Spring cleaning tips and inspirational home ideas

Springtime is decoration time

Spring cleaning tips and inspirational home ideas

Spring awakens nature from its winter slumber and has therefore always been emblematic of a "new beginning". The mild, sunny weather awakens the animal and plant world and spurs us on to larger chores - such as spring cleaning. This means tidying up, cleaning, and organising our homes. In this article we show you how you can combine your spring cleaning with new, fresh decoration!

Use photo stickers to label your boxes, drawers, and storage containers.

For better organisation: Photo Sticker Labels

By labelling drawers, storage boxes, or jars, you can find everything you're looking for at a glance. Self-made photo stickers are perfect for this. They will help organise your shelves and add a personal touch. You can order the sticker in round or rectangular shape. Design your images for the photo stickers to match the contents of the containers you want to label with them or use Canva, for example, to combine photos or designs with writing. Alternatively, you can design the stickers with individual photos and then write on them by hand in a legible contrast.

Sort and organise: Individually designed photo tins for small storage at home.

Sort small items with photo tins

Craft and sewing accessories, small office utensils such as adhesive strips, pins, paper clips and the like can be perfectly stored in ifolor photo tins! Add your favourite photos or with designs that show the contents. It's best to use the same shape for all your photo boxes so you can easily stack them on the shelf or in the cupboard. You can also stick Photo Stickers on the sides of the Photo Tin to make it easy to see what's inside, even when the boxes are stacked. The chic metal tins also create a uniform and tidy look on open shelves.

Photo mug as a practical pen holder, for brushes or even your makeup accessories.

Upcycling and home remedies: 5 hacks for your spring cleaning

While most households collect a wide variety of cleaning products and utensils, here are five hacks you can use to bring a little more sustainability to your spring cleaning:

  1. Polish your stainless-steel taps with fresh lemon by wiping a cut lemon over the surfaces. This will remove limescale and stains and make your bathroom taps or even the kitchen sink shine.
  2. Mix sodium bicarbonate powder 1:1 with water and use it to soak heavy stains, such as those that can occur in the oven. This saves you having to use aggressive oven cleaners.
  3. Tackle nasty limescale stains in the bathroom with diluted vinegar essence by mixing a little vinegar with lukewarm water and working on the calcified surfaces with the help of a cloth.
  4. Use an old clean pair of nylon tights or socks for dusting, as they attract dust in the same way as a conventional feather duster or duster.
  5. Descale your washing machine with baking soda by mixing two sachets of it with a little water, placing it in the detergent compartment of your washing machine and running a high temperature wash cycle. The baking soda dissolves deposits and limescale in the machine, leaving the drum sparkling again and your laundry smelling great.

Photo Mug as pen or brush holder

A Photo Mug with your favourite photo or a collage adds an extra personal touch to your desk! Use it as a practical pen holder or for brushes, scissors, etc. If you like to decorate seasonally, you can also create different mugs that you can change depending on the season. For spring, sunny images or pictures of delicate early flowers are suitable. In addition to the desk, you can also use the Photo Mug in the bathroom or for your dressing table to keep make-up accessories, cosmetics, or even toothbrush and toothpaste handy.


The Photo Mug filled with fresh spring flowers is perfect for your spring decoration! Design it with spring images, and plant bulbs on it to use as a great DIY decoration for your windowsill or as a spring greeting to give as a gift.

Easily interchangeable and ideal for seasonal images: the mini wall decoration with magnetic suspension.

Mini wall decoration for spring-fresh decoration

Wall pictures are part of a home decoration. The ifolor Mini Wall Decoration makes it easy for you to do just that, because thanks to the magnetic suspension you can change the pictures simply and quicky at any time without having to fix nails or screws to the wall! Choose your Mini Wall Decoration to match each season. Create them for spring with fresh images of the blossoms in the garden, the last Easter celebration or cute baby animals like lambs and rabbits, which are typical for the springtime.

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