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    A little joy for your home

    Personalised decoration

    We will show you here how to create a personalised decoration for your home. With ifolor wall decorations, you can create your very own photo gallery. Special moments will brighten up any living room, children's room or drab home office. Photo cushions or photo blankets will not only decorate your sofa, but also add a special snuggle factor. Turn your favourite photos into unique decorations and showcase them at their best.

    Wall decorations

    Create a personal masterpiece for your own four walls featuring your favourite holiday photo.

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    Photo cushion

    A particularly eye-catching addition to your living room or to cuddle up with on your bed.

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    Photo blanket

    So, you can snuggle up wrapped in your favourite photo. or your favourite photo collage.

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    Our most popular home decoration products

    The perfect showcase

    Canvas with floater frame

    Add the right frame to your photo canvas to create a unique visual effect. The floater frame is available in black or white for all canvas sizes - also as a multi-photo set in 40×60 cm. You will be supplied with a spacer to help with assembly. This will ensure that the photo canvas is inserted accurately. A real eye-catcher!

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    An upgrade for your table decoration

    Photo coasters

    These small decorative wonders are a versatile and practical way to prevent ring marks. The coasters are printed in high gloss to bring out the brilliant colours in your photos. They are also non-slip, thanks to their cork underside, and have a robust surface to make them durable.

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    Maximum flexibility, leaves no marks

    Mini wall decoration

    Easy breezy! With these mini wall decorations, you can rearrange your favourite photos on the wall at any time without leaving any marks. They are extremely easy to install and even easier to switch up, thanks to their magnetic wall mount. The mini wall decoration adds a little fun to everyday life, and the five different formats give you plenty of wiggle room to be creative. We’ll show you here how it works.

    Creative ideas for your apartment

    Be inspired by our tips & tricks

    Discover great DIY ideas and loads of design ideas in our blog and turn your home into the place of your dreams. Let your photos do the talking and always have your favourite photo moments where you can see them. Plenty of fun and reminiscing guaranteed!

    Cuddle factor in three sizes

    You will find all the information you need about photo cushions in our video. Formats, design options and tips to make your favourite photo moments work as perfect eye-catchers for your sofa or bed. Chic, versatile and extremely easy to clean.

    Canvas with a floating frame

    To ensure that you get the right frame for your photo: we will show you the ifolor canvas with matching black or white floating frame here in more detail.

    The Little City home office

    When Valeria and Adi from LittleCITY aren't travelling for a project or off exploring the world for themselves, they spend a lot of time in their office. Find out which ifolor wall decorations Valeria used to decorate her home office.