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Transferring Photo Books to Another PC

How can I transfer my saved photo book to another PC?

After going on a vacation together with someone, you’re bound to have tons of photos that are just waiting to be showcased in an ifolor photo book. Every holidaymaker has their own one-of-a-kind photos stored on their computer. With the ifolor Designer you can easily utilise your photos stored on your own PC and then send someone else your version so they can complete the photo book using photos on their computer. Or perhaps you’d like to transfer your photo books from your old PC to your new one so you can continue to use them as templates for future photo books? No problem!

Here’s how it’s done:

Transferring photo books from one computer to another only works when both computers are running the same operating system, i.e. Windows to Windows and Mac OS to Mac OS. The version of the operating system, however, doesn’t matter. Thus, it’s possible to transfer photo books, for instance, from a computer operating on Windows 7 to one running Windows 10.

Tip: The respective ifolor Designer version used on each computer doesn’t influence the transfer of your photo books. Thus, it’s not a problem to transfer photo book files, for instance, from a computer using ifolor Designer 3.15 to one running 4.00.

Windows to Windows Transfer

If you’ve already used the ifolor Designer to design and save your photo book, a folder was automatically created on your computer where you can find them:



C:\Users\...Your User Name...\Documents\ifolor\Photobooks

Here you’ll find a folder for each of your photo books that will contain all their data, including their layouts, photos, and texts. If you named your photo book in the ifolor Designer, the file will have the same name. Otherwise, the folder will have been automatically named using the photo book’s date of creation.

In order to transfer a certain photo book to another PC, simply copy the corresponding folder to a date storage medium, such as a USB stick. If the other computer to which you’re transferring the photo book(s) also has the ifolor Designer installed, you’ll find the folders described above in the same place and you can transfer the data to this location. Then start up the ifolor Designer and you’ll find your photo book directly from the start screen. If you don’t see your photo book, simply click on “File” and “Open” in the upper left-hand corner and go to the folder containing your photo book. You’ll then be ready to continue designing and completing your one-of-a-kind photo book.

Mac OS to Mac OS Transfer

When installing the ifolor Designer on a Mac, a directory will automatically be created that will store your unique photo books. In order to find this directory quickly, you can use the Finder to search for it. To do this, simply right click with your mouse in the photo book selection (the start screen) in the ifolor Designer or Control + Touchpad on your selected book.


Now you can choose “Show in Finder” in order to be led to the photo book directory. You’ll find your photo books in one of these two directories:

…Your User Name.../Library/application support/ifolor Mac Designer


…Your User Name.../Library/Containers/com.ifolor.ifolor-designer/Data/Library/application support/ifolor Designer

The file with your photo book’s data, i.e. your photos, texts, and designs, has the same name as your photo book and has the file extension “.ifolordesigner” (e.g. Book Name.ifolordesigner). Simply copy this file to a data storage medium of your choice.

Connect your data storage medium to the other Mac that already has the ifolor Designer installed and transfer the photo book file to the same directory as described above. Then open the ifolor Designer and you’ll already see your photo book on the start screen ready to be completed or as an option under “File” and “Open.”