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Easter-themed photo mugs - a personalised gift for your host

A Photo Mug Gift for Your Host This Easter

An Individually Designed Gift Idea

A lovely table decorated with hand-made Easter decorations adorned with a feast of tasty treats - your hosts for this year’s family Easter celebration definitely deserve a bit of attention themselves!

You can create your own individualised gift for your host in the blink of an eye by designing a photo mug from ifolor - personalise it with a funny, modern, or traditional touch or even with your own photos.

Easter Templates and Design Ideas

The ifolor photo mug can be designed for either right- or left-handed persons. Alternatively, you could choose a panorama template and use an especially expressive panoramic photo for your mug.

You’ll have more than 200 various design templates at your fingertips from single snapshots and various collage arrangements to creative borders and pictures to make your mug one of a kind.

ifolor design templates make designing your own photo mugs easy

Some templates also give you the opportunity to add your own text. An idea here could be to add a spring- or Easter-themed poem. Our template “Doily Green“, for instance, has room for one of your own photos and up to 65 words in size 10 font - enough for a stanza from your favourite spring poem. You can of course use the text field to add your own Easter greetings.

Easter Gift for Your Host - The Wrapping Brings It All Together

By creating your own individualised photo mug, you’ll already have a great gift for your host this Easter. With a few flicks of the wrist you can turn your mug into a cute work of art. Simply fill your mug with some chocolate Easter eggs and other tasty sweets - nobody can pass up the opportunity to satisfy their sweet tooth.

If you order your mug(s) a few weeks before Easter, you’ll have time to grow some actual Easter grass inside. To do this, simply start out by soaking some wheat kernels in cool to lukewarm water for a day. Then, fill your photo mug(s) three-fourths full with cotton. After that, spread out the swollen wheat kernels on the cotton and place the mug(s) on a windowsill to ensure they get enough light and warmth.

After that’s taken care of, make sure to moisten the kernels once a day, preferably with a spray bottle. After 2 to 3 weeks, your self-grown Easter grass will be about 10-15 cm tall. Just lay some small sweets on the grass and add a decorative bow for the finishing touch. Now your Easter gift is complete! An alternative of using wheat is garden cress, which will only take about 1-2 weeks from sprouting to being gift-ready.

Silly bunny ears and the addition of chocolate will make your Easter mug the perfect gift for your host

For those of you who don’t have two weeks before Easter, you can still pep up your Easter mug with some construction paper and a pair of scissors to craft your own Easter surprise. Use some brown construction paper to cut out two large bunny ears. You can then use pink construction paper for the inside of the ears and glue them on the brown paper. Use a black pen to add some extra details and your Easter Bunny ears are complete! After completion, use some tape to affix the ears to the edge of the mug. Just add some chocolate eggs to your decorative mug and you’ll be left with the perfect gift for your host.

Inspirations & Gift Ideas for Easter

Are you missing ideas and inspiration for Easter presents? Get inspired by us.

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