Small souvenir photo gifts for each year of life for a milestone birthday.

Personalised milestone birthday gifts

Create sentimental birthday gifts

Decadal birthdays are always something special. Finding a suitable birthday gift, however, is sometimes not so easy. The most beautiful gifts are always the ones with the greatest personal value. We have collected some great ideas for you to create unique gifts for a special someone's milestone birthday.

Small souvenir photo gifts for each year of life for a milestone birthday.

Small presents for every year of their life

Old photos from special moments and experiences always bring back fond memories and make the perfect gift. Instead of just giving the birthday boy or girl photos, you can combine these cherished memories from years past with small presents.

Get creative when selecting which photos to use and what gifts to give them and try to make each picture and present relatable. You could choose symbolic gifts that represent each year of their life or use a special anecdote that encompasses their life. If you don't have all the photos digitally, you can easily digitise them using your smartphone.


To make the presentation of the photos on the gifts perfect, place the pictures on single-coloured or unobtrusive wrapping paper.

Arrange the photos chronologically, for example, using highlights from previous years, such as starting school, special trips, or maybe a previous birthday party. For an extra surprise, give some symbolic gifts that match the photos: for example, to represent a special holiday, a cookbook of the local cuisine would be a great little gift. The same goes for an event like passing a driving test. A model car or book about cars would make a great little gift. Just add images from each event that you give a gift, and they are sure to love reminiscing about the great times.

Decorate your birthday present with photo stickers.

Personalise your milestone birthday with photo stickers

Personalise your gift using Photo Stickers from ifolor. Gather some special or funny photo moments with you together, or some highlights from the past few years to create the Photo Stickers. Make sure that the subject in the photo is large enough to look good on the compact stickers. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your gifts and put an extra big smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face.


Photo Stickers are a great way to sign your birthday card. Just stick a Photo Sticker of the person that the card is addressed to and another from yourself at the bottom.

Give a photo book with the best memories from over the years for a milestone birthday.

Photo book as a unique look-back for a milestone birthday

A special birthday is always a good occasion to look back on the past years. Of course, the best way to do this is with a photo book. With countless design options, you can create wonderful documentation of unforgettable memories for the birthday boy/girl. Collect photos of family, friends, and club members, etc. for this special life story, to create a detailed account of his or her life. The photos come alive when you add little anecdotes or comments by the people in the photos. The photo book will be a great trip down memory lane.

A unique gift idea for a milestone birthday: Life's journey on a photo canvas.

The journey of life on a photo canvas

Life takes you to many places that fill our memories with pleasure like our place of birth, first education, a gap year, or the dream house. Capture the life stories uniquely by visualising them on a photo canvas. It doesn't matter whether the recipient is a globetrotter or a home bird. Seeing the milestones and special places keeps their fantastic memories alive.

Depending on the places you want to capture on the canvas, you can print a world map or just the home country or region. Mark and name the relevant places on the map with pins and small homemade signs. To visualise the path of life even better, connect the pins with a thread.


If you want to create a large wall design, you can also have photos developed of the other places or experiences and place them around the canvas and connect them to the pins.

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