Personalised storage box with a great photo

Ideas for your personalised Photo Tin

Keep things tidy with this unique storage box

A metal tin with your favourite photo is a fantastic accessory for your home and a safe place for everything you like to keep handy. The food-safe metal tin is ideal for storing cookies, chocolates, and all kinds of small treats. From sewing kits to keys and jewellery, everything can be safely stored in the Photo Tin. Our Photo Tins are available in four different models: rectangular, round, square, or heart-shaped. Whatever you choose, these unbreakable Photo Tins are truly multipurpose and can be used for many things.

Get inspired and make your Photo Tin even more creative and personalised. Whether as a gift for a loved one or to keep for yourself, this Photo Tin will brighten up any home.

A personalised storage box for little things

A storage box for your favourite memories

Brighten up your home with a personalised Photo Tin. It's an ideal storage box for all kinds of things. Whether it's photos, letters or cards from your loved ones, tickets to events or friendship bracelets, this metal box is a great way to store your odds and ends. In this customisable storage box, all the little things will have the special place that they deserve. Simply personalise the lid of your Photo Tin to match the contents or with your favourite photo. Whether with one or more photos, a quote or a name: there are no limits to your creativity.

Organisation for everyday life - Photo Tin for utensils

Create a beautiful accessory for your home with a personalised Photo Tin. Whether for handicraft items such as glue, glitter, stickers, sewing materials, or office supplies: everything finds its place in this pretty metal box.

Metal boxes are also ideal for school supplies. Writing materials such as erasers, sharpeners, and Post-its will find a perfect place and keep your child’s room organised. You can also personalise the box so that each child has their own Photo Tin.

Give your personal materials a special place and create more order in everyday life and your home.

A storage box for on the go

Storage with a photo - a highlight for on the go

The photo tins are great for on the go. Store your sustainable soaps, body lotion, and make-up in a non-disposable sustainable tin when travelling. Alternatively, you can design the Photo Tin as a first aid kit with plasters and pills and you'll be prepared for any emergency and have everything at hand when you need it. No more rummaging and searching - with the metal box you have the most important items stored together.

Your self-designed photo tin is multi-talented - you can even use it as a lunch box on trips and in everyday life. It is food-safe, rustproof, and unbreakable.

A gift tin filled with treats

Sweeten your gift with a personal touch

Surprise your loved ones with our Photo Tin for everyday use. This high-quality metal tin is a great gift to show someone that you're thinking of them. Use the gift tin as a high-quality package. You can decorate it with your favourite photos and at the same time give a beautiful storage tin that your loved ones can use again and again. You can also safely pack your biscuits, chocolates, or other homemade treats in the gift tin and melt your loved one's heart with something sweet.


Top off your gift for your favourite person with a beautiful Photo Greeting Card filled with your loving wishes. Get inspired by our wide range of design options for your individual messages.

Individually Designed Gifts with A Sweet Suprise

Are you looking for a last-minute gift or something practical? Order your own individually designed photo tin filled with delicious Lindt truffles. Adding a photo to your individually designed photo tin will give it a great personal touch.

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