Design ifolor greeting cards really easily online as invitation cards for the perfect hen party

8 tips and ideas for the perfect hen party

For a day that the bride will fondly remember

Are you going to be a bridesmaid soon, or are you the bride’s sister or best friend? Would you like to organise an unforgettable hen night and don’t know where to start? The perfect hen party can be planned quickly with the help of these tips and ideas, leaving you more time to party and have fun.

There is just one star at a hen party and that’s the bride. Unlike at the wedding, where the bridegroom also has a say, all the bride’s wishes can be met with a hen do. 

My tips for the perfect hen party

1. Choose a suitable theme: What is the bride passionate about? Perhaps there is something that she cannot do for the wedding – then this is precisely the right time to make this wish come true.

2. Establish an entertainment programme: Ideally you should ask the bride what she has in mind beforehand. Perhaps a photo shoot with all her closest friends? Or a treasure hunt through her favourite town? Perhaps she would simply like to go for a meal and party afterwards? It’s particularly great when it relates to the theme mentioned above, resulting in a common theme.

3. Send out invitations: Ideally, the bride will write a guest list for this, thus avoiding any unpleasant situations. If there is someone who doesn’t know anyone, you can perhaps involve them in helping out so that nobody feels left out.

4. Organise food and drinks: If there is going to be alcohol, you should eat regularly. And always make sure that everyone has something to drink (perhaps arrange something special for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or teetotal). If the bride likes things to be classy and elegant, there’s canapés, afternoon tea and cocktails. If she prefers things to be down to earth, there’s beer, a picnic and cakes.

5. Plan the decoration: A beautifully laid table is a real eye-catcher. This includes flowers, confetti, matching serviettes and beautiful glasses/plates. If you are eating on the move or out, you definitely have to organise a bit of decoration beforehand and take it to the restaurant or have one of the guests decorate the picnic area beforehand.

6. Various games / selling stuff: There’s a fine line between very unpleasant and incredibly funny. The organiser needs to have a good instinct for this. The basic rule here is the more sensitive the task or question, the smaller the group should be in which the bride has to do it or answer it.

7. Organise the journey home: It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. Not just the bride but all the other guests should get home safely, so organise a large taxi or accommodation beforehand.

8. Capture memories: The most wonderful moments can be captured in a photo book. Giving all the guests a memento of a lovely day.

Decorate cupcakes yourself as entertainment for a hen party

The party: “bubbly pastels” for a day full of pastel colours and Champagne

Let’s assume that I am organising a hen party and the bride loves pastel colours and Champagne. The theme is therefore quickly chosen, “bubbly pastels” is going to be my common theme for the party.

We start out fairly quietly and all meet up for a cupcake course – the little cakes go perfectly with the theme. As a result, we can meet up in a casual setting and all the guests can get to know each other.

I choose the saying “Let’s drink champagne and dance on the table” for the invitations. Beautiful artwork can be created really easily using the word swag app. Anyone who orders a few more invitation cards can also use them as menu cards – making the motto clearly visible on the laid table as well.

Design ifolor greeting cards really easily online as invitation cards and menu cards for the perfect hen party

I put together a mimosa bar as a special surprise. For this, organise the bride’s favourite champagne or prosecco and serve with suitable fruit juices and sliced fruits. As an eye-catcher I created artwork with the writing “bubbly mimosas” and had this printed on a poster. Pastel pink gift paper is used for the background, which can be really easily stuck on the wall using double-sided (and removable) adhesive strips. Provide a few flowers and twigs, matching straws and beautiful glasses and the mimosa bar is ready.

Design an ifolor poster really easily online as an eye-catcher for the perfect hen party

Naturally, cupcakes are not enough for the catering so how about mini sandwiches, salad in small glasses and a vegetable platter?

As the bar is already beautifully decorated in my case, it doesn’t need much more. But lots of pastel coloured helium balloons tied together would be wonderful – resulting in a great photo motif too.

Anyone who now wants to sell something suitable too can send the bride off with a pretty vendor’s tray. Filled with mini cupcakes decorated on the course, pastel coloured liqueur and sweets.

Afterwards, you might head to a club where the bride really likes dancing. Or a crawl through the bars in her favourite town – whatever the main person wants.

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As a little thank you I would then put together an ifolor book using the ifolor app on my smartphone. The photo book is ordered with just a few clicks, I used my artwork on the cover again.


Patricia from „boumbelle“

It all began with cupcakes, but today Patricia makes wedding cakes, serves fine aperitifs, runs baking courses, decorates parties and advises customers on everything to do with the big and small celebrations in life. With great attention to detail, good ingredients and a love for being creative. She shares her favourite recipes, DIY advice and tips from everyday family life on the blog.

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