Brighten up your walls with mini wall decorations from ifolor.

Creative Ideas for Mini Wall Decorations

Brighten up your home with some ifolor Mini Wall Decorations

The mini wall decorations from ifolor are available in various layouts, which gives you a wide range of great designs to choose from. Thanks to the simple magnetic surface you can hang up the mini wall decorations without any hassle and you can also change the pictures at any time. You can also choose to hang up the picture somewhere else without any hassle. This is perfect for collages and photo walls full of your favourite photos with your best memories. Below we will show you how to brighten up your home with mini wall decorations.

The magnetic attachment makes it easy for you to hang up and also change your pictures.

Lots Of Different Design Layouts to Brighten Up Your Home

The mini wall decorations are available in square or rectangular format and in 5 different layouts. This gives you the opportunity to get creative with the wide range of great wall designs:

  • Different layouts with photos to create a colourful wall.
  • Sun shaped arrangement of smaller photos around a central, slightly larger photo.
  • Symmetrical arrangement of square mini wall decorations.
  • An ascending order with a uniform layout.

Mini Wall Decorations

The ifolor Mini wall Decorations are available in various layouts. The 3 mm thin aluminium composite panel has a non-reflective surface and it also has great image quality, which will make your photos really stand out. The magnetic wall mount is included and you can easily hang up or take down your wall decorations without any hassle.

If you would prefer a more unique design, you can have your photos printed in different sizes which you can arrange in a decorative way on your wall. If you are creating a photo wall with a specific theme, you can also place a larger photo in the centre, e.g. a family or wedding photo and then arrange smaller pictures full of your favourite memories around it.

If you prefer a symmetrical look you can create a stylish photo wall and arrange all of your photos symmetrically. Photos in square layouts are perfect for this wall design. If you would like to add a personal touch to a drab staircase or a wall next to a sloping roof, you can also put your mini wall decorations on the wall in ascending order to create a staircase of pictures. For this design it is also recommended to choose a uniform layout for all wall decorations.

How To Arrange Your Pictures

In this article you will find helpful tips on how to get a harmonious arrangement of your pictures. The article will also give you some useful tips on what you should keep in mind and what you should avoid.


Edit your photos and use the same filter or choose a black and white filter to create a striking and modern wall design.

Design Ideas for Your Home

Modern collage designs for your kitchen

Liven up your kitchen and bring more colour into the room by creating a collage made out of several mini wall decorations. The best motifs for a kitchen are pictures of recipes, fresh fruit or landscape photos. Combine mini wall decorations with pictures and text to create your very own masterpiece. For example, you could creatively display your favourite recipes on your kitchen wall. The aluminium panels on the wall decorations can easily be removed and cleaned, therefore, stains and splashes from cooking won’t damage your pictures.


You can simply use a dry cloth or a feather duster to keep your wall decorations clean. If any of your wall decorations become greasy or dirty you can also use a damp cloth to wipe the smooth surfaces. However, make sure the cloth you are using is not wet and do not use any cleaning products.

Avoid hanging up your wall decorations over a fireplace and also make sure to avoid direct sunlight as they can fade the colours on your decorations over time and the materials used may also change as a result.

Change the images and quotes or lettering.

Creative Wall Décor for Every Season

Do you change the decorations in your home so that they match the current season? Flowers blossoming, beach pictures, autumn leaves and Christmas decorations are all typical seasonal decorations, which you could also include in your wall decorations. The best way to do this is to use pictures of your family from different times of the year or you could use landscape photos. This way you can combine seasonal decorations with your favourite memories from throughout the year. Using combinations of photos and lettering are also very trendy with photo motifs as you can use them to display text in the form of quotes or short sayings. These can be everyday sayings or you could use them to match the current season.


Thanks to simple image editing programmes such as Canva, you can easily combine photos with text or even add text to a simple background and save it as an image file. Simply save your work as a JPEG file and then you can use it to design your own mini wall decorations.

Decorating Your Children’s Room with Their Favourite Superheroes and Bands

Children and teenagers like to integrate their favourite heroes, singers and bands into their room decorations. However, their taste changes quite often and what was popular yesterday may be boring tomorrow. Thanks to the magnetic surface you can easily replace the pictures on the wall without drilling holes or leaving back adhesive residue on the wall. These wall decorations will give you the flexibility to change and adapt them to your children’s tastes.

Your favourite family photos as mini wall decorations.

Making Your Favourite Family Photos Stand Out

A white wall invites you to decorate it with family photos. Family photos capture unique memories so they won’t be forgotten about. You can use the mini wall decorations to turn your favourite pictures into great collages, which you can easily change and replace with individual photos. Birthday pictures, family days out, holiday pictures or snapshots of your child can be hung up on your wall. This is a great way to look back on all the good times you’ve had. Alternatively, you can create a collection of family photos, which shows each family member’s favourite hobby or their favourite place in the garden.

Adding Photos to Your Holiday Photo Collage

Do you like to travel and discover new countries and exciting places? Capture your best holiday memories and add them to your holiday collage! You can add photos at any time thanks to the great design, which allows you to rearrange your photos to create a fantastic holiday collage. Using different sizes and layouts will make your collage look very quirky. If you prefer to have your photos arranged in a symmetrical order then you can choose one of the uniform layouts. It comes with an elegant aluminium photo panel, which will make your favourite holiday photos stand out.

10 Tips on Taking Great Holiday Photos

Learn how to take unforgettable holiday photos and capture special holiday memories by getting the right perspective, lighting and also having the correct camera settings.

Designing a Team Wall for Your Workplace

Show off your team in a unique way. The simple magnetic surface is great for mini wall decorations in the workplace. Create mini wall decorations of your team members for your workplace by putting your colleague’s name, job title, department and a personal motto together. Changes in the team or job roles can easily be amended by replacing any old photos with new ones.



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