Send us your colour film

Send us your colour film

Send us your rolls of 135 film with the completed ordering form. Delivery time 4 working days.

Ordering forms

Archive CD ordering
Archive CDs let you securely save your photos and easily manage them. We'll scan your negatives in 1080 dpi resolution with 24-bit colour depth. After scanning, negatives will be saved in JPEG format.

To order, please use the Archive CD order form which you can download directly below. Send us your negatives strips with the completed form.

Please send us the complete negatives strips (do not cut them up).

Photo CD
Order a photo CD when you place your film developing order – just tick the option on the form and we'll scan your photos!

Archive CD ordering
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135 film photos
Format First-time order
9 x 13 cm format CHF 0.39 CHF 1.00
10 x 15 cm format CHF 0.49 CHF 1.20
13 x 19 cm format CHF 0.69 CHF 1.50
20 x 30 cm format CHF 4.95
Duo Print Price
All 135-size formats
CHF 0.30
as Duo Print
per second print
Development and shipping costs
Development including a PhotoIndex (for the format marked)
CHF 6.95
Postage per order under 1 kg
CHF 4.90
Postage per order over 1 kg
CHF 7.90
Photo CD
Photo CD from 135 films Price
Photo CD (1 to 6 films per CD)
CHF 9.95 per Film
Archive CD
Archive CD from previously developed 135 negatives
Per motif saved
CHF 1.00