Creating a Pregnancy Photo Book: How to capture your most beautiful moments

A Photo Book for Pregnancy

“I’m pregnant!” – Remind yourself of the special period of pregnancy and create a unique Photo Book where you can forever capture the most beautiful and exciting moments of your pregnancy. From the positive pregnancy test to the first ultrasound image up until birth – we will show you great design ideas for your very own Pregnancy Photo Book.

Design ideas for the exciting nine months

Start designing your Pregnancy Photo Book as early as possible. It will be easier for you to associate pictures with places and anecdotes when the memories are still fresh. Likewise, it makes sense to collect the most beautiful shots and snapshots in a folder on your computer or smartphone. This will give you faster access to the design process.


Design your Pregnancy Photo Book with our ifolor Designer. Thanks to the design software for Photo Books, you can save your already edited pages and preliminary results at any time or continue editing whenever you want.

It’s best to arrange your Pregnancy Photo Book in a chronological order so every time you look at it, you can remember the feelings and emotions that you had at that moment. Simply use our numerous layout templates available in the ifolor Designer.

Since the pictures you take during your pregnancy do not always have a consistent look, you should use a consistent colour scheme when designing your Photo Book. As a result, the Pregnancy Photo Book will come out even more valuable in the end. For example, you can work with a consistent font colour and font type or background colour. Also recurring elements, such as our baby clip arts, frames and speech bubbles, are perfect for designing. Let your creativity run wild.

Photo Book for pregnancy: Capture special photos on two pages in the Photo Book

Your Photo Book for pregnancy will look especially classy with our Photo Book Premium Photo Paper. Thanks to the flat-lying pages, it is perfect for photos that are displayed on two pages. The high-quality inner pages made of real photo paper will make your most beautiful memories come out in particularly classy way.

From pregnancy test to birth: Motive ideas for your Pregnancy Photo Book

During pregnancy, there will be many moments and occasions for pictures and snapshots. Right at the beginning of your pregnancy, there are plenty of opportunities to take great pictures. Many expectant mothers capture their happiness at the first ultrasound image. For example, scan an ultrasound image and place it separately in the Photo Book, or use your child’s first 2D image as a photo prop.

An ultrasound image as an idea for motives for the Pregnancy Photo Book

To capture the development of your child and the baby bump in a funny way, it is a good idea to take a new picture every week in the same pose, with the same clothes and the same background. You can place these pictures side by side later in the Photo Book and this will enable you to see very well how your belly keeps on growing bigger.

Do not forget to capture even the little moments in everyday life. For example, take a snapshot if you suddenly have cravings for salty food. These little anecdotes will make for a little grin later when you look at them and remind yourself of the exciting time.

You should take pictures not only of everyday life but also at family outings, family celebrations or your baby shower. You can find more ideas for great motives during pregnancy and even after that in our free eBook “Photography during pregnancy”.

Recurring elements for the uniform design of a Photo Book for pregnancy

The individual and personal note

In addition to pictures you should also include a few personal lines in the Pregnancy Photo Book. These can be small anecdotes, quotes or personal words to your child. Put in these individual words every now and then in the right place. For example, you could describe your feelings when you learned what gender your child will have or how you felt when you first felt your child. Incorporate the feelings and thoughts of the expectant dad or other family members in the design of your Pregnancy Photo Book.

Another nice way of designing is a kind of pregnancy diary. Special eye-catchers are pictures in which you compare the size of the child with the size of a fruit. For example, a baby is as big as an orange during the 17th week of pregnancy. Simply take a picture of your belly with an orange in your hand and write down your feelings or funny anecdotes from this week as you would write in a diary. This will give your Photo Book a very special personal touch.

Individual lines add some personal touch to the Photo Book for pregnancy


Such a lovingly designed Photo Book for pregnancy is also ideal as a gift for your child’s 18th birthday.

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