Table décor and gifts for your Easter brunch

DIY: Table Décor and Tiny Surprises for Your Easter Brunch

Crafting and Gift Ideas for Easter with Instructions and Templates

For many, Easter is the first major family celebration of the year. Surprise your loved ones with an invitation to an Easter brunch. We’ve collected the best decoration and gift ideas of the Easter season to enchant each and every guest at the table.

DIY Table Décor for Your Easter Brunch

Pussy Willow with Easter Egg Ornaments

A bouquet of pussy willow with Easter decoration creates that spring ambience you’re looking for. Combine it with your favourite memories to add a personal touch.

You will need:

  • A bouquet of pussy willow
  • Photos of your guests
  • Scissors and glue
  • Needle and thread

For the ornaments, cut the photos of your guests into the shapes of Easter eggs. Glue each egg to the backs of one another so each egg has a picture on either side. Using a needle, carefully poke a hole in the egg and pull the thread through. Knot both ends of the thread together and hang it on your pussy willow bouquet.

 A bouquet of pussy willow with photo Easter eggs

Drinks with Bunny Ears

After a long Sunday walk, serve your guests a cool refreshment in a bottle or glass—with bunny ears! Whether fresh-pressed orange juice, a milkshake, or lemonade, the ears will earn a grin from your guests and can be easily constructed.

Drink decorated with funny bunny ears

You will need the following materials:

  • Sugar paper in two colours
  • Glass or bottle
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick

Cut your bunny ears from the sugar paper. You can use two different colours for the ears or use the lighter colour for the inside. Cut a small slit in the bottom of the paper so you can stick the ears on the bottle. You can also decorate the bottle with colourful ribbon.

Photo flip with Menu Cards, an Easter Poem, and Colouring Picture

A Photo flip is a great decorative note for your Easter table. With menu, photos, puzzles, poetry, and pictures for young guests to colour, it will serve as excellent entertainment during your brunch.

Photo flip with a menu card on the Easter table.

Easily design and order your Photo flip online here. You can choose between portrait or landscape formatting, upload your photos, and design your very own, personalised Photo flip in a few clicks—just in time for Easter Brunch.

Make Two Little Easter Surprises Yourself: Two Ideas for Your Guests

Greeting Cards with Crafting Instructions

Whether a name card or greeting card with a personal inscription, a Maxicard (order it here) with crafting instructions for an Easter lamb is a cheerful décor idea and a charming gift for small guests.   

Folded Maxicard with Easter Lamb

Individually-Decorated Easter Baggies

Surprise your guests with an Easter bag made by yours truly. This DIY-baggie made from a brown paper bag can be lovingly designed and filled with treats.

Individually-decorated Easter Bags Made from Brown Paper Bags as a Gift

You will need:

  • A brown paper bag
  • Scissors and glue
  • Gift ribbons
  • Markers and photos for decorating

To create a nifty bunny-ears shape, cut the opening so a pair of ears emerges from the bag. Now you can fill the bag with tiny surprises: various sweets, self-baked cookies, and colourful Easter eggs. Tie your bag together with the ribbon, and the party favour for your Easter brunch is ready to be sent home with your guests.

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