• Find your inspiration for wall decorations

    Find your inspiration for wall decorations

    Interior design is the key to turning a house into your home. Every single wall reflects your taste and with ifolor wall decorations, they can even reflect your memories and experiences. We have put together a lot of creative ideas to help you design unique wall decorations with your favourite photos of family, friends, holidays, or special moments. Discover new ways to decorate your own four walls with ifolor inspire!
    Decorating your house or apartment is important for feeling at home and creating a welcome atmosphere. Some people like an overall clean and simple look, others want to see their favourite colour everywhere and the next want vintage-style décor. Taste is individual and unique to each person. That's why finding the right decorations for your walls in a store is often difficult. Run-of-the-mill decorations can't fully reflect your personality and they are hardly unique. That's exactly what sets apart our ifolor wall decorations. For every taste, there is a matching type of ifolor wall decoration and the best part is: They couldn't be more unique as they are designed with your own photos! To find out which wall decoration works best for your style and to discover creative ideas and helpful tips for the design of your own photo wall decoration, browse through our ifolor inspire articles for new inspiration!