Mother's Day worldwide: This is how it is celebrated

Mother’s Day worldwide

How Mother's Day is celebrated around the world

This year we celebrate mothers all over the world again. On the second Sunday in May, we can show that we think of them and really spoil them. On Mother’s Day people generally take photos to create some wonderful memories and they give a lot of flowers and chocolates as gifts. These are just a couple of reasons why we have been thinking about the background of this holiday.

Mother’s Day in Switzerland

In this country, Mother’s Day was officially established in 1917 by the Salvation Army. As early as 1914 the Cevi tried to establish Mother’s Day in the style of the Anglo-Saxon region, but was unable to achieve any success especially in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. Until the 1920s, the holiday was limited to small circles until florists, master confectioners and others began to commit themselves to Mother’s Day. The breakthrough in Switzerland, however, did not come until 1930, when it was propagated through the press, leaflets, radio and shop windows. Ever since, it has been celebrated here on the second Sunday in May. Today we celebrate it by bringing our mothers breakfast in bed, giving flowers or creating little things.


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Creative gift ideas for Mother's Day

How Mother’s Day around the world is celebrated

Today, Mother’s Day has become a tradition for us all. However, what about in the other countries? How is Mother’s Day celebrated in other countries and when does it take place and since when has it existed?

Mother’s Day in the USA

Mother’s Day originated in the United States in 1914 and is considered the origin of the holiday as we know it today. The Methodist Anna Marie Jarvis wanted to commemorate her dead mother on 12th May in 1907, which is the second Sunday in May. She hosted a Memorial Mother’s Day Meeting in West Virginia. In the following year this was celebrated again and met with great approval. This prompted Jarvis to establish Mother’s Day as an official holiday in the USA. In 1909 this day was already celebrated in 45 US states and in 1914 Congress passed an official law: Every year mothers will be honoured on the second Sunday in May. A new national holiday was born.

In the course of the commercialisation of this day the founder Anna Marie Jarvis distanced herself from it. She fought unsuccessfully against the abolition of Mother’s Day and regretted having brought it to life.

Did You Know? In the USA, Mother’s Day is the most lucrative holiday after Christmas. With about 186 US dollars spent per mother the USA is the financial leader.

Mother's Day is celebrated worldwide

Mother’s Day in Japan

The Japanese have adapted the American version and therefore celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. Mothers in Japan also receive flowers on this day, but care is taken to ensure that they are not white. In Asia, these are mainly used for funerals. Especially lucky mothers are given a massage or their household chores are completed by other members of the family.

Mother’s Day in Italy

In Italy, the “Festa della Mamma” is also celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Here however, they receive gifts that go beyond flowers and delicacies, such as jewellery. Nevertheless, they are still very popular, which is why the holiday has already been renamed by the locals to “Festa die Fioristi e die Pasticceri” (Feast of florists and confectioners).

Mother's Day in Mexico

Mother's Day in Mexico, also called ‘Dia de la Madre’ and it is all about music. Every year on the 10th of May, families gather to honour all the mothers with joyful songs and dances. Some families even hire their own mariachi band for the occasion. However, dance and music are not the only things that take centre stage on this day. Many mothers also use this day to protest that the authorities aren’t doing enough to find missing children.

Mother's Day in Greece

In Greece, Mother's Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday in May with a strong focus on lots of flowers. The whole house is festively decorated with colourful flowers and a festively laid table awaits them. Another sweet tradition for Mother's Day in Greece is eating a homemade honey cake called ‘melopita’.

Lovely ideas for Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day in Serbia

Things take an unusual turn in Serbia: Mother's Day - like Father's Day and Children's Day - takes place on a Sunday in December. In the morning, mothers are woken up to their children tying up their feet and she must remain tied up until she has given her children all kinds of presents and sweets. On Father’s day mothers can get a sort of justice as it’s the same tradition.

Small attentions and gift ideas for Mother's Day

Whether in Switzerland, Mexico, or Japan - the same ideas apply: On Mother's Day, all mothers are honoured and cared for. We are happy to help you create the perfect gift to say thank you.

Find a Mother's Day gift

Don't forget. Whether it's individual portraits of the children or the whole family, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to take great new family photos. We'll tell you how to get the best shots in our article on how to take great portrait photos.



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