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  • Spring-cleaning and moving to a new home – Combine both in a fun way

    Springtime Is Décor Time

    Tips for Spring-Cleaning and Inspirational Decoration Ideas

    Spring awakens nature from its winter hibernation and has always been symbolic of new beginnings. The mild and sunny weather doesn’t only awaken the plants and wildlife, but also spurs us to take action. A widespread tradition is the annual spring-cleaning. With the publishing of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by the best-selling Japanese author Marie Kondo as well as her Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, cleaning and tidying up have become somewhat of a worldwide trend. Maybe you should think about giving your own home a breath of fresh air. With the return of spring and the big spring-cleaning often associated with this time of the year, it’s the perfect time for it! Many Swiss in the springtime also use the chance to move into a new home. For some, then, spring-cleaning and moving go hand in hand.

    In order to ensure that your spring-cleaning and/or move to a new home can be carried out quickly and without complications, we’ve gathered together here for you some tips and we’ll show you some ideas on how you can spruce up your home after the heavy-duty cleaning or big move are finished. Maybe you’ll find some new inspiration here – springtime is décor time!

    Spring-Cleaning Made Easy – Tips for a Successful Clean-Up

    The change in weather is often enough to awaken weary souls. Once the days get warmer and the sun shines brighter, we’re often motivated to tackle new challenges. Should this also be your case, then make use of this chance along with your internal motivation to do some spring-cleaning. There’s no better time to start!

    If you’re maybe not quite as motivated to get started with your spring-cleaning or packing boxes and sorting through your belongings before moving, then a few motivational aids might be a good idea:

    • Make a to-do list. This will help you systematically check off everything you’ve already taken care of. With a growing number of check marks, you’ll get a bit more motivated along the way and you’ll be able to take care of the remaining tasks in no time at all.
    • Simply take care of one thing after the other and don’t start too many tasks at the same time. If you do, your motivation could quickly transform into stress.
    • Wear comfortable clothing and make yourself comfortable as well. If you feel good, you’ll have a lot more success when tidying up, cleaning, and packing.
    • Turn on some music to give you some extra motivation for spring-cleaning or moving. Music makes everything a lot easier: even the dreaded annual spring-cleaning. Let the rhythm guide you and dance along with the music while battling through the dirt and grime.


    A problem shared is a problem halved. Get friends and family to help you. You’ll be able to divide up tasks as well as joke and laugh while working. You won’t even notice how quickly the time flies by.

    Spring-cleaning – Friends and family would certainly be happy to help

    Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re simply doing some spring-cleaning – adhering to the motto “less is more” will give you the best results. According to one of Marie Kondo’s principles written in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, part with anything that’s dispensable or things you simply no longer need or use. Try to be strict and decisive when deciding what to get rid of. This will provide you with more storage space and free you from junk and clutter that would otherwise just sit around and collect dust. Doing this while moving will also work wonders since it tremendously reduces the amount of weight in your boxes.

    Spring-cleaning is not only fun, but it also frees the mind and soul. Our surroundings have a big influence on our psyche. The cleaner and more tidied-up our surroundings are, the better we feel mentally. A new addition to your home’s décor can also have the same effect since this brings something nice and new into your home and will brighten up the atmosphere.

    New Season – New Décor: Ideas for Spring Decorations

    As soon as you’re finished with your spring-cleaning and you’ve unpacked all of your boxes after the move, you’ll be left with the question of how to make your home more springlike and fresh. Generally, you should simply make sure that your new décor pleases you and, optimally, keeps cherished memories alive – like personal mementos for instance. Here we’ll give you a few spring décor ideas.

    The arrival of the new season brings along with it a desire to go out and enjoy nature as well as exercise in the fresh air. This time of the year is made even nicer when your own home is made as cosy and bright as possible so you’ll be able to associate coming home with enjoyment and relaxation. You can achieve this effect by decorating your sofa with colourful pillows to make it appear that much more inviting. Decorations made of natural materials such as wood and stone are also popular and bring a touch of nature to your home. Fresh flowers can also be used to give your home a springlike and comfortable feel.

    New décor: Ideas for spring decorating

    Give your room a completely personal touch and make it as individualised and comfortable as possible. Whether portraits of friends or family, photos of the family pet, or vacation photos – murals are the highlight of any room and set the tone for the other décor. There are many different ways you can design your wall decorations so they’ll fit any kind of furnishing style. If you like more of a modern style, you can print your photos on aluminium dibond / acrylic glass or as an HD metal print or gallery print. The materials of these designs will accent your home and stand apart from other traditionally framed photographs. For a more classic look, a photo canvas, a framed photo poster, or a wall display are all perfect fits.

    There are no limits when choosing the motif to use for your wall decorations. We’ve gathered together some ideas on what kind of photo motifs work well in the spring here. Pastel shades of colour are a perfect fit for springtime and will make your home appear brighter and more comfortable. You can also incorporate these in a wall collage in between the individual photos to help accentuate the photos themselves. These will give your wall a splash of colour and you can design the rest of your decorations accordingly. A multi-panel mural could also be used to make your wall more personalised and interesting – especially when you have quite of bit of empty space on your wall.

    A multi-panel mural as a vernal wall decoration


    A wall calendar with photos combines both design and functionality and is not only decorative, but practical as well. Place it in the kitchen to grab everyone’s attention or use it as a cute addition to your dresser.

    It’s always a great idea to do a joy-bringing activity such as redecorating your home when doing something like spring-cleaning or moving into a new home. This will help you associate positive feelings with these strenuous undertakings.

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