• Small gifts for your guests: four fantastic ideas

    Make your own small gifts for your wedding guests

    Four lovely gift ideas for your wedding guests

    Small gifts are a great way to welcome your wedding guests, say thank you and give them a great little souvenir of your wedding. The gifts can be creative, fun, or surprising, either way, they will always go down well. We've put together some great ideas to surprise your wedding guests with.

    Flower Seeds in a bottle

    Flower seeds are not only a practical wedding gift, they also symbolise the growing love of the bride and groom. Give a unique flower seed mix and keep to the theme ‘Let love grow’! The small glass makes beautiful packaging, just add some decorations like colourful ribbons and cute stickers or tags and your guests will enjoy this gift for a long time.

    DIY wedding gifts for guests: what you will need

    To make the small bottles even more individual, use our personalised wedding stickers – the small details make the biggest difference! Create a cute sticker with a diameter of 4cm in an image editing programme such as Canva, then simply upload them to our website as a JPG file. Stickers with sayings such as: ‘I'm glad you're here’ or ‘Let love grow’ are particularly sweet. You can also add your names and the wedding date. It’s just as easy to design with our design software, ifolor Designer. You can design your stickers using a range of fonts and clipart. Then simply, stick them directly onto the glass or use kraft paper to make some pretty tags.

    Personalised wedding gifts for guests: seeds in a bottle


    Are you a tea lover or do you like to cook? Instead of flower seeds, you can fill the small glass bottles with tea leaves or fancy salt and pepper.

    Lovingly wrapped almonds

    Wedding almonds are a more traditional gift. The custom of giving 5 almonds on special occasions dates back to the 17th century and has a strong symbolic meaning. They symbolise health, prosperity, fertility, luck, and long life. Today, wedding almonds are packed in unique bags or small boxes and decorated with pretty ribbons.

    This gift becomes even more individual when you combine it with a beautiful photo of the two of you. This photo works best in square format. A good idea would be to use a great picture from your engagement shoot. Then attach the cool Square Prints to the bag together with a small eucalyptus branch and a wooden peg. Alternatively, you can fill the bag with small sweets - this will make the little guests' hearts beat faster.


    You can also use Photo Sticker to stylishly decorate your wedding almonds.
    A gift for your guests: individual packaging for almonds

    Give a wedding mug to your guests

    A thoughtful wedding cup with a picture of the bride and groom or a loving saying is a personal and practical gift. There are limitless design options, either use a nice photo of the two of you or try one of our many templates in our online editor. Of course, you can also use your own wedding design or saying to decorate the mugs. Simply upload the design as a JPG file to our website and design your mug as normal. It's even easier to design the Photo Mugs with our design software, ifolor Designer. You can choose between our many fonts and clip art in your designs.

    Guest gift: Wedding mug as a guest gift


    You can fill the cup with small sweets, a tea blend or coffee beans. People with a sweet tooth and tea or coffee lovers will be delighted.

    Photo Coaster: a small gift and table decoration at the same time

    Photo coasters make a beautiful, individual, and practical small gift. They tick several boxes at the same time. You can use them as decorative place cards, or table decorations and they can also be taken home by the guests as small souvenir. You can order in packs of 10 and with the help of our online editor or our design software, you can place a different name on each coaster. Add your wedding logo or colours from your wedding theme, the pretty coasters can also be easily integrated into the table decoration. It's just as easy to decorate the coasters with photos of yourself, your favourite places, or your favourite quotes and give them to your wedding guests as a set.

    Guest gift and table decoration: Personalised coasters for the wedding

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