Our customer satisfaction guarantee Our customer satisfaction guarantee

Our customer satisfaction guarantee Our customer satisfaction guarantee

We’re satisfied only if you are We’re satisfied only if you are

We love coming to work every day, where we help your photos bring you even more joy. However, if one of our photo products fails to float your boat, we’ll send you a new one. After all, we’re satisfied only if you are.

The conditions of the guarantee, explained step by step

Our satisfaction guarantee applies to all ifolor photo products (except Adventcalendars). If a product you ordered from us contains a design fault or a production error, we replace it free of charge, without quibble. We hope you understand that we cannot issue refunds under this guarantee.

Our satisfaction guarantee applies in the following situations:

  • Design flaw or typo
  • Wrong image has been used
  • Resolution of the image is too low
  • Production error
  • Duplicate order due to software error
  • Production fault has occurred due to software error

We're an open book when it comes to transparency.
Our satisfaction guarantee does not apply in the following situations:

  • Duplicate order has been placed
  • You have placed an order for the wrong format
  • You have placed an order for the wrong product and/or wrong product characteristics
  • Special offer, discount code or voucher has been used

How do I register a product for the satisfaction guarantee?

  • Open our contact form (click here for the contact form).
  • Describe why the product does not meet your requirements.
  • Please include your contact information, order number and order channel.
  • Include a picture of the complaint which illustrates the issue.
  • Submit the contact form.

Our complaints department will contact you as soon as possible.

Important: Please keep the product in question until your complaint has been processed. In rare cases it may be necessary to return the product in question in order to determine the cause of the complaint.

Information you need to know and bear in mind

You can make a claim under our satisfaction guarantee once per photo product ordered, with the exception of production-related issues and damage caused by us.

If you would like to take advantage of our satisfaction guarantee, please send your photo product back to ifolor within 21 days of the order date. 

If your photo product meets the conditions of the guarantee, you will receive a new version of the product in question. Please note that it is not possible to change the type, scope and dimensions of the product. If your photo product does not meet the conditions of the guarantee, we will send the original product back to you.

All the packaging we use has been checked and approved by Swiss Post. As a result, please get in touch with Swiss Post directly within seven days of any damage occurring during transit. Information on this can be found at https://www.post.ch/en/sending-parcels/damage-or-loss.

The conditions and the warranty stated under items 4 and 8 in our GTCs (https://www.ifolor.ch/en/gtc) are not affected by the satisfaction guarantee.