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Photo Greeting Cards with Easter Design

Design Your Own Greeting Cards for Easter

Photo Cards, DIY Tips, and Templates for an Easter Brunch or Card

Whether in the sun or snow, Easter wakens those spring feelings and helps us celebrate the warm days ahead. Invite your loved ones to a small brunch, hunt for eggs with your children or friends, or dispatch a spring greeting to all.

Simply Design an Easter Photo Card with Our Templates

With the ifolor templates, you can easily insert family photos into gorgeous, colourful Easter designs. Places for text offer plenty of room for a personal greeting or pertinent details for your get-together.

Design an Easter Photo Card with Our Templates

This Easter collage has space for multiple photos. Say goodbye to the cold of winter with photos from your winter holiday or invite your friends with fond memories of last year’s brunch. You can leave the inside of the card blank for a handwritten message, or you can design this, too, with one of the many fonts we offer. The cards even come in a practical set of 10, perfect for quick and individual invitations for friends and family.

Easter Cards in the Form of a Photo Collage

Beautifully Framed: An Easter Passe-Partout

A passe-partout is an elegant and simple DIY variation for your cards. You will need A4 paper in your favourite colour, and photos sized at 8x13 cm. The thickness of your paper should be at least 135 g/m2 in order to ensure stability. Simply order the photos for your card online through ifolor. Matching envelopes are available in any stationary store.

  1. Halve the paper length-ways. Fold one of the halves together for your Easter card.
  2. Divide the other half once more. This should result in an A6 card, on which you’ll be drawing your passe-partout. Eggs, bunnies, and flowers are naturally the most appropriate symbols for Easter. This will serve as a stencil.
  3. Cut out your template and place it on your card. For more cards, repeat the first step again on a new sheet of A4 paper.
  4. Place your stencil on your cards and trace it lightly with a pencil. Carefully cut your shapes out to create little windows in your card.
  5. Behind this window, you can glue a photo, or design the card behind it as you wish. Strips of photos of flowers would also look great.
  1. However you decide, glue your image behind the windows of your passe-partout, leaving the inside empty for a personal message.
An Easter Passe-Partout

Themes for Your Easter Cards

Hand lettering, typography, calligraphy—beautifully designed words are a perennial favourite. On postcards they decorate the fridge or brighten the desk of beloved recipients. These three templates can be downloaded as a JPG and uploaded as a complete layout in the ifolor card designer.


With the ifolor app, you can send postcards on the go. Simply save your picture to your phone, upload it to the app, insert an address, and write a personal note. ifolor will send the card directly to the chosen recipient at the touch of a button.

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