• DIY wedding party decorations: Table decorations, pendants, welcome sign, seating plan, room layout, and stationery.

    Lovely DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas

    DIY ideas and tips for wedding venues, including room design and table decorations

    Beautiful, synchronised wedding decorations will give your celebration that special touch, regardless if it’s a romantic ballroom with countless pink peonies or a bohemian barn with eucalyptus and gypsophila.

    To ensure that your wedding room decorations are synchronised, we'll give you some tips for creating your decorating concept and show you some great DIY ideas to try out.

    How to find your wedding style

    At first, you need to decide on your theme whether it be vintage, bohemian, urban, industrial, fine art wedding, a crazy theme like the ‘80s, dirndl or hippie wedding. Your wedding room decorations, stationery design, and location are all based on this. So, get together as early as possible and think about what you want. Often the style is influenced by the season, a shared hobby, an idea, or an adventure that connects the bride and groom.

    Looking for the perfect style for your wedding

    Once you have agreed on the general style, it's time to fine-tune it. Decide on your wedding colours and think about which colour palettes fit with your style. When choosing colours, make sure that they complement each other. Try platforms such as Pinterest for some inspiration. You can find a plenty of tried and tested colour palettes that you can use as a guide for your wedding.


    Do not choose more than three or four different colours. Too many colours can look messy. Choose the main colour and two or three secondary colours.

    Once you have decided on a style and your colour theme, you can start to decorate your wedding with your chosen colours.

    Ideas for your wedding ceremony decoration

    Whether it's a registry office, a church ceremony or an outside wedding - a beautifully decorated wedding venue puts the bride and groom and their guests in the perfect mood for a festival. You could, for example, decorate the guests' chairs or the pews with flowers and ribbons that match your theme. Also, you can place a homemade programme or church booklet along with a handkerchief on each guest's seat. The main focus of the event will be on the altar or the marriage arch. This is usually decorated in a classic way with a flower arrangement and coloured fabric ribbons. Don't forget to decorate the bridal couple's chairs with flowers, signs, or pompoms to match the altar.


    Welcome your wedding guests with a homemade welcome sign. For example, use our wall decoration on Acrylic glass plate or our Photo flip. Simply upload your wedding design with the word ‘Welcome’ in our online editor and then place the finished sign on a wooden easel. You can also decorate the easel with a floral design.

    Wedding decoration idea: Design your own welcome sign

    So that your guests can celebrate you properly as you leave the ceremony, place small baskets filled with soap bubbles, petals or sparklers at the entrance to the wedding venue. Carefully wrap them in paper and decorate them with small tags or stickers. It feels seamless if they match the theme of the wedding.

    Use an online editing programme, such as Canva, to create cute stickers with a diameter of 4 cm using your wedding colours. Then, you can then simply upload them as a JPG file on our website or in ifolor Designer. You can use sayings such as ‘Love is in the air’ or simply your name. Stick these stickers directly onto the paper or make some pretty tags using kraft paper and ribbon.

    Loving wedding ideas for the wedding ceremony

    Room decoration with beautifully designed photo products

    Most of the celebrating will be at the wedding venue and this should be nicely decorated. Make sure that everything is in keeping with the theme of the wedding and the size of the area. A bland hotel event room will need more love and decoration than, for example, a ballroom in a castle. For example, you could hand long ribbons from the high ceilings to decorate the room.

    You can also make your own garlands with cute string and hand them on the wall or between trees outside using small wooden clips. You can personalise them by adding your own pictures to it. Make sure that all the pictures have the same format for a more elegant look. Our Square prints are ideal for this.

    DIY wedding garland with pictures of the bridal couple

    You can use balloons, floor vases, lanterns or pretty white wooden boxes as well as side tables to decorate empty corners. You can add small signs on the tables or boxes to show your guests where to find the guest book or the photo booth for funny pictures. When decorating, don't forget the seating plan. Put this it right at the entrance of your venue to show your guests where to find their seats. All you need is a pretty picture frame, some rope and a few wooden pegs and our Square prints. Use an image editing programme to create small 10 cm x10 cm cards with the names and table numbers. Then upload them as JPG files to our website. Use the fonts and theme from your wedding stationery for the design to make the whole thing tie together.

    Wedding decoration ideas: DIY seating plan


    Making a guest book from a jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic and creative idea. The guests can sign the individual pieces and then the jigsaw can be glued onto a canvas for displaying later.

    Table decorations for an unforgettable wedding celebration

    Beautiful wedding table decorations and a festively decorated table are part of every wedding celebration. In addition to colour-coordinated flower arrangements, you should make sure that glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, candles, vases, table runners, guest favours, stationery and decorations have their place on the table. Make sure that everything matches the style and colours of your wedding. For a modern bohemian style wedding, for example, wood slices with small vases would work great as the wedding centrepiece. Decorate the vases with pretty lace ribbons and small pendants. It's easy to do with our photo stickers. You can add little messages for your guests or pictures of yourselves.

    DIY idea for wedding table decorations

    Table numbers, menu cards, place name cards, and gifts are also part of wedding table decorations as well as items such as flowers, vases and candles. These should also be part of the overall theme in terms of colour and font design. For the menu cards, we recommend our Photo greeting cards in portrait format. They offer you numerous design options and you can order them in a practical set of 10. These are simple to design using our ifolor Designer.

    Designing your own menu cards and place name cards for the wedding

    To design the place name cards: Integrate the names into the guest gifts, for example. A lovingly designed mug makes a fantastic small gift, as does as a cool coaster with the name or photo of your guests. You can also make the place name cards yourself and use them as tags to decorate the cutlery bags. Every guest is guaranteed to find his or her place.


    When decorating and designing the wedding, don't forget to make a thoughtfully designed children’s table for the little ones. For example, add some homemade colouring books and pencils to the tables. Handicrafts and a Photo puzzle with a picture of the bride and groom will also work well. You can create a place where the little ones can feel at ease and keep themselves occupied.

    Children's table idea for the wedding

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