Make your own individual wedding decorations: table decorations, pendants, welcome sign, seating plan and decorative elements for your wedding reception.

Making Your Own Individual Wedding Decorations

Ideas and tips for table decorations, room decorations and more

You should always make sure that your wedding decorations match the location and the style of the wedding whether it is taking place in a traditional ballroom or you have chosen to have a boho barn, or industrial style wedding. Choosing the style of wedding that you would like to have should be right at the top of your to-do list. Once you have decided on a suitable location, you can start putting the decorations together. We'll show you some great decoration ideas that you can try out.


Make sure to choose a colour scheme for your wedding decorations so that everything matches. It is best to choose one main colour and two or three secondary colours. If you have more than four colour tones it can start to look too busy. You can find inspiration for the ideal colour scheme that would best suit your chosen style on Pinterest. There you will be able to find a range of colour schemes and styles to help you get inspired.

Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony

Whether you are getting married in a registry office, a church or at an outdoor venue a lovingly decorated wedding venue will certainly make the bride and groom and their guests look forward to this special day. Below you will find a couple of tips on how you can lovingly decorate your wedding venue:

  • Decorate the guests' chairs or the church pews with some flowers and ribbons.
  • Hand out individually designed wedding programmes or church booklets to each guest.
  • Place handkerchiefs for tears of joy on each seat.
  • Decorate the altar or marriage arch with some flower arrangements and ribbons.
  • Decorate the bridal couple chairs with flowers and pompoms.
Wedding decoration ideas for a wedding ceremony.

Decorating With Photo Stickers

So that your guests can celebrate your special day with you as you leave the ceremony, place small baskets filled with soap bubbles, petals or sparklers at the entrance to the wedding venue. Carefully wrap them in wrapping paper and decorate them with small tags or stickers. Make sure that they match the theme of the wedding so that everything looks fantastic.

Use a picture editing programme to make some individual stickers which will need to have a diameter of 4 cm. You can then simply upload them as a JPG file onto our website or via the ifolor Designer. Stickers with sayings such as "Love is in the air", "Let’s get hitched" or simply your name are great choices. You can stick these stickers directly onto the paper or baskets or you can make some individual tags with kraft paper and ribbon.

Using Photo Stickers on Your Individually Designed Wedding Decorations

The photo stickers are available in a round or rectangular layout and they are great for decorating small items, tags or even gifts.

Making Your Own Individual Decorations for Your Wedding Reception

You will spend most of your time at the wedding reception so it is important that it has been decorated beautifully. Whilst decorating the room make sure that everything matches the theme of the wedding and it is also important to take the size of the venue into account. A function room in a hotel usually needs a bit more TLC and decoration than a ballroom in an old manor house for example. Follow the tips below to help you get started on decorating your wedding venue:

  • Venue décor such as ribbons that you can hang from high ceilings.
  • Balloons, pompoms and honeycomb balls that you can hang up.
  • Fairy lights and lanterns for atmospheric lighting.
  • Vases with fresh or dried flowers and greenery for tables or as decorative elements in the room.
  • White or natural coloured wooden boxes and side tables to decorate empty corners and large open spaces.

In addition to decorative elements that match the colour scheme it is also important to have some decorative elements, which have some personal touches. Personal memories and photos should also be included and used at your wedding reception.

Design your own individual welcome sign for your wedding venue with an ifolor Photo Poster and a matching frame.

Individually Design Your Own Wedding Welcome Sign for Your Wedding Reception

Welcome your wedding guests with an individually designed welcome sign in keeping with the style of the wedding decorations. The ifolor photo poster which is available in various layouts comes with an optional matching frame.

A natural or monochrome background with embellishments like subtle floral patterns or more minimalist with design tools like Canva. You can use this to easily create the perfect design for your welcome sign. For the text you can simply write "Welcome" or address your guests directly with "Thanks for coming". You can also add the wedding date and the names or initials of the bride and groom to the welcome sign. Save your finished design as a JPG file and upload it onto the ifolor Editor to create your own individual photo poster.

Choose a matching frame or you can use the poster hanger to hang it up. In the frame you can present the welcome sign on an easel, which you can also decorate with flowers and ribbons to match your venue design. After the wedding you can put your individually designed welcome sign in your hall at home as a great memento.

Designing a Welcome Sign as a Photo Poster

The ifolor photo poster is available in various sizes and you can also choose between a glossy and a matt surface. You can also order a matching wooden frame in black, white, or oak.

Hanging Up Your Welcome Sign With a Poster Hanger

You can use the poster hanger to help make your individually designed welcome sign stand out. The welcome sign for your wedding can be stuck onto the magnetic strips in no time at all and hung up on the wall in the entrance at your wedding venue.

Individually designed wedding garland with photos of the bride and groom.

