• Heart-warming greeting cards of children’s drawings

    Heart-warming greeting cards of children’s drawings

    Send your friends and relatives your children’s works of art – really easily as ifolor greeting cards.

    There’s hardly anything that gives grandparents and aunties, cousins and great-uncles more pleasure than a small child’s own artwork. Not only are so many emotions captured in it but also an innocence that comes from the heart. So why not send a really personal colourful greeting for a change?

    Small children’s first attempts at art often end up somewhere in a drawer. After all, many children go into mass production as soon as they can hold a pen in their hand. What on earth can you do with all the pictures? Even though what the young Picasso is painting in their room is so cute, where are you supposed to hang all the pictures up? A wonderful alternative is to transform the pictures into greeting cards and surprise loved ones with them.

    Just 3 steps to create a greeting card painted by your child:

    1. Let your child paint in a painting book or create a suitable painting template for the occasion.
    2. Now scan this picture in high resolution. Or simply take a photo of it – nowadays many smartphone cameras have a great resolution, which is perfect for a large format greeting card.
    3. For the children’s painting to really be shown at its best, create a maxicard with ifolor. This A4 format card is ideal for exceptional greetings and displays your child’s painted picture in an almost 1:1 size ratio. The best thing is: you can even have the back of the maxicard printed with text! A superb idea if you need cards, for example as invitations to a children’s birthday party or as congratulations to your best friend’s wedding.
    create a greeting card painted by your child
    children’s painting on ifolor maxicard

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