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Adding Backgrounds and Designs

How can I add backgrounds and designs to the pages in my photo book?

When creating a photo book with the ifolor Designer for Windows you can individually select the background for each page. Whether blue or pink, a meadow of flowers or the ocean, or even your own photo - design each page exactly the way you want it to be.

Here’s how it’s done in Windows:

Click on “Design” on the left-hand side, choose “Backgrounds”, and then click and hold the desired colour or pattern with your mouse and drag it to the edge of the left or right book page. Once the page is highlighted in orange, you can release the mouse and your background will be added. If you’d like to use your own photo as a background, click on the “My photos” tab and drag and drop it on the page of your choice just as described above.

An orange-highlighted book page before adding a coloured background
For especially beautiful panoramic photos or for a more uniform design across two pages, you can add a background to the whole double-page. To do this, simply drag the photo, colour, or pattern to the middle of the double-page until both of the book pages are highlighted orange.
An orange-highlighted double-page before adding a coloured background

If you’d like to use the same background for all pages in your photo book, right click on the background that’s just been added. A menu will appear where you can select “Background.” Here you can set the background to be used for all left-sided pages, all right-sided pages, or for the whole photo book.

Menu window when adding an image as a background

Tip: You can also use a photo already arranged in a placeholder as a background. To do this, right click on the photo and place the mouse over “Image.” You’ll then be able to choose if you’d like to use the photo as a background for the left page, right page, or the whole double-page.

Here’s how it’s done in iOS:

If using the ifolor Designer for Mac, the design menu is located in a separate toolbar in the bottom area of the designer. Here you’ll be able to find the various backgrounds and designs available. Next to each background there is an arrow with various options you can select. Here you can choose between “Left page”, “Right page”, or “Double-page” and apply your selection to several or all pages.

Screenshot of the ifolor Designer on a MacBook - changing the background

If you’d like to use your own photos or images as a background, you follow the same process as Windows PC users. Start out by selecting which image you’d like to use and click and drag the image to the desired page until the page is highlighted in turquoise. You can also use the image as a background for a double-page by dragging the image to the middle of the double-page until both the left and right pages are highlighted in transparent turquoise. Release the image and it’ll be applied as a background for either the single or double-page.