Different Christmas greeting cards: fun templates, Christmas collages and your own Christmas designs.

Design creative Christmas cards

Inspirations for reflective photo greeting cards

If you want to surprise friends and family members in the Advent season with an individual Christmas greeting card, there are countless design options to choose from. Do you want to send your loved ones reflective Christmas greetings or make them smile with a humorous greeting card?

We’re giving you suggestions for creative and individually designed Christmas cards in different styles which you can design yourself in no time.

Create your own Christmas greeting card – funny, reflective, unique

Wintery and festive greeting cards are a classic in the pre-Christmas season to give your loved ones a little surprise. It is up to you whether you want to design a reflective or rather a relaxed, funny card. Snowy landscapes and winter poems are suitable for the classic Christmas card. However, a photo of you in a garish knitted pullover with a Santa Claus hat or reindeer hair band, would surely conjure up a smile on the recipient’s face.

On the inside or back of the ifolor greeting cards you have space for your individual Christmas messages, which you can either imprint or complete by hand. In this way, each recipient will receive a very personal Christmas card.


Use the numerous ifolor design templates to design the Christmas greeting cards. You will find numerous Christmas design ideas, ranging from simple to playful designs, in the Online- Editor. Af for the layout, you will always have for all photo greeting cards the choice between portrait and landscape format orientation and the design as a simple image or collage.

Classic greeting card for Christmas greetings from the whole family

The Christmas greeting card – the timeless classic

A classic greeting card offers enough space on the front side for your Christmas photo and a short Christmas greeting. Do not hesitate to experiment with the design a little: A family photo in landscape format is ideal as a Christmas greeting – but instead of a professional studio photo you could take a cool Christmas selfie for a change. This is how you interpret the classic greeting card from anew. At ifolor you'll find the classic in a practical set of 10, as a folded card or a simple greeting card.

Square Christmas Greeting cards with a shimmering surface

The Square Greeting Card – Christmas and New Year’s greetings reinterpreted

Make sure that there is a change under the Christmas tree: Instead of a greeting card in the typical letter format, you can also design a square Christmas card. Not only will the unusual format attract the attention of the recipient, but the special paper with a mother-of-pearl effect is particularly chic and makes this photo greeting card a Christmas highlight. A collage of the last sleigh ride is transformed by the shimmering paper into a trip to the winter wonderland. The noble look brings out all the motifs.

A postcard with funny Christmas greetings

The Photo Postcard – Individual Christmas mail

Simple and yet a real eye-catcher: Christmas greetings in postcard format. The sturdy paper ensures that your Christmas message arrives undamaged while the painted front lets your pictures shine in festive splendor. In addition to the typical 10.7x15 cm postcard format, you can also design your Christmas postcards in a 20x10 cm panorama format. Christmas postcards are ideal for photo collages or humorous motifs. Show, for example, in various photos, the process of your Christmas preparations: decorating, wrapping gifts, baking cookies and so on. This is how you let distant Christmas friends and relatives partake in the usual Christmas bustle.


The classic and square greeting cards as well as photo postcards are mailed in a practical pack of 10. In addition to the greeting cards, you will also receive matching envelopes. With one touch you design Christmas cards for the family and circle of friends. Just add the messages on the inside – and now you’re ready to mail out the cards.

XXL Christmas greetings

If you want to showcase your photos in an extra-large format and have plenty of space for your design and Christmas greetings, the ifolor Maxicard is just the thing for you. It is available as an XXL greetings card or as a folding card in portrait or landscape format, with a matching envelope included. On the 29.7x21 cm front, you have enough space for a great collage or a very special photo that the recipient can even frame. The back or inside is perfect for adding a beautiful poem or the lyrics of a Christmas carol to your personal Christmas greetings. The Maxicard makes a great Christmas greeting, you can send an authentic Christmas feeling to your loved ones.

Beautifully designed Single Greeting Card makes a great Christmas card

The Single Greeting Card – More space for Christmas wishes

If you need more space for your Christmas message and want more design options, then the single greeting card is a good choice. With the single greeting card, you will not only have the opportunity to design the front with your most beautiful Christmas photos, but on the inside there will be space for more winter snapshots. Design the greeting card as a little surprise for the recipient: On the front, you add a chic motif with Christmas or New Year’s greetings, but on the inside put a “silly” picture of you dressed up. On the other side of the card, you will have space for a personal message. You can also choose your Single Greeting Card in panorama, where the fold is on the short side of the card instead of the long side.

Christmas messages as a highlight for the greeting card

Give a final touch to your Christmas mail by adding a personal message! All ifolor photo cards can be printed with text or can be kept empty for handwritten greetings.

The Christmas greetings should, of course, suit the recipient. Think in advance who would be pleased with a funny, winking saying and who would rather appreciate a more reflective poem or a proverb word. Here are some inspirations for possible Christmas greetings:

“For Christmas Eve, we wish you the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!” Gustav Falke

“White are towers, roofs, branches, and the year is drawing to a close, and the most beautiful holiday season is there!” Theodor Fontane

“We wish you: Peaceful songs, many a sweet word, deep longing, a homey place. Thoughts that sound full of love and resonate in all hearts. The spirit of Christmas is in the air with its delicate, sweet fragrance. We wish you peace, love and happiness at Christmas time!” Author unknown

“For the Christmas days, I wish you peace and well-being and may the New Year be successful as it was in the old year!” Author Unknown

Create and order unique Christmas cards

Christmas greetings that come from the heart sweeten the Advent and holiday season for your friends and relatives – with self-designed ifolor photo greeting cards, you’ll show how much you care about your loved one. Best of all, you can design your own Christmas cards with just a few clicks. Use the variety of templates or create your own collages and layouts to showcase your photos with Christmas charm. Creative designs and a high-quality print ensure that your photos are particularly effective.

We hope you will enjoy designing your individual Christmas greetings cards!

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