Saying thank you on Mother's Day.

Thanks, Mum - Why we celebrate Mother's Day

Meaning of Mother's Day and some great gift ideas for your mum

The second Sunday in May is dedicated to our mothers. They are always there for us such as helping us with any big or little problems and this is why they deserve a medal for their superpowers. It's time to say "thank you". But why do we celebrate Mother's Day and what is its significance?

The origin of Mother's Day

Contrary to rumours that Mother's Day is a retail invention the celebration of mother’s dates back to ancient times. Even the ancient Greeks celebrated Rhea the goddess of earth and fertility. However, the day as we still celebrate it today comes from the time of the women's movement in the USA. The Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis is considered the founder. She organised a "Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting" on 12 May in 1907. She dedicated this public commemoration to her deceased mother and to all mothers who, in her opinion, did not receive enough recognition for their work. Together with other women's associations she persistently urged politicians to introduce an official day to thank mothers. After years of effort the second Sunday in May was officially declared a bank holiday in the USA in 1914. Soon, more and more countries adopted the idea of this special day. In England, the holiday "Mothering Sunday", which already existed in the Middle Ages was revived. However, this is already celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In 1917 the new tradition reached Switzerland, initially without much notoriety. In 1923 it was celebrated for the first time in Germany and finally also in Austria in 1924.


If you want to know how Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide, you can find out more here.

What to get for Mother's Day: Personalised gift ideas for Mum

Mother's Day over time

Just as the image of mothers has changed over the past decades, Mother's Day itself has evolved in Central Europe.

In the 1920s, the Association of German Flower Shop Owners was still promoting the "Day of Flower Wishes" with a purely commercial idea. Inspired by their German colleagues, the Swiss florists', confectioners’, and gardeners' associations soon also provided gift ideas and helped Mother’s Day to become well-known.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Mother's Day celebrations were still held in public to publicise the holiday, but today people prefer to celebrate it within their own four walls. For years, flowers have been one of the most popular gifts - whether they are picked from the garden or a specialist shop. Of course, you don't necessarily need a special day of the year for this, but Mother's Day is not all about big gifts. It's the small gestures that count and make this day special. Breakfast in bed, a homemade cake, small gifts, an outing with the whole family. You remember these rituals for the rest of your life.

Even if the meaning of Mother's Day has changed over time, one thing remains the same: Mum is the best.

Something special for Mother's Day - giving the gift of time

The best gift for mothers is time together. With a photo book, you can capture your memorable moments together for years to come. Our ifolor Designer helps you create your own individual photo book with lots of templates.

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Is someone always missing from your group photos because someone has to take the photo? Someone is guaranteed to have their eyes closed in all the pictures? Get some help! It doesn't have to be a professional, often an outside view from an acquaintance or a relative helps to bring you together and set the scene. The result is a beautiful, lasting memory for your Mother's Day photo book. You can find lots of design tips in our blog post.

Self-created gifts: Photo Books and Photo Cards for Mother's Day.

Create your personal Mother's Day card

The days of painting your own pictures for your mother are long gone. How about a personalised Mother's Day greeting card instead? Find your favourite from one of the many templates or get creative yourself with personal photos or text.
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Always have your loved ones close by with a photo Tote Bag

Still missing a gift idea for Mother's Day? Lots of storage space and a real one-of-a-kind: Tote Bags are more than just an everyday helper! For shopping, sports, or as a handbag replacement printed with your favourite memorable moment, which makes it a great everyday companion.


Why don’t’ you put a feel-good parcel together, which contains everything your mum likes for a little break, e.g. your favourite sweets, a scented candle, a relaxing bubble bath. Before you reach for any wrapping paper and tape, make something special out of the parcel! Simply use the Tote Bag and stow the presents in it. A personal highlight - inside and out.

Mother's Day Photo Bag

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