ifolor quality

Ifolor is fully committed to its customers and to ensuring they are satisfied. This means that we ensure our products and services meet the very highest of quality standards.

Swiss Made

Only those who aim for top quality at all times can gain the confidence of their customers.Our specially trained ifolor professionals ensure that we do so every day. The expansion of our customer base in various European countries, and the numerous awards we have received, prove that we are doing the right thing. And so are you.


Ifolor aims to provide quality – and is very successful in doing so. A range of specialist and popular magazines repeatedly give ifolor awards for providing first-class value for money and top quality.

An overview of all test results

Quality certificates

Ifolor: certified top quality - We were the first European photo-printing lab to achieve certification. We check every single step in our processes so that we can provide you with the quality that you are used to receiving from ifolor. We don’t send products home to you until we are satisfied that they are of the very highest quality.

Ifolor ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, an internationally recognised certification. We are proud to be one of the first photo labs to receive this recognition.

Good Priv@cy


We were also one of the first photo labs in Europe to receive the data protection label GoodPriv@cy. With ifolor, your photos and personal data are in safe hands, at all times. We can vouch for that.


Swiss Climate CO2 Neutral

We have been receiving this certificate - on the basis of the international standard ISO 14064 - since 2012 for our commitment to striving for the continuous improvement of greenhouse gas levels within the meaning of Swiss Climate. As we are aware of our responsibility for a healthy environment, we place value in the conscious and sustainable use of natural resources in day to day business operations. More information about the label "Carbon neutrality" can be found at www.swissclimate.ch