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Give Easter joy with ifolor Give Easter joy with ifolor

Give Easter joy with ifolor

Colourful flowers are on display, Easter eggs are being painted, and chocolate Easter bunnies bought ahead of lovely times to be spent together. The Easter period is all about family time, and it’s the perfect time for surprising our loved ones with little gifts. We have compiled a list of great ideas for photo gifts for Easter to delight people of all ages. Let us inspire you.

Creative gift ideas for Easter

The perfect Easter photo gift

Create a photo book for your loved ones

A photo book allows you to capture special moments together with your favourite people. No matter whether that’s the traditional family brunch or an Easter egg hunt. Capture these moments in a photo book, either for yourself or as a gift.

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Unique photo gifts

Photo gifts for Easter

Give your loved ones a personalised photo gift for Easter. Whether a photo mug, puzzle or cushion, our colourful gifts are a popular choice for Easter.

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Fabulous Easter decorations for your home

Design wall decorations

Wall decorations bring the loveliest memories into your home. Whatever the design, format or arrangement, these come together to create a warm, natural ambience in your home.

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Send spring greetings

Photo greeting cards with an Easter look

These photo greeting cards are a lovely surprise, ideal to use as an invitation to Easter brunch or to share the joy of spring. With the right Easter motifs and photos added, they can look really very striking!

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Inspirations for a successful Easter

Photo gift ideas for Easter

Are you looking for inspiration for creative and personalised Easter gifts and decorations? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can show you plenty of different ways to surprise your loved ones with personalised photo products this Easter.

Ideal DIY projects for Easter

Dye and Design One-of-a-Kind Easter Eggs

Do you want to give your creativity free rein and make something special this Easter? Take inspiration from our ideas on how to paint and design your own eggs-traordinary Easter eggs.

Design your own greeting cards for Easter

And everyone loves a personalised Easter card, whether that’s your parents or your grandma. We show you how you can create your own personalised Easter greetings with our design and craft ideas and templates.

Easter basket goodies with a difference

It doesn’t always have to be (just) chocolate and eggs. We've got some tips for making your Easter basket gifts a bit more personal! With just a few clicks and a bit of creative design, you can conjure up some very personal and individual Easter basket goodies for your children or perhaps as an Easter gift for the whole family.

Voucher as photo puzzle

Double the fun while searching and assembling. Give your loved ones a special treat and give them a photo puzzle that is a gift voucher for a shared experience at Easter – that way you combine puzzle fun with having something special to look forward to.

Looking for more Easter ideas?

Easter is all about family. Traditions and customs are all part of a special Easter celebration with your favourite people. With our Inspiration blog posts, we show you the best craft projects to take on for the Easter holidays, as well as the little gifts and gestures that can put a real smile on people’s faces. Find your Easter inspiration at ifolor inspire!

Worth knowing about Easter

When exactly is Easter?

You’re bound to ask the question what date does Easter fall on every year. As Easter is one of the movable public holidays whose calendar date varies every year. Easter is based on when spring starts (on 21 March) and the first full moon after that. If the full moon falls on a Sunday, Easter is celebrated the Sunday after. As a result, Easter falls on the first Sunday after these key dates. Which means:

Easter falls on the Sunday after the first full moon in spring and this year that’s the 2nd until the 5th of April.

Are you asking where this determining of the date of Easter comes from? The actual state that spring starts (namely, the equinox) falls on a different date every year. Which is why the start of spring on the 21st of March is also a date defined by Christianity. The date of the full moon after spring starts also doesn’t correspond to the actual lunar cycle but is repeated on a 19-year cycle. As Easter Sunday falls on a Sunday after the spring full moon, Easter can only happen between 22 March and 25 April. This is based on the 19-year cycle that determines Easter Sunday. It is important that other public holidays like Maundy Thursday, Easter Monday or Corpus Christi are also based on the date of Easter and not fixed on one particular date.

What’s the meaning behind Easter?

In Christianity, Easter is the annual commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus who overcame death as the Son of God. While Jesus’ crucifixion took place on Good Friday, he appeared alive again three days later. Eastertide starts on Easter Sunday and lasts five days up to and including Pentecost. The meaning of Easter therefore originates from Christianity and marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What’s the meaning of eggs and bunnies at Easter?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself what eggs and Easter bunnies have to do with Easter. Quite simply: the Easter bunny and Easter egg are symbols of fertility and life. The Easter bunny is also associated with the Goddess of Love Aphrodite. It is first mentioned in 1682. It was stated there that the Easter eggs are referred to as bunny eggs to make children believe that they are hidden in the grass by the Easter bunny so that adults can amuse themselves with the zealous egg hunt. But the Easter bunny only really established itself as part of the Easter event in the 19th century.

Why do we give gifts at Easter?

Part of Easter is of course the egg hunt, which children in particular really love. Chocolate, colourful eggs and an Easter bunny are among the classics. Children also usually get little gifts for their Easter nest. Grown-up Easter bunnies also enjoy little gifts. Although this is less about big presents and more about little gifts while the family gathers on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday to celebrate Easter together. The egg hunt is naturally on the programme followed by a huge Easter feast that everyone enjoys. One popular dish is the Easter goose. An Easter brunch is also very popular. The tradition of giving gifts goes back to the egg hunt. The eggs used to be hidden in the field without a basket, then the little basket (or Easter nest) was added. Little gifts were soon also packed into the Easter nest to bring even more joy.

Who should you give gifts to at Easter?

Children in particular are really delighted with little gifts. One personal and original idea would be a personalised photo puzzle or photo mug. You can really easily make or create little gifts for the whole family yourself. You can find inspiration here. One old favourite is definitely a photo book. You can make the whole family happy at Easter with a family photo book. And a photo books is also ideal if you want to give your husband or parents a gift. You can relive your shared memories.