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Create your own cooking calendar

Create your own cooking calendar

Great recipes and photos for the whole year

Indulge all year round with a beautiful feature on the wall - it's very easy when designing your own cooking calendar. What do you need? 12 recipes, a camera and a wall calendar from ifolor and hey presto - your kitchen decoration or personal gift for friends and family is ready.

12 recipes for the year

One recipe per month, beautifully presented with your photos and text - irresistible! A cooking calendar also reminds you of long-forgotten treats, like old family recipes based on the seasonal availability of ingredients. You can also find suggestions online, for example at

However, it doesn't have to be a gourmet menu with several courses - the simplest dishes are often the best.

Do you prefer exotic dishes? You could also produce a cooking calendar with dishes from all over the world - or design a calendar just for desserts.

The pictures

Food photography is an art in itself. Swap between detailed photos and large-scale pictures - this breaks things up and creates necessary tension in the calendar's overall composition. Deliberately use contrasts and the colours of ingredients. Don't always photograph the finished dishes but some of their components in their raw state. Tip: Spray fruit and vegetables with water for extra fresh photos.

By the way: who says that your dishes should only be photographed in the kitchen or at the dining table? Take your plate outside and use natural light.


Create your own cooking calendar

The calendar

Have you got all your photos ready or are they on your hard drive? Good, then you can start to make your calendar.

Depending on the calendar's design template, you'll need one or two photos per page, as well as a short summary of the recipe. This shouldn't be longer than roughly 300 characters in font size 12.

Alternatively, you could also just mention the (main)ingredients used - you can always vary the recipes. Don't forget to write the recipe name as the heading.

You can now start playing around with your selection of photos based on the theme of your personal cooking calendar. For example, you could choose a detailed photo of one or several ingredients to put next to the finished dish.

If your calendar is made up of family recipes or your friends' favourite dishes, you could also insert photos of those people.

Besides the photos for the calendar pages, you also need photos for the cover page - it's best to choose photos from the calendar to give a taste of the recipe months coming up.

Are twelve recipes too few for you? Why not put together a whole cookbook instead! You can find instructions for this here.

Create your own cooking calendar

Our favourite cake for the Winter months: Walnut Tart

+ Knead 100g butter, 50g sugar, 150g flour, one egg and salt into a short crust pastry.

+ Then caramelise 400g sugar, lemon juice and 250ml water on the hob.

+ Add 100g crème fraîche, 400g walnuts and 200g butter. Let the nut caramel cool down to room temperature.

+ Grease a pie dish (26 cm Ø) and line with the pastry.

+ Add the caramel to the dish and spread evenly.

+ Bake for approximately 35 minutes in a preheated oven (electric oven: 175 °C / fan oven: 150 °C/ Gas: mark 2).

+ Photograph everything and make a photo calendar. ;)

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