Original Easter gifts - creative ideas with sentimental value.

Easter nest with a difference

Five original Easter gift ideas

An important part of Easter is colourful Easter eggs, lovingly filled Easter nests and small gifts. We have collected five ideas for unique homemade Easter gifts that are perfect for your loved ones.

Get inspired this Easter!

Give a Photo Pillow with your favourite pet picture.

Give a Photo Pillow this Easter

Surprise your loved ones with a personalised photo cushion with your favourite pet, a snapshot with your best friend, a lovely quote or a great family photo. The soft cushion is a lasting keepsake and great for snuggling up on the sofa. Depending on the template you choose, you can use up to eight photos for your cushion. Simply, choose from a variety of design templates, place one or more photos and/or a personal message and you are ready to order your customised pillow.

A different kind of Easter nest. Personalise your SIGG Bottle with a photo and then fill it with chocolate.

Give a personalised SIGG Bottle in an Easter nest

The robust and leak-proof drinking bottle is perfect on the go, in the office, kindergarten or school. There are various designs available for you to choose from. You can personalise your water bottle with a picture or a collage and even add some text. To make it more of an Easter gift, you can fill the bottle with small chocolate eggs. Create an original Easter nest to hide or give as a gift.

Easter fun in many parts: create your own Photo Puzzle for Easter

With a Photo Puzzle, you can give two gifts in one. A lovely photo to display and the extra fun of a puzzle! Choose between 50-, 196-, 500-, and 1000-pieces and use one of the design templates to create your Photo Puzzle. The Photo Puzzle is a great Easter gift for kids. Hide it in its box or pack the pieces into several little packages and set up an Easter hunt.


Design a Photo Puzzle as a voucher for a great experience. With your own photo and some personalised text, you can create a voucher Photo Puzzle simply and fast and double the fun.

Give a photo in a special shaking frame as an Easter gift.

Favourite photo in a shaking frame

Capture a very special photo in a shaking frame for an extra special gift this Easter. The 10x15 cm acrylic glass frame can be filled with sand, hearts or white glitter. It’s easy to swap the photo at any time, so you can give away several snapshots together with the Shake Photo frame.

Make an Easter nest from a personalised Photo Mug.

Design a personalised photo mug for Easter

Design an Easter Photo Mug as an ‘alternative’ Easter nest by filling it with spring flowers or delicious Easter chocolate. The cup handle is perfect for attaching a tag with your Easter messages or the recipient’s name. Fill it with some straw or Easter grass, add a few colourful Easter treats and you have a creative Easter nest to give to your loved ones.


There are many ways to make a Photo mug into an original Easter gift. We have compiled some tips and ideas for designing your Easter mugs in another article.

Magical Easter

If you're looking for something a little more fancy: how about the magic photo mug? The magic mug looks rather unimpressive at first, with its simple black design. But when you pour in a hot drink like tea, the actual motif slowly appears on the cup. An ideal surprise gift for Easter.

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