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  • A treasure map on a photo puzzle and maritime pirate invitation cards

    Decorations for a Children’s Birthday Party and Party Games

    Inspirations for a Pirate Party with a Treasure Hunt

    A pirate-themed birthday celebration is a children’s party classic. Most children ages 5-10 also really enjoy parties with a treasure hunt built into the festivities. If using this idea for a birthday party, why not go all out and use the pirate theme for the whole celebration? Thematically-fitting decorations, guests in costume, and a well-prepared treasure hunt will all be sure to keep the level of fun and excitement high.

    Invitation Cards for Swashbuckling Pirates in a Maritime Look

    You can already begin by integrating your theme in the invitation cards: design the invitation with classic pirate symbols such as a waving flag displaying the skull and crossbones, parrots, and pirate ships. Create a photo card and print out your invitations quickly and with ease with ifolor.


    Order the invitation cards in sets of 10 - for example our ‘folded greeting cards, classic’. Use the full-surface layout to create a great collage of pirate pictures, skull and crossbones, and photos of the birthday child. You can either write your message on the reverse side of the cards by hand or print them out with text.

    To bring an extra degree of fun to the party: write out in the invitation that the kids should come dressed up as hardy pirates armed with wooden sabres so they come prepared for their adventurous treasure hunt.

    A fitting photo invitation is a must for the pirate party guests

    A Treasure Map in the Form of a Puzzle for Extra Excitement

    A treasure map is a must for any pirate-themed party. To make the search for the treasure more thrilling and challenging, photograph your hand-drawn treasure map and print it out on a photo puzzle. The little pirates will first have to solve the mystery of how to put the puzzle together and the path to the lost treasure will reveal itself piece for piece.



    Depending on the age of your little pirates you can adjust the difficulty of the puzzle. For the younger ones, a 50-piece puzzle is perfect for a treasure map. If the birthday child and guests are a bit older, they could try a larger 196-pieces puzzle.

    Depending on the ages of the kids, the treasure hunt should take 30 minutes to two hours to solve. To give the kids a bit of help along the way you could leave behind small clues such as skull and crossbones drawn on trees along the path.

    Giving the kids the treasure map in the form of a photo puzzle will make the treasure hunt that much more thrilling

    What Awaits Them in the Treasure Chest?!

    The main point of any treasure hunt is of course the treasure! After an exciting adventure on the path to the treasure the little pirates will finally be rewarded for their efforts. What, then, should be found in this highly sought after chest?

    Variant 1: Small Prizes and Sweets

    Some favourites amongst children are golden chocolate coins, real precious gems made of glass, gold nuggets (stones painted with golden colour), or edible necklaces made with pearls or muscles.

    Variant 2: A Pirate Picnic Complete with a Pirate Ship Cake and Pirate Punch

    Alternatively or in addition to the small prizes mentioned above, you could hide a real pirate picnic in the treasure chest for the little adventurers to find. All you’ll need is some pirate cake or biscuits, some pirate punch made from fruit juice, and pirate-themed plates, napkins, and cups. Afterwards the kiddies can play a bit or finally make their way on the trek back home.


    By the way, the ifolor photo puzzle is not only available in a 50- or 196-piece version, but also as large as 500-, 1000- and 1500-pieces. Perfect for a relaxed family evening or as a birthday present.

    The little pirates will be sure to have fun on their adventure searching for the hidden treasure

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