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Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Themed decorations, small gifts for your party guests and children’s party games

You can organise a themed children’s birthday party depending on what your child’s interests are. You could choose animals, dinosaurs, knights and princesses or their favourite cartoon character as a theme for the party. A children's birthday party with a theme is not only great fun for all the children, but it also allows you to get creative whilst decorating and organising some fun party games. Together with the birthday child, choose a theme for the party so that everything matches. We'll show you how you can create a fantastic themed birthday party with some photo products.

Designing matching birthday party invitations.

Individually Designing Matching Birthday Party Invitations

Once you have chosen a date for the birthday party, you will need to start making the invitations for the guests. Make sure to include the party theme on your invitations so that you can let everyone know. You can individually design your invitations for your child's birthday party with your own photos and you can also use various templates.

Use textboxes to add all the important information such as the theme, date, time and venue of the party. Don't forget to inform the guests and their parents about any important details and, if necessary, make sure to seek the parent’s permission for certain activities. Make sure to include the following information on the invitations for your children's birthday party:

  • What is the theme?
  • What activities have been planned? For example, outdoor games, swimming, minigolf etc.
  • Do the guests need any special clothing such as waterproof clothes for outdoor activities, swimwear or even a costume?
  • Will the guests be dropped off at home in the evening or do they need to be picked up by their parents?
  • At what time will the party take place, for example, a whole day out full of activities, or in the afternoon until the evening or even with a sleepover?


Make sure to ask every parent whether their child has any allergies or specific dietary needs whilst planning the food for the party. It is always important to ask because depending on the child’s age they may not be able to remember if they are allergic to anything.

We recommend using a set of 10 photo greetings cards as children's birthday party invitations. This will help to save you some time as you will only have to design one photo greetings card and the other 9 will have the same design and they will come with matching envelopes. They are available in different sizes and designs.

Classic Folded Greetings Cards

You can design the classic folded greetings cards with photos on the front and on the inside. You will also have plenty of space for writing any details about the party.

Greetings Cards

The simple 20x10cm photo greetings cards are real classics and are perfect for invitations to a children's birthday party. The front can be customised and the back can be printed with text or a handwritten message.

Using Postcards as Party Invitations

The Postcards from ifolor are slightly smaller than the classic greetings cards, which you can also order as a set of 10. The 10.7x15 cm postcards are just the right size for children's birthday party invitations.

Folded Square Greetings Cards

The folded square greetings cards are 14.5x14.5 cm. You can individually design party invitations for a children's birthday party with this type of greetings card. The paper shimmers slightly thanks to the mother-of-pearl effect and is therefore perfect for themed parties such as a winter wonderland or mermaid theme.

A creative idea for a treasure hunt for a children's birthday party: design a photo box as a treasure chest and a photo puzzle as a treasure map.

Scavengers Hunts and Treasure Hunts Are Timeless Birthday Party Classics

A treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is a fun idea for any themed children's birthday party. Looking for clues that lead to the treasure is a fun activity that children love to get involved in.

Designing a Treasure Chest Out of a Photo Tin

Individually design a photo tin and use it as a treasure chest for the planned treasure hunt at your children’s birthday party. You can choose from different shapes and design the lid with your own photo. The sturdy metal tin is perfect for outdoor use and you can fill it with little surprises for the successful treasure hunters. Fill the photo tin with chocolate gold coins, soap bubbles, stickers, rubber animals, sweets or even washable tattoo stickers.

Designing a Treasure Map Using a Photo Puzzle

Any real treasure hunt also needs a treasure map that shows the way to the hidden treasure chest. Make a creative treasure map out of a photo puzzle and this will make the treasure hunt even more exciting. Putting the map together is the first task for the little treasure hunters. We recommend getting the 50 piece photo puzzle as it makes the task easier to solve. Whilst individually designing the photo puzzle make sure to take the age of the children into account so that it is not too difficult to put together.

Using square prints to create a photo garland for a children's birthday party.

Individually Designing a Photo Garland for a Children’s Birthday Party

Children’s birthday party decorations help to emphasise the theme at the party. An individually designed photo garland is a simple and creative decoration idea for a children’s birthday party. You can use matching photo motifs as prints and then hang them up on a piece of string or ribbon with small pegs. The ifolor Square Prints are a great choice because you can order them as a set of 24 with one design and they have a square format, which makes them look chic on a photo garland. You can also order them with an optional white border to make the motifs stand out.


During the party you can also use the photos from the photo garland to play a round of ‘’Guess who?’’ Start by mixing up the square prints and then each child can draw one of the square prints. Next each child needs to hide their photo from the others and they have to ask the other children a series of closed questions to see if they can guess who is on the other person’s photo.

Children's birthday party ideas: using photo stickers as table decorations and small gifts for the party guests.

Decorating With Themed Photo Stickers

A lovingly decorated table always goes down well at a children's birthday party. Add the finishing decorative touches to your children’s party decorations with some ifolor Photo Stickers that match your party’s theme. You can use them on decorative elements such as vases, bowls, paper party cups or even small party bags. You can choose between round or rectangular stickers and design each individual sticker with a different photo or you can also design them all with the same photo. You can order 12 round or 16 rectangular stickers per A5 sheet and thanks to their good adhesive strength, you can apply them to a wide variety of surfaces.

Individually designing photo coasters and place mats as small gifts for children's birthday parties.

Small Individually Designed Gifts for Your Party Guests

Instead of small party bags filled with chocolates or sweets, you can also create some individual decorative gifts that are practical and can be used to finish off your table decorations. After the party the children can take them home as a souvenir.

Individually Designed Photo Coasters for a Children’s Birthday Party

The ifolor Photo Coasters are not only practical for putting drinks on, but they are also great as individual table decorations. You can order them as a set of 4 or 8 and design them individually by uploading your photos and aligning them on the coasters. Choose motifs that match the theme of the children's birthday party and arrange them decoratively on the table. Alternatively, you can combine the motifs with the children's names to use the coasters as place cards. At the end of the party each child can choose a coaster to take home with them.

Individually Designed Photo Placemats

Individually design a photo placemat for each child that they can then use during the meal. You can design the Place Mats from ifolor with a motif or as a colourful photo collage, which is also perfect for choosing photos that match the theme and adding the name of the respective child. This way, each child will quickly find their place and once the party is finished they will have a great and practical souvenir from the party that they can take home with them.



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