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  • Personalised Christmas Cards as a Year in Review or Advent Greetings

    Personalised Christmas Cards as a Year in Review or Advent Greetings

    The Highlights of Your Year as a Photo Card for Friends and Family

    When people open their letterboxes with cold fingers during Christmas time they’re sure to be pleasantly surprised when they receive, besides annoying adverts and bills, Christmas greetings from their loved ones. Bring some joy to your friends and family this year. We’ll show you two creative ideas for making your own personalised photo Christmas cards.

    The Christmas Card as a Year in Review

    A lot happens over the course of the year, which makes it difficult to inform friends and relatives about everything going on. Make use of this opportunity at the end of the year to let them know about everything that’s happened over the course of the year, both big and small.

    Your Fondest Memories in a Collage

    You can create your own attractive collages with ease on the ifolor website. Our greeting cards in 16.5 x 12 cm format offer you enough room to add your own photo highlights of the year. You can choose between portrait and landscape format. It might be a good idea to first choose which photos you want to use so you can see, before designing, which format would be most suitable. If you choose to use a lot of photos in landscape format, these will be better displayed on a card in landscape format, and vice versa for photos in portrait format. You can filter for ‘Christmas’ in the layouts and choose between Christmassy designs for your collage layout.

    The Highlights of Your Year as a Photo Card for Friends and Family

    When creating your card choose the “Variable collage” design template. Upload your own photos into the ifolor Designer and drag and drop them onto the card one after the other. The program will arrange the photos automatically. You’ll end up with a particularly interesting layout if you use an odd number of pictures. You can click on the “Shuffle” button to automatically rearrange your photos and you can look at as many variants as you wish before you finally reach a decision.

    If you’d like to add your own small Christmas greeting to the front side of the card while designing it, you can simply drag a text field onto the card from the menu located on the left. Here you’ll find many font styles and colours to choose from and the text field, just like the photos, can be mixed around in the template.

    The Highlights of Your Year as a Photo Card for Friends and Family

    A Look Back at All the Important Events of the Year

    You can design both the inside and reverse side of the card, just as on the front, with photos and text fields. This will give you space to add more pictures and a message summing up the year as well as personal greetings and best wishes.


    Would you like to send your greetings to friends and family around the world? Write your greetings in multiple languages and place these next to one another or order several different variations of your greeting card.

    After just a few days you’ll receive your set of 10 folded greetings cards with envelopes included in the mail. We hope you enjoy sending out your year’s highlights!

    24 Personal Postcards for Advent

    Did you experience quite a bit with your best friend this year? Or perhaps your parents live far away? With the ifolor app you can design your own postcards on your smartphone in just a few steps and send them directly to the recipients. Just take out a few minutes each day to surprise your loved ones with Christmas greetings - this will make going to the letterbox before Christmas Day a special experience for 24 of your loved ones!

    Start out by downloading the ifolor app. The app will lead you step by step in the design of your postcards in English. You can choose to use single photos, collages, or one of 26 other templates available. There are also special Christmas-themed templates available with reindeer, snowflakes, or stars. The reverse side comes with the standard postcard design and has room for adding a message on the left and the address on the right. You can even choose one of your own photos to use as the postage stamp. You can place photos and text on the front side while the back has space for text on the left and address lines on the right. You can also choose your own image for the stamp.

    Create a postcard on your phone directly in the app
    Back of the direct postcard has a placeholder where you can use for your own photo as a stamp

    Your postcards will always reach the recipients 1-3 days later. Your loved ones will be sure to be happy to look back on pleasant memories and times spent together or to receive a small Christmas greeting.


    Alternatively, you could send your 24 individualised postcards to a single special person every day and make their letterbox into a kind of Advent calendar. The app makes it quick and easy to design your postcards with pictures from your smartphone featuring beautiful moments spent with your best friend or your parents.

    Order your first card in the last days of November and then the next one each day after that during the month of December in just a few minutes directly from your smartphone.

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