Design a Photo book for balcony and garden lovers

Design Your Own Balcony and Garden Photo Book

A Photo Book for nature lovers: Design ideas for your green memories

Whether it’s the garden, balcony or terrace - we spend a lot of time in spring to make it beautiful for us at home or in the garden. We bring our balcony out of hibernation and design it as an outdoor living room, cultivate our own herb garden, plant new plants, or whip the lawn into shape. There’s a nice side effect to this: Movements in the fresh air and contact with nature are the balm for the soul and pure relaxation.

Capture this mood in nature and your planting and designing progress in an individual Photo book for yourself and your loved ones forever. Here are some great design ideas for your personal balcony or garden diary which will help you create a real eye-catcher in no time.

Simply design your garden and balcony Photo book with ifolor Designer

Design a Garden Photo Book: Pay attention to the central theme

Before you design your personal balcony and garden Photo book, you should first think about the structure. Treat the Photo book like a real book that tells a little story. This will give your Photo book structure and inspire others to leaf through it. For example, show how your garden or balcony has changed in recent weeks. You can do this best by showing a before-and-after comparison. Capture the intermediate results as well: From cleaning up to sowing to the finished feel-good balcony or harvesting the herbs.

You can also capture the change in nature over the course of the year. Start with the first buds in spring then move over to the blossoming in summer, then change to the great autumn colours and the snow in winter. The changes of the seasons offer numerous motif ideas which you can use to design your personal balcony and garden Photo book.

Capturing the balcony and garden time in a Photo book.

Milestones such as the construction of the new garden shed, the planting of the apple tree or other important events can be arranged in order much better later if you add the dates to the pictures. Especially for the work that stretches over a longer period of time and has intermediate results, such a timeline will be great for tracking the development.


For the design, use the Photo book Premium photo paper. Thanks to the flatly overlying Photo book pages made of real photo paper, your motifs will be brought out particularly well - also perfect for photos that are laid out over two pages.

Use gardening tips and recipes to loosen up

You have numerous options for designing the garden and balcony Photo book. In addition to great photos of plants, you can, for example, incorporate your very own gardening tips - from sowing the herbs to cultivation to harvesting. Use the Photo book to share your best green-thumb tips. This will loosen up the Photo book and you will be able to even give it to your loved ones as a gift and as a kind of advice.

Loosening up the balcony and garden Photo book with gardening tips

Recipes are also good to include in your design of the Photo book. By doing this, you not only show your loved ones how to create a chic herb garden, but also tell them your secret recipe for the perfect herbal lemonade. When you design the Photo book, it’s a good idea to include some shorter or longer DIY instructions. For example, you can take step-by-step pictures of how you built a lounge corner on the balcony out of pallets or how you beautified the old plant pots.

A recipe in a designed Photo book

Not only plants but gardening tips or DIY instructions are suitable for Photo book design. Include your loved ones in the Photo book. For example, did you redesign the garden or plant a tree together your family? Then add these pictures. They are a wonderful memory of a great time. Even years later, you will be amazed at how big the tree and your children have become compared to then.

Family pictures in a designed Photo book

Further design tips for your Photo book

It is best to use our ifolor Designer to design the Photo book. You will be able to easily save intermediate results and continue editing at any time if you don't want to design everything all at once. You can also quickly and easily access your pictures, use great templates, and use graphic elements for design. There are also numerous options available for arranging text and images.

Variety loosens up and makes your Photo book more interesting. Insert a blank page every now and then to paste dried flowers, grasses or herbs in there later. Or use, for example, rectangles or circles as well as coloured backgrounds. These can be easily inserted and placed with one click. To insert graphic elements and backgrounds into the Photo book, simply click on “Add” in the lower design mode in ifolor Designer and select the appropriate design option.

Graphic elements in a designed Photo book

Less is more when you fill the pages. If you don’t use too many images per page, you won’t end up having a Photo book that looks cluttered. Just concentrate on selected and high-quality motifs - that would look very classy. The combination of a collage on one page and a full-page photo on the other page would be just as classy. You can also add little sayings or anecdotes. Headings, dates or quotes will give your balcony and garden Photo book a very personal touch.


If you create a garden yearbook every year, you will have excellent documentation about the progress you make in your green paradise.

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