Creative design ideas for the deluxe photo book from ifolor

The deluxe photo book – get inspired for your own individual photo book

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Be amazed by the deluxe photo book, which has various designs. Whether it’s a keepsake, a gift or a diary - the high-quality photo book can be used for lots of things. You can choose between different formats and sizes and have up to 1056 photos printed in one photo book. The free ifolor Designer helps you to design the deluxe photo book just the way you want it. Get inspired by our creative design ideas.

Create your own individual photo book, which is simple to design

The best way to design your own individual photo book is to use the ifolor Designer. The design software allows you to give your photo book an individual touch. By using the intuitive user interface, you can easily choose between different designs or create your own templates. You can also easily select and insert texts, picture frames and images from your social media account. Whilst designing a template you can save at any time meaning that you can pick up from where you left off. This way you don’t need to design everything at once.

Various design ideas for your photo book

Modern design ideas for your deluxe photo book

Having your photos laid out unusually and uniformly way will make your photos really stand out. How about designing a photo book entirely in black and white? Or how about choosing certain colours to be a theme for your photo book? The high-gloss finish on the pages in the deluxe photo book will really make your pictures stand out.

Find out more about how to create a fantastic-looking photo book with our video tutorials on our Youtube channel, where you can find further tips and tricks. 

We have put together a couple of design ideas below so that you can create a unique look for your photo book.

Creative design ideas for a family yearbook

A family yearbook for all the countless family photos

Over a year you will accumulate numerous family photos, which are taken in everyday situations, for example, being on holiday or at a party. Create a family yearbook to reminisce about all the good times you had during that year together, which you can look back on time and time again. You can choose photo frames and page backgrounds to match your snapshots in the ifolor Designer to create your very own individual photo book.


Why not make more than one copy as children and grandparents will also enjoy looking back on some fabulous memories?

Creative design ideas for a travel journal

From a photo album to a travel journal – reminisce about all the good times you had on your travels

Photos tell their own stories and capture very special memories. You don’t want to forget the great experiences you had on your travels, so why not create a travel diary with the ifolor Designer to reminisce about the good times you had on your travels? For example, you can add some text, flight tickets and event or museum tickets. This turns your deluxe photo book into a unique travel journal, which your family and friends can also have a look through to share your experience.


You can leave some space and insert an empty photo frame if you would like to put the original tickets and documents in your photo book. This way you have room to put your different tickets or other mementoes in your photo book.

A pet photo book – a book full of memories of your four-legged friend

Whether you have a dog, cat or hamster - they are more than just pets; they have become real members of the family. A lot of people have countless snapshots of their four-legged friends on their cameras or smartphones. Use these snapshots and create a very special photo book full of wonderful memories.


Use the before and after effects and include some older photos and newer photos to make a comparison in your photo book. It’s a good idea to show pictures of your pet as a puppy or kitten and then show photos of them once they are older. These types of photos always put a smile on everyone’s face.

Deluxe photo book

Whether its a gift or a little something for yourself. Reminisce about the good times and your fond memories. There are various formats available in A5, A4, A3 and also square formatting, which means there are no limits on being creative.

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Gardening diary – your best companion when you are out gardening

When the trees and bushes start to blossom in spring, many hobby gardeners take out their cameras to capture the splendour of blossoms in their garden. There is always something to photograph no matter what season it is. People typically like to photograph fruit and vegetables they have grown and picked or when the trees and plants begin to blossom in spring. A garden is a wonderful place, where you can capture lots of great photos, which shouldn’t be forgotten about. A garden diary is a wonderful idea for creatively putting all the photos together, which you have taken throughout the year.


Put a couple of notes on the photos you have taken so that you don’t forget any fantastic memories. This way you can add more details to your garden diary.

Design ideas for your own individual garden diary

Photo love story – look back on all the fabulous times you’ve had together with a photo book

A photo love story was very trendy during the 90s as it was in every teenage magazine. You too can bring your own love story to life. You don’t only have to use photos, but there are also a lot of design options in the ifolor Designer, such as speech bubbles or small Clipart, which can be used to design your own individual photo love story. Once you have finished designing it, you both will have a lot of wonderful, shared memories and milestones to look back on.


Don't just use pictures to look back on your time together. You can also add text messages, emails and other digital mementoes to your photo book with screenshots. Even love letters can be quickly digitised and used for design.

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