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Saving Your Own Page Templates

How can I save pages I’ve created as a template for my photo book?

In the ifolor Designer you can design the pages of your photo book individually and exactly how you want them to be. If you especially like a layout you’ve created for one of your pages, you can easily use this layout for other pages and also use it for future photo book projects by saving the page as a template.

How it’s done:

Start out by arranging the photo and text placeholders how you’d like them on a blank page or adjust an already-existing layout from one of our various design templates. Then right click on the book page and choose the option “page layout” from the menu window. You’ll then have the ability to save the layout of the marked page or the whole double-page.

Saving the layout of a photo book page

Afterwards a window will automatically be opened and you can choose if you’d like to save only the placeholders or everything on the page, i.e. either just the arrangement of image and text fields or the whole design complete with frames, backgrounds, and fonts, as a template. You can then confirm your selection by clicking on “Ok” and then you can get back to designing your photo book.

Options for saving page layouts

In order to access your personal templates, select the “Layout” tab in the sidebar on the left-hand side. Here you’ll see the newly created category “My pages” and “My double pages” where your self-created templates will be shown. In order to use these for other pages in your photo book, simply drag and drop your template on the corresponding photo book page with your mouse.

You can now use your templates as often as you’d like when designing a new photo book of the same type.

Note: your self-created page templates will only be saved for the photo book type that you were designing when you saved your template. If you created a template while designing a “photo book premium photo paper,” for instance, you won’t be able to use the same template when creating a “photo book spiral.”