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Different ordering methods

Sending in colour films and digital
photos to ifolor by post

Sending colour films and negatives by post

Would you like to get a colour film or negatives printed again? Send us your colour films and negatives conveniently by post. Enclose the completed order form with your order. You can download this here. We will develop and send them to you within just a few working days.

We recommend you use our ifolor order envelopes to ensure your colour films and negatives reach us safely and protected. We will send these to you by post in a few days.

You can of course alternatively use a normal envelope too. We recommend you use a bubble envelope from the post office as the best and safest alternative.

ifolor Bestelltasche anfordern

Please don’t forget to add the provided form for this fully completed with every package.

You can download the corresponding form for colour films / negatives or digital photos here:

Sending in digital photos by post

You don’t have any option to order digital photos online? You are welcome to send us your digital photos by post too. Enclose the order form that you can download here with your package. We will produce these within a few days for you and send them to the provided address. You can also use an ifolor padded envelope, bubble envelope or a normal envelope to send in your digital photos. You can use the following ordering methods:

You are also welcome to load your photos onto a USB stick and send it to us by post. We will produce them within a few days and return them by post. You will of course also receive the USB stick back by post.

Note: variable image length

The ifolor photo prints have variable image lengths to be able to develop different photo formats without anything being cropped off. We recommend you familiarise yourself with our variable image lengths before you send in your order. You can find out more about this here.


135 film photos
Format First-time order
10 x 15 cm format CHF 0.49 CHF 1.20
13 x 19 cm format CHF 0.69 CHF 1.50
Development and shipping costs
Development including a PhotoIndex (for the format marked)
CHF 6.95
Postage per order under 1 kg
CHF 4.90
Postage per order over 1 kg
CHF 7.90
135 film (photo CD) Price
Photo CD (1 to 6 films at most per CD) CHF 9.95 per film