic conditions. Thus, southern countries, due to intense heat in the summer, tend to have longer summer vacations than countries in the north. Here as well, Bulgaria leads the way with up to 15 weeks of summer vacation. As far as school vacation in the summer goes, Switzerland finds itself once again in the middle of the pack compared to other European countries with an average of 9 weeks. Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands have the shortest summer vacations. In these countries, students get a maximum of 7 weeks free from school.

Is sending postcards while on holiday still a trend?

Sending greetings to others far away while traveling was a must for a very long time for every traveller. Friends and family at home were happy to get a little souvenir showcasing various sights at your travel destination along with an exotic postage stamp and personal greetings on the reverse side. Due to the rise in popularity of smartphones, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others, the way holiday greetings are sent has changed a bit. Nowadays, many travellers just send their friends and family a few photos using their smartphone.

Even the classical postcard has seen some changes thanks to technology. Nowadays, you can use an app to design your own individualised postcards online and then send them directly to the recipient per post. The individual design and creation of postcards with personal photos while on the go is especially popular amongst younger generations.

Thus, postcards are far from becoming obsolete. For many travellers, sending people greetings while on vacation is an integral part of travelling.

Discover and try out the Postcard App from ifolor to design and send your very own individualised postcards. The app enables you to conveniently use your smartphone to send your personal greetings to your loved ones using your own photos taken while on holiday.