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A table laden with birthday presents - a gift with a personal photo for each year of their life

Gift Idea for Decadal Birthdays

A Small Gift with a Personal Photo for Each Year of Their Life

Decadal birthdays are always something special. Finding a suitable birthday gift, however, is sometimes not so easy. For this celebration, really bring a smile to their face and give them a number of gifts that correspond to their age. If the birthday boy or girl is turning 20, for instance, give them 20 different small gifts accompanied with photos from their past. We’ll show you how to select these small presents and how you can adorn them with old photos.

Small Presents for Every Year of Their Life

Old photos from special moments and experiences always bring back fond memories and make the perfect gift. Instead of just giving the birthday boy or girl photos, you can combine these cherished memories from years past with small presents.

Get creative when selecting which photos to use and what gifts to give them and try to make each picture and present relatable. You could choose symbolic gifts that represent each year of their life or use a special anecdote that encompasses their life.

A gift idea for decadal birthdays: preparing the gifts and photos

You could, for instance, arrange the gifts chronologically and give them a fitting photo and gift to mark each of their years on earth. For this, you can use milestones and highlights from previous years such as their first day of school, special vacations, or their 18th birthday.

To mark their first day of school, you could always give them something like a fountain pen with a personalised engraving. If they happened to receive a car for their 18th birthday, you could give them a miniature model of that car along with a photo of the actual car. You can also get creative with what kinds of gifts to give them by using experiences from special vacations. If they’ve often travelled to Spain, for instance, you could get them a regional cookbook. Just attach a photo of them on one of these vacations and you’re sure to bring a smile to their face as they delve back into these special memories.

ifolor design tip: in order to make the presentation of the photos on the gifts perfect, place the pictures on single-coloured or unobtrusive wrapping paper.

A table laden with birthday presents featuring photos from times past

Arranging and Digitalising Old Photos

You tend to accumulate quite a few photos over the years. Much of the time, old childhood photos are unfortunately scattered amongst various photo albums in analogue format. This is why it’s a good idea to ask friends and family if they have any suitable photos you might be able to use. These days, it’s really easy to digitalise old analogue photos by using your smartphone.

In order to ensure you end up with quite a large selection to choose from, it’s recommended to collect as many photos of the birthday boy or girl as possible. When selecting which photos to use, make sure that the pictures are clear and sharp. To keep the chaos to a minimum when going through the photos later, save each image using a file name that includes the year the photo was taken as well as the occasion. This will make it much easier to find a suitable photo for each year.

Once you have all of your photos available in digital format and you’ve decided which pictures you want to use, you can then order your photos printed on premium photo paper. Here you’ll also have various formats to choose from to ensure you end up with a size that is suitable for each gift.

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