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Wedding prep and plan checklist in hand

5 Tips for Planning and Preparing Your Wedding

With an Extensive Checklist

An old German proverb says, “All beginnings are difficult.” The planning of a wedding presents a particularly daunting challenge to many couples. Although choosing the date may not be so hard, questions of locale, flower décor, or the cake have made many the merry pair break out in a sweat.

To help you keep your cool and maintain perspective before, during, and after the wedding, we’ve delivered five tips, as well as an extensive checklist you’ll need in the months, weeks, and days leading up to your wedding.  

Complete Wedding Planning Checklist

Tip 1: Create a Wedding Folder

When beginning to plan, it is advisable to get a folder just for your wedding where you can collect everything to do with the day. When starting, it will be useful mostly for collecting and sorting out your ideas. Tuck magazine clippings and business cards from bridal shows in there. This will help you get an initial overview. When the planning process is further along, you can also add important documents. In this way, you keep reservation confirmations, birth certificates, or receipts in the same place without losing perspective.

Bonus Tip:

Use Pinterest to collect ideas. Here you can find limitless inspiration for décor, DIY, and so much more for the big day. Make your own pinboard to collect your ideas and keep them all in one place.

Get a wedding organiser to collect ideas

Tip 2: Hire a Wedding Planner

After the invitation list reaches a certain number of guests, you should seriously consider engaging a wedding planner. Although 50 guests are potentially very easy to manage, a list of 100 is a different story. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure: delegate part or all of the planning to a wedding or event planner. Wedding planners are not as expensive as normally is assumed. Not only will he or she take on much of the stress and work of planning, a planner can often negotiate better prices for catering, location, and décor, due to higher sales volumes and his or her industry contacts. As such, hiring someone to plan often becomes cheaper than you would think.

Bonus Tip:

At bridal shows, you can find more than inspiration and the latest fashions: it’s also a great place to meet wedding planners. While there, you can get advice from the presenters and collect your first offers.

Tip 3: Pay Attention to Hidden Costs

So you found your dream location, and it’s even within budget. Wait! Read the small print before signing hastily. Extra costs for cleaning and drink packages get tacked on quickly, and before you know it, your budget has been busted. The same applies to the band or DJ. Confirm the length of their appearance ahead of time, and find out what the costs are for exceeding that time. This will help to avoid unplanned expenses.

Tip 4: Involve the Maid-of-Honour and Best Man in Planning

Definitely get your maid-of-honour and best man involved in the planning of your wedding, above all for the day itself. On the date, while you’ll be shaking a lot of hands and accepting best wishes from all, your attendants will be making sure that every part of the program runs smoothly by talking to the catering, the band, or the DJ. In this way, you can just enjoy your wedding while everything runs smoothly to plan.

Bonus Tip:

Leading up to the date, many couples make their own website for the wedding. This serves, for example, as a platform for communicating between the wedding party and helpers who have a password for accessing the site. The webpage helps with delegating tasks, and provides a venue for a shared checklist to maintain oversight of planning.
Emergency bag for the wedding

Tip 5: Pack an emergency bag

Nothing goes perfectly to plan—a run in your stockings, circulatory problems, or a stain on the groom’s shirt could always pop up. Be prepared for all contingencies and pack a small emergency bag for the day of the wedding. The following items are recommended: tissues, plasters, safety pins, deodorant or antiperspirant, candies, granola bars, a comb, hair clips, a small sewing kit, transparent nail-polish, hand cream, makeup for refreshing, an extra shirt, stockings, water, etc.

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