Tips for planning and preparing for your wedding with an extensive checklist

All beginnings are difficult – so goes the old saying. Especially the planning of a wedding poses a difficult challenge for couples. While deciding the date of the wedding may not be that complicated, questions still arise about the extravagance of the wedding, which flowers to decorate with, as well as which desserts to offer, which can cause stress for newlyweds.

In order to keep a cool head while planning your wedding and not lose oversight before, during, or after the wedding, we have collected 5 tips to make an extensive checklist for planning and preparing your wedding.

5 Tips for Planning your Wedding

Tip 1: Utilise a Wedding Folder

When you begin planning your wedding, it is advisable to utilise a folder in which you can collect anything to do with your big day. From the onset of planning your wedding, the folder can provide you with a place to collect and sort your ideas. You can also collect snippets from magazines or business cards from wedding exhibitions; this will help you to get a general overview from the get go. When further down the road with your wedding planning, you can also file important documents inside. This way you always have documents like reservations, birth certificates, or receipts at hand without losing oversight.

Tip 2: Hire a Wedding Planner

With a larger number of guests you should think about the possibility of hiring a wedding planner. Planning a wedding for up to 50 guests might be easy enough, but planning for 100 or more guests is a different situation altogether. Don’t take on all of the stress yourself and instead let a wedding or event planner take over either part or all of the planning. A wedding planner is also not as expensive to hire as one might think. They don’t only alleviate you of a lot of work and stress, but can also negotiate better prices for catering, the location, or decorations due to their good connections and purchase quantity. In this regard, hiring a wedding planner is often cheaper in the long run than you might think.


Tip 3: Be Wary of Hidden Costs

You’ve found your dream location and the price is within your budget? Be sure to pay attention to the fine print and not sign anything in a hurry. Fees and extra costs for cleaning or beverage packages can come up that put you over your budget. This also holds true for the band or DJ. Come to an agreement before the wedding about the length of the performance and extra costs should the performance run over the allotted time. This way you can avoid unplanned costs.

Tip 4: Engage your Best Man and Bridesmaids in the Planning

Definitely be sure to integrate your best man and bridesmaids into the planning of your wedding. This is especially recommended for the actual day of the wedding. While keeping busy shaking hands and accepting wishes of congratulations, your best man and bridesmaids can act as points of contact for the band, DJ, catering, and others. This way you can enjoy your special day and with everything still running according to plan.

Tip 5: Pack an Emergency Bag

Everything does not always go according to plan – things like a pair of torn pantyhose, upset stomach, or a stain on the groom’s dress shirt could always happen. Therefore you should be prepared for all contingencies and pack an emergency bag for the day of the wedding. Recommended items for such a bag are: tissues, tape, safety pins, deodorant, energy tablets, snack bars, comb, hair pins, hairspray, plasters for blisters, normal plasters, cover stick, small sewing kit, see-through nail polish, hand crème, make-up for freshening up, extra dress shirt, pair of pantyhose, water, etc.

Extensive Checklist for Wedding Planning:

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