Easter traditions: create an individual photo book full of your favourite photos and Easter traditions.

Hold on to Family Easter Traditions in the Form of Photos

Old and New Traditions for the Whole Family

Easter is all about spending time together as a family. Going on an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday is a tradition for most families in Switzerland, but there are many other Easter traditions that vary from canton to canton. There are the family traditions, like going on an Easter stroll, eating certain foods or playing games. Easter is another occasion where many photos are taken once the family is all together. Get inspired and do something different this year by creating your own individual Easter photo book for the whole family, which makes it easier to send shared memories by post to loved ones that you cannot see at Easter.

Easter Traditions in Switzerland

While the Easter egg hunt is a widespread and popular tradition in central European countries, there are several interesting Swiss Easter traditions that are regionally celebrated.

‘’Eiertütschen’’ – Egg Tournament

In Bern and other places in Switzerland Easter Sunday is the time for an “egg tournament.” Children and adults challenge each other to see who can crack the opponent’s egg first. Whoever cracks their opponent’s egg is the winner.

‘’Zwänzgerle’’- Easter Egg Game

With a little bit of luck, children in Zurich can try to earn a bit more pocket money. The children hold their Easter eggs while facing the adults, who try to throw a 20cent coin at the hardboiled egg so that lands on the inside. If they succeed, they win the egg and they can keep the money. If they don’t, the children can keep both the egg and the money.

‘’Eierläset’’- Egg Toss

In the region around Basel and in the canton of Aargau, the teams “spring” and “winter” compete to see who comes out on top. Both teams must, amongst other things, collect small piles of sawdust and an egg and throw them into a basket (without breaking the egg if possible). The whole event is an athletic competition in many places, however, it is often ensured that spring is the winner.

Cheese and Wine for All

In the canton of Wallis, some villages still carry out an old Easter tradition from the 14th century of distributing bread, Ziger (a kind of cheese) and wine. This old tradition is based on a superstition: a haunting “Senn” (an Alpine herder) who supposedly let the cows out of their stalls. The farmers could put a stop to this by making cheese for the inhabitants out of milk that is two days old.

Design your own individual photo book and add all of your favourite modern and individual Easter traditions to it.

Modern Easter Traditions

Many families have their own Easter traditions, such as getting together as a family for their annual Easter egg hunt or for a festive dinner. This is a great opportunity to get some family photos.  

An Easter Stroll

Depending on how early in the year Easter is, the flowers and plants could already be in full bloom.  A popular family tradition is to go for an Easter stroll and to hide Easter eggs and chocolates along the way that then the children can find on their Easter egg hunt. This is also a great way to spend some time outside in the fresh air.  

Using an Individually designed photo mug as a creative Easter nest.

Creative Easter Nests

A traditional Easter nest is a basket filled with Easter grass, sweet treats and small gifts. A modern twist on this famous tradition is using part of the gift as the Easter nest. You can use individually designed photo mugs, printed bowls, bags and more to use as creative Easter nests.

Easter Brunch

Hosting an Easter brunch is something that continues to gain popularity. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy homemade pastries and cakes as well as homemade dishes with family and friends. There are lots of great photos you could take such as photos of the delicious homemade food or the individually designed table decorations.  

Traditional Dishes for Easter

Traditional small cakes, quirky Easter-themed biscuits, an elaborate Easter Sunday menu with lamb or rabbit everyone has their own different tastes and Swiss Easter cuisine has also become more creative and modern over the course of the last few decades. We have put some tips together for Easter recipes that we have got from different Swiss bloggers.

Individually Designed Easter decorations and Easter Nests

Get inspired by our creative ideas for your Easter celebration. Below you will find some great ideas for Easter decorations and we will also show you some ideas for individual Easter gifts.

Individually Designed Easter Mugs

We will show you how to individually design some photo mugs for Easter. You can use them to make an Easter nest or as a small Easter gift for your family or friends.

Easter Decorations

Decorate your home this Easter with some spring flowers and individually designed photo products.

Individually Designed Photo Mug Easter Nest

Individually design a photo mug and use it as an Easter nest and fill it with some sweets and chocolates.

Easter Recipes

We have put some delicious recipes together for you to try out this Easter. We will also show you how you can beautifully present your dishes.

Designing An Easter Photo Book for Your Family Traditions

Keep all of your wonderful Easter traditions and memories alive in a photo book for either yourself or as a gift for your family. ifolor has a wide variety of clipart and spring-themed backgrounds for your individual Easter photo book. You can design your own individual photo book with the free ifolor Designer download. It will make your favourite photos stand out and you and your family can reminisce about all the great times you’ve had together.

When taking pictures during Easter, keep in mind to shoot a good mixture of photos including group photos, portraits, close-ups and still life in order to have a good overview of the preparations, the Easter celebration itself, as well as guests and gifts. Maybe you already have a collection of photos from previous Easter celebrations that feature the whole family together; you could use these to make a chronological photo timeline. This is a great way to see how much your children have grown, any new additions to the family and flowers and plants that have grown and are finally blossoming.  

Photo Book Inspiration for Your Individual Easter Photo Book

We recommend the soft photo book or the classic photo book Deluxe for your individual Easter photo book. If you would like to create a small snapshot collection of your best Easter memories then we recommend choosing the small booklet.

Photo Book Soft

You can design your own individual magazine style photo book in A4 portrait format. The pages have a silk matt surface and a soft cover.

Photo Book Deluxe

This is one of our bestsellers. It has a hardcover and it is available in various layouts. The high-quality digital print paper will make your photos really stand out.

Photo Booklet

You can easily design the 13x13 cm square mini photo book online, on the ifolor Designer or on your smartphone using the app. Each page presents a photo and you can also choose to add a short text to each picture.

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is celebrated during Holy Week in the lead up to Easter Sunday:

Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter Sunday): on this day Jesus travelled to Jerusalem on a donkey. The people cheered and welcomed him as he arrived. The name Palm Sunday derives from the tradition that people laid the path that Jesus travelled with palm branches. 

Maundy Thursday: on this day the famous Last Supper took place with Jesus and his twelve disciples. On the evening before Jesus’s death he was betrayed by Judas. To this day it is still not quite clear why this day is called "Maundy Thursday".

Good Friday and Holy Saturday: on Good Friday, Jesus was condemned to death and crucified. Holy Saturday represents a day of remembrance as this marks the day that Jesus was laid in the tomb after his death.

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday: on Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. On Easter Monday, Jesus met two of his disciples who could not believe what they had seen. They then went on to spread the good news about Jesus's resurrection.

When Is Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival and the dates were set by the church. In comparison to Christmas Eve, which always takes place on the 24th of December, the date of the Easter holidays is based on the lunar cycle. This also has an effect on Pentecost and Ascension, which also have different dates each year:

Easter Sunday is the first Sunday at the beginning of spring after the first full moon. Holy Week begins in the week before Easter Sunday and Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week. Holy Week includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. This is followed by Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Easter Gift Ideas & Further Inspiration

Are you still looking for some gift ideas for Easter? Get inspired by our great Easter gift ideas.



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