Organisational ideas for the whole family - keep track of family appointments.
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Creative ideas for organising your family

Keep track of all your family’s important appointments

Between work, family, friends, and hobbies, it can be difficult to balance everyday life. A family planner is a great tool to help coordinate your family, especially if it is large and busy. Make sure you don’t miss any more appointments, whether it’s school events, dates with friends, family celebrations, holidays, doctor’s appointments, or simply finding time for your hobbies.

In this article we have put some great ideas: Get inspired and let your creative juices flow and you will find the perfect family planning solution.

Keeping track with a family calendar

Busy families have lots of appointments. Along with regular appointments like hobbies, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, there are one-off family gatherings or spontaneous meetups with friends. A family planner makes Keeping track of all your important appointments easy. Our photo family calendar will help make sure that nothing gets forgotten and no appointments clash. The calendar is very easy to design and we have already prepared some great templates for you to choose from.

Keep all appointments in view with a family calendar.
The packaging design may differ from the design shown.

Create a unique photo calendar that keeps the whole families’ important dates in easy reach. You can design each monthly page with your personal photos to create something beautiful and sentimental as well as useful. Choose any month to start your calendar and you can start organising right away. Create your individualised family calendar in just a few clicks and always keep track of your important dates.

Acrylic glass weekly planner

Try our DIY idea to create a special weekly planner. Our acrylic glass will make your photos shine, and it can be used as a rewritable weekly planner. To keep track of all your family’s appointments and dates, all you need is an acrylic glass with any photo and choice of sizes and a whiteboard pen. At the end of each week, simply wipe clean plan the next week.

A rewritable weekly planner made from an Acrylic glass plate.

The rewritable weekly planner gives you a good overview of the current week. You and your family can look at the weekly planner at breakfast time and talk about your upcoming week. A weekly overview helps avoid clashes and missed appointments – and if something changes, simply erase it, and add the new item.

A creative timetable for organising school events

At the beginning of each school year, children receive their new timetables. It is also the time that the yearly schedule arrives including school events, sports competitions, and dates with friends. Your children’s timetable soon becomes the centre of your family events. Keeping it all in view helps prevent any scheduling conflicts and your kids will always know what classes they will have that day.

DIY timetable: A beautiful timetable made with square prints.

Create a modern and stylish wall decoration that also give an overview of the daily school subjects. Using a nice picture frame, some rope, five wooden pegs, and our Square Prints, you can create a beautiful and individual timetable. Use a photo editor to create small 10x10 cm cards that show your school subjects. Then simply upload them and order them as great-looking Square Prints.


Use the ifolor photo stickers to label and organise documents and school materials. Give your personal items an individual touch and help organise your everyday life.

Meal planning for the whole family

Each breakfast we often hear out kids ask, ‘what’s for dinner?’ Keeping up with everybody’s preferences for breakfast, school lunch, and dinner can be challenging and stressful. With a meal plan, everyone can keep track of the weekly meals. Planning a week at a time can make shopping easier and save you money and time.

DIY idea: Create your own meal plan with a canvas and wooden pegs.

At the start of each week, sit down as a family and agree on a meal plan. If everyone has a say, there won’t be any grumbling later. To make your DIY meal planner, you will need a canvas, seven wooden pegs, wooden lollypop sticks to write the meals on, and some glueing and labelling materials. Once all the meals are written out, it’s easy to change the dishes and reuse them for other weeks.

Tips on organisation

Everyday family life can, from time to time, be stressful. Keeping track of all the important family appointments and good coordination is the key to lowering stress. Give the children a say and let the whole family join in the family organisation. An idea would be to start a family ritual by planning the week ahead each Sunday.

Prepare everything for the following day the next day the night before: Pack backpacks, prepare lunch boxes and talk about the next day’s events. This saves time and helps you start the day more prepare and relaxed.

Color-coding is a great way to simplify everyday family life: Assign everyone their own colour to be used in the calendar. This creates a much clearer view of the days ahead and makes it a little more child friendly. And since every family is different – find out what works well for you and swap ideas with friends.



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