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Design Creative Photo Greeting Cards for Easter

Ideas for Invitations, Photo Greetings, and Place Cards

Easter is right around the corner - surprise your loved ones this year with self-designed photo greeting cards. Here we’ll give you some ideas and suggestions.

Easter Greetings for the Family

Would you like to send your loved ones who live far away special greetings this Easter? We have multiple Easter-themed design templates at your disposal to create completely one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Add your own family photos, spring and Easter motifs, self-drawn or scanned images, and text to really bring out your creativity. You can add your own Easter greetings as text on the rear or inside of the card. And, voila! Your Easter greeting card is already finished.

Idea: Paint some Easter motifs with some finger paint - even with small children, this is really easy to do. Just spread some paint on your fingertips and stamp them on a piece of paper. Add two small dots and a triangle and you’ll already be left facing sweet little Easter chicks. Then just take a picture of your little masterpiece or scan it and you can use it as a photo for your greeting card or perhaps as a part of a collage.

Invitations to Easter Celebrations

Most of our photo card design templates give you the opportunity to add your own text directly to the rear or inside of the card. You could design several cards to use as invitations, to your Easter brunch for example, and all you have to do then is just send them off.

While creating your card with the online designer, you’ll see an icon on the bottom right that will let you change between the front and inside of the card.

The front side of an invitation with a layout of an Easter Bunny and eggs
photo greeting card flip icon
Either open the card or flip it over and add your own invitational text.

Menus or Place Cards

Are you planning an Easter meal for friends or family? Place cards won’t only decorate your festive dinner table, but they can also serve as menus. To do this, it’s best to select a design with a collage and text field on the front side of the photo card so you can add your guest’s name and a few nice photos. You can then write out the menu, an Easter-themed poem, or perhaps your own personal greetings to your guests on the inside of the card.

Place cards for your Easter feast - individually designed as a collage

Product Tips

If you only wish to print out a few greeting cards, you could go with the Single Folded Greeting Card, the Single Panorama Folded Greeting Card, or the Maxicard.

Classic folded greeting cards or simple two-sided greeting cards are available in practical sets of 10.

Conveniently Design Your Photo Greeting Cards Online

ifolor offers special Easter layouts for all photo greeting cards. Just choose from our various templates for the front and inside photo card design: collages, photos with text, photos with a banderole, graphic elements…

Easter layouts for ifolor photo greeting cards

In our online designer, it’s really simple to add your own photos and text to the corresponding template. A green checkmark in the bottom right corner of your photo means the picture resolution is optimal. Yellow or red exclamation marks, on the other hand, mean the resolution is either acceptable or poor. When using photos labelled with yellow or red exclamation marks, the print quality won’t be the best and it’d be a good idea to instead use photos with a higher resolution.

icon_Format ändern
When your chosen template is available in both portrait and landscape format, you can change the layout of your photo card by simply clicking on this icon, even after you’ve already added your photos and text to the card.
easter photo greeting card

Tip: When you’d like to send out multiple copies of the same card, you can print out the cards with a bit of text and then sign them by hand later. This will save you a bit of time while still giving your cards more of a personal touch.

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