Creative wall designs using ifolor Photo Posters.

4 Creative Photo Poster Ideas

Get creative and design some individual photo posters to decorate your home

Add a personal touch to your home by individually designing some photo posters with your favourite photos. The Photo Posters from ifolor can be used as wall decorations and they will make your favourite photos stand out. In this article we will show you four creative ideas.

Decorate Your Home with Some Individually Designed Photo Posters

The Photo Posters from ifolor are available in several sizes. You can choose between a matt and a glossy surface and optionally order a matching wooden frame and a passe-partout at the same time.

Adhesive Photo Posters

Your individually designed adhesive photo poster will have a matt, velvety image effect. They are very practical as they can be stuck to almost any surface, which means you don’t need any tools or extra adhesive strips to hang them up. You can change them and hang them up somewhere else at any time.

A photo wall with a photo poster in the middle.

Idea 1: How to Make Your Photo Poster Stand Out

Create an impressive photo wall by placing your individually designed photo poster in the middle of the wall and then place some other smaller photos around it.  Whilst designing your individual photo wall make sure that there is a common theme such as family, weddings or holidays. Make sure to choose a very good photo for your photo poster which you are going to put in the middle. You can then put smaller photos around it so that your individually designed photo wall will tell a story, which can also feature some of your favourite funny photos.

In addition to your impressive photo poster on your photo wall, you can also order your photo prints with a matching photo frame from ifolor.

Digital Photos

Order your favourite photos and snapshots as classic prints on real premium photo paper.

Photo Frames for Your Photo Prints

You can also order matching photo frames made out of real wood for your developed digital photos. Choose between a black, white or oak photo frame and order it to match your chosen photo size.

An individually designed photo poster for a baby.

Idea 2: Individually Designing a Photo Poster for Your Baby

Individually design a photo poster for the birth of your baby. You can include the baby’s date and time of birth, height and weight and their first photo. You can combine photos with textboxes on ifolor Designer to design your own individual photo poster. In addition to the first photo of your baby, you can also use an ultrasound photo or a baby bump photo as motifs for your individual photo poster. You can order it with a matching frame and it is easy to hang it up. You can also use the poster hanger to hang it up and you can change the poster at any time. This makes it easier to replace an older photo with a more recent photo of your baby.

Design a photo poster in a wooden frame as an individual welcome sign for your home.

Idea 3: Designing an Individual Welcome Sign for Your Home

Give your home a welcoming feeling by individually designing a welcome sign. This is a great way to make your guests feel welcome as soon as they arrive. The photo poster in a matching wooden frame is perfect for an individually designed welcome sign with a feel-good factor. You could create a photo collage in a mosaic style, for example, with family photos. We recommend using a landscape format for your welcome sign as this will make it easier to read. Don’t forget to add an opening line to your individually designed welcome sign such as ‘’The Smith family live here", "Thomas, Lisa and Max live here" or "Welcome to our home - the Smith family".

Idea 4: Adding Your Favourite Quotes to Your Individually Designed Photo Posters

Wall decorations with text are very trendy and they are great decorations for your home. You could use motivational sayings, pithy quotes or lyrics from your favourite song. Combine your chosen text with a plain background or even use your own photo to emphasise the message of the quote. You can also get creative by using bold and artistic fonts to make your quote stand out. This can be done very easily with online editing programmes such as Canva. If you enjoy getting creative, you can also try handwriting your favourite quote or saying and then take a photo of it and print it in the desired size as a creative photo poster.

Here Is How You Can Easily Design Your Own Individual Photo Poster

You can design your own individual ifolor Photo Poster in various ways. You can either do it online via the ifolor website, directly on your smartphone or tablet using the ifolor app or on the ifolor Designer, which you can download free of charge for Windows and Mac.

The following applies to all design methods: select the size and layout, upload your photos, then design your own individual photo poster and voilà you’re finished. In addition, you can also choose to have a matching frame in either black, white or oak and a passe-partout. Your product will then be delivered to your home in a frame and with a passe-partout.

Further Inspiration for Your Home

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