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Three creative Easter decorations for windowsills, shelves, etc.

Original DIY Decoration Ideas for Easter

Colourful Easter Decorations with Photos

Easter is the perfect occasion to bring back once again a bit of fresh colour into your home and change out your winter decorations for new Easter decorations. Here we’ll show you three original DIY decoration ideas for Easter, which you can use to lend a completely personalised and springlike touch to your home.

Spring Flower Bulb in a Photo Mug for Your Windowsill

The first colourful early bloomers drive off the greyness of winter and ring in the long-awaited spring. Bring a bit of this colourful reawakening into your own home and create a completely original Easter decoration using a self-designed photo mug and a flower bulb.

An Easter decoration made with a self-designed photo mug and flower bulb

You’ll need:

  • Sprouting bulbs
  • Photo mug(s)
  • Pebbles
  • Some moss and/or soil

First start out by designing an Easter-themed photo mug with photos from your last Easter celebration with your loved ones or suitable spring motifs. Discover our various design templates that you can use to design your mug with one or several photos as well as text. Under the “Occasion” tab, you can also filter results to view Easter-themed layouts. We recommend going with a simple design for your photo mug so your colourful early bloomers are best displayed once inside.

Usually, bulbs are planted in soil ahead of time in the fall so they can already begin to sprout in the spring once the amount of sunlight begins to increase. For your Easter decoration, you could alternatively buy hyacinth, daffodil, tulip bulbs (or others) that have already begun to sprout.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Fill the photo mug about 2/3 full (depending on the size of the bulb) with pebbles
  • Pour water into the photo mug
  • Set the bulb on the pebbles
  • Decoratively cover the pebbles with moss and/or soil

In order to ensure the bulbs can correctly grow and flower, the roots should be in direct contact with the water. The pebbles help prevent the bulb from being completely submersed in the water and rotting. Also, the bulb itself should protrude about two to three centimetres out of the mug to ensure it absorbs enough sunlight. You can use a bit of soil and moss to decoratively embed the bulb a bit and you’re already done creating your vernal Easter decoration for your windowsill.


Only use one bulb per mug to ensure the bulb has enough space to root. Should you wish to decorate with multiple bulbs, it’s best to do this using multiple photo mugs.

Create Shadow Boxes with Photos and Easter Elements

With the help of a chic shadow box along with spring-filled photos, you can create your own personalised Easter decorations for your own home in the blink of an eye. Shadow boxes have more depth than traditional picture frames and offer you room to add additional ornaments and decorations in between the photo(s) and glass.

An Easter-themed shadow box

You’ll need:

  • A shadow box in a size of your choice
  • Selected photos of your loved ones or attractive Easter motifs
  • Easter grass, small deco eggs and the like to decorate with

First, consider how large your Easter-themed shadow box should be. Small square-sized shadow boxes are also perfect for displaying on a windowsill or shelf. Large shadow boxes, such as a panoramic picture frame, are best displayed hung on the wall and require a large amount of free wall space. Once you’ve decided on the size you would like to go with, it’s time to choose which photos you would like to use. To ensure you end up with an attractive Easter decoration, you could use photos such as those with Easter motifs and colourful spring flowers or brilliant snapshots taken from your last Easter celebration with your loved ones. You can order your photos as digital prints with ease online and in various formats. You’ll receive your digital prints delivered to your door in about four work days.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Design the photo surface with one or multiple photos
  • Arrange Easter grass and decorative elements in between the glass and picture
  • Carefully insert the backing of the shadow box

You can use your photos to design the photo surface of the shadow box. Create a colourful collage with your snapshots or display your most favourite photo in the middle of the box with the help of a passe-partout. If going with the second option, the white border around the photo offers you extra space for decorating, such as to add your own Easter greetings.

Before inserting the photo surface (i.e. the backing) back into the shadow box, you should first decorate the area in between the glass and the photo. To do this, simply lay the shadow box on a flat surface, such as a table, glass-side down and make sure you don’t scratch the glass. Then you can spread around some Easter grass around on the lower edge of the shadow box and carefully add deco such as wooden Easter eggs, chicks, or Easter bunnies on the Easter grass. Afterwards, insert the backing with your photos back into the shadow box and you’ll be all ready to hang your finished Easter decoration on your wall or display it on a flat surface.


Should your deco move around too much inside the shadow box, you can carefully affix these to the box by using a hot glue gun or double-sided tape.

Create Easter-Themed Garden Stakes with Your Own Photos

Garden stakes are available in stores in many various designs for decorating plant containers and flowerpots. With the coming of Easter and spring, they’re ideal for quickly and easily adding a few decorative elements. You can use self-made garden stakes designed with your own photos to lend an especially personal touch to your Easter decorations.

A decorative DIY garden stake as a decoration idea for Easter

You’ll need:

  • Photo prints of your most favourite motifs from spring or from your last Easter celebration
  • Easter-themed stencils
  • A pair of scissors and a pencil
  • Wooden sticks or tongue depressors
  • Tape or decorative washi tape

For your self-made Easter garden stakes, motifs with fresh colours such as a spring walk taken together with loved ones or the plethora of colourful flowers in your garden work well. You can order your ifolor digital photos in various formats and sizes. You’ll be able to find the perfect format for your photos to fit with the corresponding size of your garden stakes.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Print out stencils of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies or something similar or alternatively make them yourself out of cardboard
  • Trace around the edge of the stencil on the reverse side of your photos
  • Cut the photos to size
  • Affix the photos to your wooden sticks or tongue depressors with tape or washi tape
  • Decorate your flowerpots with your DIY Easter stakes

When using your stencil to trace and cut out your photo, make sure that the main motif of your photo won’t be cut off. In order to ensure that the motif of your photo is still recognisable after cutting it out, stencils that are not too complicated work best. If you use a more filigree and complicated stencil, you might end up cutting off too much of your photo and the motif would end up being barely recognisable when finished.


You could alternatively use square-formatted photos such as the ifolor square prints with a white border. You could then immediately use these to create your garden stakes without having to first cut them down to size. These will also give your favourite Easter motifs a modern and personalised touch.

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