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Opening Your ifolor eBook with Google Chrome and Readium

How do I open my ifolor photo book as an eBook on my Windows PC?

You’ve created a dream of a photo book and in order to make the most of your own personal masterpiece, you chose the “eBook option” when ordering in the ifolor Designer. This means that after you finished your order, you received an email with a download link for your “ifolor eBook Combi.” After the download is finished, you’ll find your photo book saved on your PC in ePub format. For optimal viewing, we recommend using the eBook reader “Readium” as a plug-in for the Google Chrome Internet browser. Here we’ll explain step-by-step how to install this plug-in.

Step-By-Step Instructions: Downloading and Installing the Readium Extension for Google Chrome

First start out by installing the Google Chrome Internet Browser should you not already have this on your computer. You can add the browser plug-in “Readium” to Google Chrome by entering in the following URL in the browser:


(If Chrome is already your default browser, you can just click on the above link)

This will lead you to the following window:

“Readium” Chrome browser plug-in
“Readium” Chrome browser plug-in

Click on “Add to Chrome” and confirm your selection in the next window in order to add the app:

Adding the “Readium” app to Chrome
Adding the “Readium” app to Chrome

After the successful installation, you’ll automatically be redirected to Chrome://apps/. If you’re not automatically redirected, simply copy Chrome://apps/ and insert this into the address bar in Chrome and confirm by pressing enter. There you’ll find the “Readium” plug-in:

Starting the “Readium” plug-in
Starting the “Readium” plug-in

Click on the extension. A new window will be opened. Here, in the upper right-hand corner you’ll see a gear wheel symbol. Click on it to bring up the following window:

“Two pages” display format
“Two pages” display format

Change the display format settings to “two pages.”

Now open the .ePub file you downloaded from the link in your email by clicking on the “+” located in the upper right-hand corner (next to the gear wheel symbol):


Your eBook will now be displayed in the library. Use the arrow keys to page through your digital photo book.

In order to reopen the eBook at a later point in time, simply open the Google Chrome browser once again and select “Apps.” Alternatively, you can enter in Chrome://apps/ into the address bar.

Afterwards, start up the “Readium” app once again.


The book cover (front side) will be displayed on the overview page. You won’t be able to view the reverse side of the book cover.

There are a variety of different eBook readers available to read ePub files. If using another one of these readers, please read the corresponding help pages of the program to learn about how to operate it.

Sending the eBook per email is not possible due to the relatively large file size of ePub files.

Other formats, such as PDF, cannot be produced at this time.