Personalised Christmas Cards as a Year in Review or Advent Greetings

Christmas cards as a year in review or as Advent greetings

Turn the highlights of your year into a photo card for your family and friends

When you open your letterbox with cold fingers at Christmas time, it really is a joy to find Christmas greetings from your loved ones among all the junk mail and bills! You, too, can bring some joy your friends and family this year. We’ll show you some creative ideas for your personalised photo Christmas cards.

Christmas cards as a year in review

So much happens over the course of the year that keeping all your friends and acquaintances constantly informed about everything becomes an impossible task. Make use of this opportunity at the end of the year to let them know about all the experiences you’ve had over the course of the year, both big and small. Don’t have a matching photo for all the events? Well, never mind! A beautiful photo of you together with some sweet Christmas greetings also makes for a great card. Whether it’s on the inside or on the back, you’ll have plenty of space for your personal review of the previous year.

Personalised Christmas Cards as a Year in Review or Advent Greetings

How do I design my year in review?

Creating or writing a year in review is not always easy! Of course you can always just write down all the important dates and events, but keep in mind who you are sending the card to as the experiences you choose to talk about should also have some meaning for the recipient. For example, grandparents are likely to be interested in all the events, while, with friends, you should also make sure you add shared and personal moments! Besides the classic version, we have two great alternatives for your year in review:

Month by month

Have you had a particularly great year and can’t even decide which moments to mention? Then organise them by month! Decide on one important event for each month. March: Our daughter said her first word; July: I had a great birthday party – and you were there too! etc.

Questions are the answer

Frame your year in review using questions that you answer right away! For example, “What mark have I made over the past year?” or “What were the five best experiences I had this year?” This gets not only you, but also the recipient, thinking about the past year. The handy thing is that you can also ask very specific questions that relate to the recipient:

“What has changed over the past 12 months?” – Maybe I didn’t exercise as much as I had planned, but at least I had the time to strengthen our relationship!

“What was I willing to let go of?” – Smoking – but I’m glad I kept you!

“When was I happiest?” – On my holidays, with wine and good food and always when I spent time with you!

“Who have I spent too little time with?” – You! And that’s something I’d like to make up for next year.

Works particularly well for new couples too: “Have I found a boyfriend or girlfriend?” – Yes, you!

How do I design my Christmas cards?

Christmas review

As we mentioned earlier, a photo will also do as a greetings card image if you prefer to make a note of your year in review in writing! A great, cool or funny picture of you can also represent a look back at the past year. For example, a review that your relationship with each other has grown! But to give it a more Christmassy touch you can click through our great selection of Christmas layouts. Here, we’ve done the designing for you! Whether it’s funny Christmas trees, simple Christmas greetings or sweet snowflakes – there should be something for everyone.

The Highlights of Your Year as a Photo Card for Friends and Family

Great Christmas collages

If you have lots of memories to draw upon, ifolor makes it easy to put together beautiful collages online. With greeting cards in every format, you’ll have enough space for your own photo highlights of the year! Where there are fewer pictures an individual greeting card should be enough. If you have more pictures, try the maxi or panorama card.

In keeping with Christmas, you can of course also add a few beautiful Christmas motifs as placeholders. This makes a Christmas greeting look much more festive! The “dynamic layout” design template is also ideal for collages. Upload your photos and see what happens! The program arranges your pictures automatically. Particularly interesting layouts can be generated from an odd number of images. Using the “Shuffle” button, your pictures will be rearranged again and again, and you can look at lots of different variations before you make your final decision. Or you can move them around in the way that suits them best. Which means the sky’s the limit!

Retro prints with a difference

Or have you ever thought of sending our retro prints? Order 24 of your greatest memories or your best moments, label and date them – and they’re ready to send!


By the way, with the retro prints and the same technique you can easily create an individual advent calendar! Hang retro prints facing the wrong way round and numbered on a decorated wire, then turn them around when the appropriate day arrives!

24 postcards for the Advent season

Done a lot with your best friend this year? Or do your parents live far away? With the ifolor app and ifolor postcard via direct mail, you can design your own postcard from your smartphone in just a few steps and have it sent directly to its intended recipient. Take a few minutes each day and surprise one of your favourite people with a Christmas greeting – and make going to the letterbox in the run-up to Christmas a special experience for 24 of your loved ones!

Personalised Christmas Cards as a Year in Review or Advent Greetings

Simply download the ifolor app. The application guides you through the process of creating your postcard step by step. You can also choose between two formats! You can place photos and text on the front, while the back offers space for text on the left and the recipient’s address on the right. You can even choose your own picture for the stamp! Postcards always reach the intended recipient 1 to 3 days later.


Alternatively, you can send your 24 personalised postcards to a single favourite person each day, transforming their letterbox into an Advent calendar with a difference. The app makes it quick and easy to design using smartphone pictures of beautiful moments with your best friend or parents.

Order the first card in the last few days of November and then another one every day – for 24 days – it takes just a few minutes using your smartphone.

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