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  • Greeting cards for the new year

    Happy New Year Greeting Cards

    Send friends and family your best wishes for the new year

    As you can’t always give the Happy New Year wishes to your loved ones in person, take the opportunity in sending them a note. Surprise them in the new year with your very own Photo Greeting Cards.

    Design a card with your own Photos

    This very individual and personalized photo greeting card will come as a surprise and bring extra joy to the start of a new year. Choose your favorite picture or even several for your card. It could be a nice photograph from your last new years eve party or a winter holiday together. Maybe you can even shoot a little fun family portrait yourself? Make sure to choose pictures with a high-quality resolution and good lighting to make your card shine bright in the end.

    Send friends and family your best wishes for the new year

    Inspirational quotes and phrases

    To give your note a little extra something, look for a suitable little poem or phrase. It can be a funny joke, a classic quote or even a short self-written poem. Get inspired and add a personal touch to your wishes.

    “Out with the old, in with the
    new: may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!”


    “The New Year lies ahead

    With books to be read,

    And adventures to be led.

    May you find fulfillment and joy

    All year long!”


    “Counting my blessings and wishing you
    more. Hope you enjoy the New Year in store. Have a joyous New Year, my dear

    Send your wishes for the new year with photo greeting cards

    Create your card online

    At ifolor you can easily create your photo cards online and order them as a pack of 10 with the matching envelopes included. They are available in different formats and there are also many suitable design templates ready for you to choose from. With the filters you can easily look through the templates for your occasion. If you choose to make a collage you can use your best family photos and greatest moments with your friends. A green arrow on the side of the picture chosen in the design process shows you if the quality is optimal.

    Your New Years wishes and the little poem can be printed on the inside or the back of your card. You can also leave them blank and handwrite your greetings later. Some of the design templates provide space for text on the front of the card, so you can match your own words with the design.

    With these self-made greeting cards and warm wishes you and your loved ones are ready to welcome the new year ahead!

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