• Gifts with your photos and creative inspiration for birthdays Gifts with your photos and creative inspiration for birthdays

    Gifts with your photos and creative inspiration for birthdays Gifts with your photos and creative inspiration for birthdays


    Gifts with your photos and creative inspiration for birthdays

    The most popular photo gifts

    for birthdays

    Inspiration for our photo gifts

    Photo gifts as a birthday surprise

    Gift ideas for big birthdays

    Although every birthday is special, the big birthdays are really exceptional. So give your loved ones exclusive gifts. We show you a gift idea that lives up to any big birthday.

    The most popular cards

    for birthdays

    Birthday card inspiration

    Send photo greeting cards as birthday cards

    Simply to say thank you

    Thank you card after a birthday party

    Thank you cards are the most wonderful way to say “thank you”: so surprise your loved ones with a very personal thank you through their letter box. With a photo greeting card you’re also giving them a wonderful memory of the birthday you celebrated together.


    for birthdays

    More great gift ideas

    for birthdays

    Photo books, wall decor or photo calendar

    for birthdays

    Photo book as a birthday surprise

    For party highlights

    A photo yearbook for your parties

    There are plenty of occasions to celebrate with friends and families. Capture the unforgettable highlights from last year in a fresh photo yearbook. You can relieve the great vibe at a big birthday, exciting festivals or the spontaneous summer party again. Your party yearbook is a great memento or cool gift idea for friends or your partner with our creative tips.

    Give someone wall decorations as a birthday surprise

    A gift for animal lovers

    Looking for a birthday present for an animal lover? Then a photo poster is just the thing! Whether with a frame, a poster strip or just the poster itself, a photo of their favourite animal is sure to make them smile. Read our blog for even more ideas and inspiration!

    Photo calendar as a birthday gift

    Cooking calendar as birthday gift idea

    Is the birthday boy or girl a passionate amateur chef? Then surprise your loved one on their birthday with a photo calendar full of delicious recipes you created yourself.

    Tips with practical checklist

    Planning and preparing your birthday party

    Your own birthday party should always be something special but is also always associated with a lot of work and planning. Issues regarding the size of the party, location, entertainment and catering in particular have to be clarified beforehand. We reveal 5 tips on how you can plan and prepare your birthday party ideally to reduce the stress. 

    Original ideas

    Birthday party as a theme party

    A theme can make a birthday party an unforgettable experience. Funny, original, unusual or seasonal - there are countless ideas for a theme

    Get Inspired with Our Birthday Articles

    Use our creative craft ideas to create one-of-a-kind birthday gifts. Gather together your best photos to create a completely personalised photo gift to surprise someone on their birthday. Get started today and create a gift with special sentimental value.


    Why do we celebrate birthdays?

    In many western countries, celebrating your birthday is just a given. In some other countries, it’s more common to celebrate the name day instead of the day of birth. The tradition of celebrating one’s own birthday can be traced back to ancient times. Hosting such a celebration, however, was usually reserved for such personages as kings, counts, and princes.

    For many years, a person’s date of birth or baptism was simply recorded in church registers. Most people didn’t know the exact date of their own birth. Thus, many had to rely on accounts and narratives from their parents to get a rough idea of the time frame. Signs used to indicate the time frame were usually descriptions of the season and which trees were in bloom.

    Alternatively, a person’s name day or the day of their baptism could have played a much more important role. It was customary to name a child only after they were baptised and the name was commonly from a martyr or apostle. It also often occurred that the baptism would be performed on the same day as the day of remembrance of the particular saint. Then, on this particular day of remembrance, all those who share the name of the saint celebrate their name day.

    Emperor Napoleon I of France helped bring about a more comprehensive method of documenting dates of birth. Starting in 1804, every person’s date of birth was recorded in a birth register. It was also Napoleon’s opinion that everyone should know when their birthday is. This made celebrating one’s birthday more popular amongst the “normal” social classes.

    How should you congratulate someone on their birthday?

    Paying a visit to the birthday boy or girl, saying a few personal words, giving them a big warm hug and simply saying “happy birthday” remains one of the most heartfelt ways to wish someone a happy birthday. Unfortunately, doing this isn’t always possible. There are still some other possibilities, however, how you can still wish someone all the best on their special day even if you’re far away.

    These days, it’s common to send someone a WhatsApp message or post something on their Facebook timeline. This alternative is quick, easy, and straightforward, yet not that personal or heartfelt. A much more personal touch is to call them and have a quick chat while wishing them a happy birthday to show them you care.

    A more traditional and nice gesture is to send them a birthday card. By sending them a card in the mail, it’s pretty easy to convey to them how important they are to you. For a bit more individuality you can easily design and create your own personalised birthday cards using your own photos. This will transform a simple greeting card into something really special. Just write a few personal words on the inside of the card and you’re sure to bring a smile to their face.

    What should you write in a birthday card?

    Once you’ve bought a birthday card or perhaps even designed one yourself, it’s time to fill it with some personal words. The beginning of the message usually writes itself: a lovely greeting followed by your congratulations and wishes of health, happiness, love, and success.

    If writing a card for someone who’s especially close, your message should be something heartfelt and personal. Describe, perhaps, things about the person that make you really appreciate them. Birthdays are the perfect time to articulate these. You could also mention some unforgettable memories you’ve shared together. Afterwards you can wish them all the best for the future and express to them how happy you are to be a part of it.