• Three ways to turn your photo into a snow globe

    Ideas for your snow globe style photo frame

    Set your favourite photo in sand, snowflakes, or hearts

    Give your favourite photo an extra special effect with the photo shaking frame from ifolor. Choose your filling from either fine sand, sparkling snowflakes, or red hearts, and bring your home to life with a real eye-catching decoration.

    How the Shake Photo Frame works

    The 10x15 cm frame is filled with a special liquid and, depending on which you choose, either sand, hearts, or white glitter that fly like snowflakes. Your 10x15 cm photo attaches to the back on the frame in a few easy steps. You can set the photo in either portrait or landscape as the Shake Frame can be placed in both portrait or landscape. Simply shake the frame, and stir up the sand, hearts, or snowflakes to bring the captured moment in the photo back to life.

    Turn your photo into a snow globe with the Shake Photo Frame

    Prove your love with a Shake Photo Frame

    Surprise your sweetheart on your anniversary or impulsively with a romantic picture of yourself covered in hearts in the ifolor Shake Photo Frame. You can order a photo of your best memories together as in a 10x15 cm photo print and place it in the Shake Photo Frame. The Photo Shaking Frame filled with hearts, is a great gift for a silver or gold wedding anniversaries. Just choose a nice picture from your wedding and give it in the Shake Photo Frame.


    Create a beautiful collage of your favourite memories using a photo editor and save it as a JPG file. Then order the collage as a 10x15 cm photo print along with a Shake Photo Frame - perfect as an eye-catcher in the home or as a gift for that special occasion.

    Give away a voucher with a special effect

    Vouchers are the perfect gift for big and small occasions including Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, or personal anniversaries. With the Shake Photo Frame, you can add a real wow-factor to your present. Design your voucher yourself and export it as a JPG file. Add your 10x15 cm photo print to one of the three filling options in the Shake Photo Frame. Add some sand to a voucher for a summer trip to the warm countryside, or snowflakes to a winter trip, and hearts for anything romantic like a dinner voucher.

    The photo is easy to change in the snow globe style frame.

    Add a personal touch to the workplace

    Work is always better when surrounded by photos of loved ones! Give a beautiful family picture an extra shine with a Shake Photo Frame. Give it as a gift to family or make one for yourself and add a personal touch and extra motivation to your workspace. Choose a nice snapshot of the children, the whole family, or your beloved pet and order it in a 10x15 cm format along with the Shake Photo Frame. If you can't decide on a picture, then simply order several photos and swap them from time to time.

    The photo is easy to change in the snow globe style frame.

    Keep your favourite photos alive and change them anytime you want

    If you want to highlight a special photo at home, the photo shaking frame is just the thing! Let the sand whirl up on your best beach vacation photo and enjoy reminiscing. Use the snowflake glitter for winter or party memories. Choose the hearts as filling for family, couple, baby, or even pet photos.

    Best of all, it only takes a few steps to change the photo. Simply order your favourite photos in 10x15 cm format, and either landscape or portrait and swap them around whenever you like.

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