Guestbook in puzzle form

DIY: A Puzzle Guestbook

A Lovely Idea for Your Wedding

One of the most important souvenirs of the best day in any married couple's life is the guestbook. But it would be a shame for such an important memento to be stuck up on a shelf, gathering dust. A great alternative? A puzzle. With this DIY idea, puzzle pieces--inscribed with the personal best wishes of your guests--make up the larger whole of a decoration you can hang on the wall to remind you of one of your fondest memories--your wedding.

We'll show you what you need and how you can turn our products into just such a souvenir.

Step-by-Step Instructions

When preparing for this project, you'll need two photo products, which you can quickly and easily order online on our website. The first is a 30x45 monochrome photo puzzle with the design template "Simple," as well as a digital photo of instructions for your guests.

Later, for your wedding, you will need a pretty picture frame for the instructions, as well as a waterproof, fine-tipped pen or marker to enable easy penmanship. Afterwards, to complete your puzzle with style, you will need a 40x60cm canvas in portrait format.

Required materials for your wedding DIY

You will need:

How to Design a Monochrome Photo Puzzle

 To ensure the loving messages of friends and family can always be clearly seen on your puzzle, make sure the colour you choose is neutral. The image platform “Pixabay” offers an amount of free color backgrounds that you can use to design the photo puzzle.

Choose the format and orientation of your puzzle next, based on the number of guests you've invited. You can select 196-, 500-, 1000- or even 1500-pieces. For our DIY project we have chosen the 196-piece version in portrait format, so your guests can design more than one puzzle.

How to Design a Monochrome Photo Puzzle

The Instructions for Your Puzzle Guestbook

On the day of your wedding, put the pieces in a decorative box or bowl with the waterproof pen beside it. Set up the instructions next to it to help your guests get started. We've already created a design that you can use for that purpose.

Simply upload the instructions online to our website in the 13 cm format, order it as a digital print, and have it delivered straight to your house. For exceptional presentation, mount the instructions in a beautiful frame, preferably one that matches the theme of your wedding. When ordering your print, make sure it will fit the format and orientation of your frame.

Finished canvas with the puzzle pieces

How to Assemble on the Canvas

After the wedding, you can mount the puzzle to a 40x60cm canvas with the design template "Collage, white" You could use this as an opportunity to integrate photos of your wedding with your puzzle. When assembling the pieces, allow yourself room to be creative. If you like clear lines, keep your photos in the two upper fields of the canvas and affix your puzzle under. You don't have to put the whole puzzle together; rather integrate blocks of the puzzle with pictures. Regardless of how you choose to assemble it, your puzzle guestbook will always remind you of the best day of your life.

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