Making a Homemade Wedding Photo Garland

You can make a homemade photo garland with your favourite photos, some string and matching pegs, which you can then hang on windows, blank walls, between trees or on railings. The best photos to go for are photos of you and your partner and photos showing all the great memories you have had together. We recommend using large photos which all have the same size as this will prevent it from appearing too busy. Your pictures will look particularly chic on a garland if they have a white frame such as our chic square prints which have a modern square layout. Our retro prints also offer you enough space for a small note at the bottom.

Square Prints as Wedding Decorations

The square photo prints are 10x10 cm and they can be ordered with or without a white border. They come as a set of 24 and they will be delivered to you in a secure box.

Retro Prints as Wedding Decorations

The 10x10 cm photo prints will have a trendy polaroid look. Your pictures will have a white outline and the bottom is just a bit wider so that you have enough room to add a small note. They come as a set of 24 pictures.

Creative Wedding Reception Signs

You can use signs to decorate your wedding reception by showing the guests the way to the photo corner, bar or dance floor and you can also make a sign for your guest book. Using signs at your wedding reception is a great way to guide your wedding guests and it makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for. You can easily make such signs yourself by designing them with a photo editing programme. You can then upload them as an image file onto the ifolor Design Editor and use them, for example, to print photo displays or folded greetings cards that you can easily put up anywhere.

Ideas for wedding decorations: a seating plan made out of a picture frame and photo greetings cards.

Individually Designing Your Own Seating Plan

By hanging up a seating plan at the entrance to your wedding reception will help your guests to find their seats. This should clearly show who is sitting at which table, as well as being decorative and matching the rest of the wedding decorations. You can make your own individual seating plan using the items below:

  • A picture frame with a matching colour
  • Some string
  • A couple of wooden pegs
  • Square shaped cards with table numbers and names

By using a photo editing programme, you simply create small 10x10 cm cards with the names and the corresponding table numbers. You can then upload them as JPG files onto our website and have them printed as square prints. The prints will look really elegant if you use the same fonts and designs for the place cards, invitations and signs. The frame should also match the colour and you can also design the back with coloured cardboard or fabric. Place the string between the back and the frame and hang the seating plan cards on it with some wooden pegs.

Wedding Guest Book

A guest book is a must for every wedding celebration. For years to come it will remind you of that special day that you celebrated with all your loved ones. Are you still looking for an original idea for a guest book? Get inspired by our wedding guest book ideas below.

Individually Designing a Booklet for a Guest Book

We'll show you how to create an individual booklet as a guest book using the ifolor app and photos of your guests.

Puzzle Guest Book

Design an individual guest book using the ifolor Photo Puzzle. The puzzle pieces will be photos of all your guests, which you can then put together to look back on that special day.

Individually designed wedding table decorations.

Making Homemade Table Decorations for Your Wedding

Table decorations and beautifully decorated tables are important for any wedding celebration. In addition to matching flower arrangements, you should make sure that glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, candles, vases, table runners, gifts, cards and other decorative elements all have a spot on each table. It’s important to make sure that the style and colours of the chosen decorations match your wedding. For a modern boho wedding you can use wood slices with small vases as a centrepiece.

Individually designing a menu made out of photo greetings cards for your wedding.

Individually Designed Table Numbers and Menus

If there is a seating arrangement with several tables, then the table numbers need to be clearly visible on the tables. You can also provide a menu or a drinks menu on the tables so that your guests know which delicious dishes they can look forward to. The ifolor Greetings Cards are ideal for using as a menu. You can print them with the text and design them to match your wedding decorations. They are also available as individual greetings cards or in sets of 10. For example, you can order the menus as a set and design individual cards such as table numbers as single cards.


The folded greetings cards are suitable as table numbers or menus, as they can easily just be placed on the tables. The square prints look very chic as table numbers if you place them in a wooden or cork stand.

Using photo key chains as place cards at a wedding reception.

Creative Place Cards for Your Wedding Guests

You can also individually design photo greetings cards or photo prints like the square or retro prints with the names of your guests and use them as place cards. Alternatively, you can individually design your place cards as a useful gift which you can then take home with you as a souvenir:

  • Individually designed key chain with a photo
  • Photo magnet
  • Photo strips decorated with a twig or dried flowers

This way you can combine the place cards with an individually designed gift that your guests can take home with them after the wedding as a lovely souvenir.

A Little Something for Your Wedding Guests

Small gifts for your wedding guests is a tradition that many couples like to have at their wedding reception. It is simply a small gesture to say thank you to your loved ones for sharing this unforgettable day with you. You can individually design each little gift bag for your guests with their name and then use it as a place card.

Gift Ideas for Your Wedding Guests

We will show you some great gift ideas for your wedding guests.

Children's table idea for your wedding: a colouring book and photo puzzle a fun activity for the children.

Decoration Ideas for a Children's Table at Your Wedding

Don’t forget to include a children’s table at your wedding. Prepare some games and activities for the children by setting up a small games corner or an extra children's table. Colouring books, crayons, arts and crafts and games are always very popular. Add a personal touch to your wedding by creating a photo puzzle or a photo memo with a picture of you and your partner. This is a great way to make sure that your special day will be a true success.



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