• With the Mini Wall Décor by ifolor, you bring variety to your wall

    Ideas for more variety on the wall

    Decorate the walls creatively with the ifolor Mini Wall Décor

    A beautifully designed wall gives a room a very special atmosphere. Vacation pictures, family photos and pictures of beautiful landscapes create a personal touch and remind you of beautiful moments in your life. A change of photos on the wall is, however, associated with some effort: framing, hanging and mounting, drilling holes, closing or covering old holes and then aligning the new picture straight. With our Mini Wall Décor, you can flexibly experience the change. Thanks to the simple magnetic wall mount you can replace the pictures on the wall at will and without much effort.

    The Mini Wall Décor – Aluminum plates with many advantages

    Simple magnetic wall mount

    With the Mini Wall Décor you can constantly reinvent your walls. The simple magnet system allows you to easily change and replace pictures just how you like it and depending on the season. You attach the magnet with a sticker on the wall and then you can easily replace the pictures, recombine or remove everything without residue and hang them elsewhere.

    Mini Wall Décor – the magnetic wall mount makes it easy to hang new pictures

    Modern formats for your photos

    The mini wall decoration is available in five different formats: 10x10 cm, 10x15 cm, 15x15 cm, 15x20 cm and 20x20 cm. You will find the right format for your wall from our selection ranging from stylish square formats (currently bang on-trend) to classic rectangles. Due to the different sizes and the modern design, the Mini Wall Décor is particularly suitable for collages. You can also design a trendy collage of different formats and sizes with the Mini Wall Décor.


    Be creative with flexibility

    The Mini Wall Décor can be removed, changed and exchanged at any time without leaving any residue. The flat and handy pictures can be stowed away well, allowing you to build a small collection for any circumstance and season.

    Design ideas for the apartment

    Modern collages for the kitchen

    Fresh fruit, cooking tips or pictures of green fields and meadows liven up a kitchen and bring some colour into the room. To add some extra variety, create a mini wall decoration using some wall decorations and your favourite quote or saying and hang them alongside your photos. The aluminum sandwich panels of the Wall Décor can be easily removed and washed off. Thus, small splashes of cooking will not harm your pictures.


    You can also create a self-made to-do list or a small collection of recipes out of the Mini Wall Décor. Order a few single-colour wall pictures and attach your notes and to-dos with colourful clips to them.

    Creative Wall Décor for every season

    The different seasons are mostly found in home decorations. Early bloomers, beach pictures, autumn leaves, and Christmas decorations find their entry into many apartments at appropriate times. How about adapting the Wall Décor to seasons? Of course, pictures of the family in the different seasons are best suited here. In this way, you combine the seasonal decoration with a personal memory.


    Superheroes and favourite bands for the children’s rooms

    Children and teenagers like to integrate their favourite heroes, singers, and bands in the room decoration. However, their taste changes quite often and what was popular yesterday may be boring tomorrow. The Mini Wall Décor grows with your children. Thanks to the magnet system, you can easily replace the pictures on the wall without drilling holes or leaving back adhesive residue on the wall. With the new wall decoration, you can always make your children happy.

    Wall Décor – a family in the holidays

    Family photos as the highlight of every room

    A white wall invites you to decorate it with family photos. Family photos capture unique memories so they won’t fall into oblivion. With the Mini Wall Décor, you can always turn your favourite pictures into a great collage, replace, and change individual photos. Birthday pictures, family trips, holiday pictures or snapshots of your child can be brought to your wall and soon you will be enjoying the pictures.


    Capturing memories with a holiday photo collage

    In the last holiday you shot many beautiful pictures and collected memories? Then use the Mini Wall Décor to decorate your wall with your favourite pictures. Different formats and sizes make your Wall Décor look very modern. Whether you have pictures of couples, family photos or snapshots of landscapes and sights – with the noble aluminum plates, every motif becomes an eye-catcher.

    Family pictures on the wall

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