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Troubleshooting an Incomplete Data Transfer

What can I do when the data transfer is interrupted?

You’re done creating your photo product in the ifolor Designer, e.g. a photo book, and see that the data transfer will take a very long time or nothing appears to be happening. This can be due to a variety of factors; here we’ll help you resolve this problem.

Here’s how it’s done:

One reason you might encounter problems during the data transfer is the length of time the transfer will take. If the duration of the data transfer is quite long, it can happen that your network connection (perhaps in order to save energy) will be interrupted and your data won’t be able to be completely transferred.

Thus, when wrapping up your order try to use a fast Internet and network connection. Mobile networks as well as some public Wi-Fi connections aren’t capable of the same speeds produced by your Internet connection at home and your photo product data might not be sent to us fast enough. The size and number of photos can also play a role here and impair the data transfer.

If the data transfer is interrupted, you can subsequently check the status of each individual file. You can then attempt to retransmit the missing files.


If you don’t see any progress in the data transfer window after a couple of minutes, you can simply restart the upload attempt. To do this, click on “Cancel.” Afterwards, an info window will appear and you’ll be notified that not all files could be transferred since the upload was interrupted. You can then confirm that a new transfer attempt should be started by clicking on “Yes.”


Note: When designing your product, keep in mind that very large photos with a file size of 50,000 KB or more may exceed the maximum file size and that the data transfer won’t be successful in most cases. This is often the case, for instance, when uploading high-resolution panoramic photos. You can reduce the file size by using an image-editing program and then restarting the data transfer.