• The Photo Book Deluxe is perfect for capturing your best moments

    The Photo Book Deluxe – Inspirations for your individual photo book

    Discover the most popular photo book in Switzerland

    The Photo Book Deluxe surprises with its wide-ranging design options. Whether as a souvenir, gift or diary – the high-quality photo book can be easily tailored to your expectations. You can choose from different formats and sizes and print up to 1056 photos in a photo book. The free ifolor Designer helps you to design the Photo Book Deluxe entirely according to your wishes.

    At a glance

    • Available in formats A3, A4, A5, 21x21 cm and 28x28 cm
    • High-quality hardcover with adhesive binding
    • Inner pages in A4 can have a high-gloss finish
    • Optionally in A4, A3 and 28x28 cm with high-quality gift box

    The ifolor Designer – Simple and uncomplicated ways to design your individual Photo Book Deluxe

    The ifolor Designer for photo books offers you the opportunity to give individuality to your photo book. The intuitive user interface lets you easily choose among the different designs or allow you to create your own templates. You can also comfortably select and insert texts, picture frames and pictures from your social media profiles. You can find further tips and tricks for the ifolor Designer here:

    Modern design ideas for your photo book – Style inspirations for your Photo Book Deluxe

    If experiences and photo series are presented and staged in an extraordinary and consistent style, they will stand out much more intensely. How about designing a photo book completely in black and white? Or applying certain color filters that run through the entire photo book? The high-gloss inside pages of the Photo Book Deluxe cause these effects to stand out especially well.

    Learn more about how to make your photo book even better with some tips and tricks in our video tutorials.

    Tutorial – Windows

    Tutorial – Mac

    Creative ideas for a somewhat different photo book

    Do you want to put a fresh spin on the design of your photo books? We have gathered some ideas for you on how your Photo Book Deluxe can shine forth in new lustre:

    The Family Yearbook

    Countless family pictures accumulate over a year – during holidays, parties or just everyday life. Create a family yearbook to document your year together with your family and to let it revive later at any point of time. In ifolor Designer you can then select the appropriate picture frames and page backgrounds that are suitable for your snapshots. You will be creating a unique photo book.

    A family yearbook brings all the special memories of the year into a Photo Book Deluxe


    Have multiple copies of it printed, even grandparents and children are happy about the great memories.

    From photo album to travel diary – Capturing individual experiences

    Photos tell their own stories and capture very special moments. Indeed, to capture your journey in all details, you can also create a comprehensive travel diary with ifolor Designer. Here you can add, for example, text entries as well as airline tickets and entrance tickets. Your Photo Book Deluxe will turn into a unique report of your experiences, and with it your friends and family can experience the trip as well.


    If you want to keep the original tickets and documents in the photo book, then leave enough space for that during the design and insert an empty frame if you wish. In this way you will have a suitable place to stick in tickets or other memorabilia later.

    With Photo Book Deluxe you can document the seasonal changes in your garden on high-gloss finished pages

    The garden diary – A companion throughout the seasonal changes in your garden

    When the first trees and bushes bloom in spring, many hobby gardeners pull out their camera to capture the flowers in the garden. In the following seasons as well there are time and again harvest successes, seas of flowers and beautiful moments in the garden, which should not be forgotten. A gardening diary is a nice idea to creatively stage all the photos that accumulate over the year.


    Take a few notes or write down special experiences in connection with the photos taken. Doing so you will design your garden diary with even more details.

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