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Alternative Ordering Methods for Mac OS

How can I order a photo book on a Mac without an Internet connection?

Normally, you design your photo book exactly the way you want it to be in the ifolor Designer and then order it directly through the software. However, everyone has problems with their Internet connection once in a while. Don’t let this stop you! There are two alternatives so you can still complete your order:

  1. You have access to another MacBook or iMac with a functioning Internet connection and transfer your photo book file to this computer to wrap up your order.
  2. You send us your photo book file on a data storage medium such as a CD/DVD or a USB stick by post.

Here’s how it’s done:

Transferring Your Photo Book File to Another Mac Computer

The ifolor Designer saves your photo books in a folder on your Mac computer. It’s best to use the ifolor Designer in order to find the folder. In the designer, under the “My projects” tab located on the left-hand side, right click on the photo book you’d like to locate. If using a touchpad, you can right click by pressing down with two fingers simultaneously on the right side of the touchpad. Alternatively, you can also hold the control key down and click on the photo book.

Screenshot of the ifolor Designer on a Mac

In the context menu, select “Show in Finder.” This will open the ifolor Designer folder where all of your projects are saved. The project you selected in the designer will already be highlighted. In our example we used the ifolor Designer tutorial book. Here, also, you should then open the context menu by right clicking on the photo book file (*Book Name*.ifolordesigner), in order to be able to select the copy function.

Screenshot of the ifolor Designer folder in the Finder of a Mac Computer

Transfer the copied photo book file to a data storage medium so you’ll be able to transfer the data to another Mac computer. On the other computer, double click on the photo book file and it will automatically be opened in the ifolor Designer. Here you can complete your order online.

Offline Ordering by Using a Data Storage Medium

If you don’t have access to another Mac computer or just can’t access a functioning Internet connection, you can also send your order to us per post by using a data storage medium. If going this route, you should start out just as described above and copy your photo book’s file to a USB stick or CD/DVD. You should then send this data storage medium to us in an envelope.

Please include a letter with your data storage medium that contains the following information so that we can complete your order correctly:

  • Name and complete address
  • Email address and phone number
  • Desired number of copies of your photo product

We need your email address so we can confirm the receipt of your order. We will only contact you by telephone should there be any questions or important notifications about your order.

Send your data storage medium to the following address:

Ifolor AG – Sonnenwiesenstrasse 2 – 8280 Kreuzlingen – Switzerland

Note: The ifolor Designer is structured differently for Mac OS and Windows. That’s why it’s not possible to transfer photo books between computers running on different operating systems. Thus, you can only transfer photo book files from Windows to Windows and Mac to Mac.