Ideas for WC 2018 bracket pools and events with friends

Cheer On – Celebrate – Win the World Cup

Ideas for World Cup 2018 Bracket Pools and Events with Friends

It won’t be long before the whole world will once again be talking about football. The question of whether your country’s national team will succeed in bringing home the title of world champion isn’t something with which only the most diehard football fans concern themselves. To help ensure our team plays to the best of their abilities, they’ll need the undying support of their fans. Public viewings or grilling with friends, other club members, or just with the family – there are many ways to experience the football fever synonymous with every world cup. Here we’ll give you a few tips how you can make the World Cup this year an exciting and unforgettable experience to share with friends and family.

Qualification of the Swiss National Team

The Swiss national football team has successfully qualified for the World Cup for the 10th time. After winning a staggering 9 out of 10 games in the qualifying rounds, they were off to an optimal start for the World Cup – due to goal difference, however, 1st place went to Portugal. Instead of directly qualifying, the team had to participate in the playoffs, which the team handled well. The Swiss national team will be up against Brazil, Costa Rica, and Serbia in the group phase of the tournament – and Swiss citizens will be there to cheer on their team along the way and hope for a 1st place group finish and qualification for the round of sixteen.

Football Brings People Together – Share the Excitement with Friends

The anticipation of this grandiose football event is best enjoyed together with friends, family, other club members, or colleagues. Playing football together, discussing in detail which teams have the best chance to win, hosting a barbecue – the solidarity amongst football fans can be felt worldwide.

A group watching football together and cheering on their team

Public viewing is an especially popular way to watch football during the World Cup – where else outside of the stadium can you experience so intensely the shared team spirit amongst the fans? The national team is cheered on with undying passion and elation.

Which Team Do You Have Coming out on Top at the World Cup?

Before the World Cup even begins, it’s common amongst friends to start a pool to bet on which team will be able to bring home the trophy. This makes watching the matches that much more exciting.

Deciding on which teams will win, however, it’s not the easiest decision to make. Even world-class teams have a bad day every now and again, which is a reason why the wagers require a certain degree of luck. Whoever picks the right team to become world champion, of course, takes the winnings. This could be something like fan memorabilia or perhaps a personalised football.

Use ifolor’s 3D ball creator with live preview to design your own personalised football from ifolor Sport. Let your creativity run wild – there’s room to add your own text, photos, or even graphics to your personalised football. The personalisable football is available in three different sizes and can be created with ease online in just a few steps.

A personalised football as a gift for the winning wager

Ideas for Brackets Amongst Friends

Winning just one match prediction doesn’t say much about who’s the football expert in your particular group of friends. A classical variation is to fill in your own brackets for the whole World Cup. All you have to do is decide, before each round, how many points each correct prediction is worth. Whoever has the most points at the end has then won the wager.

Here’s an example:

Completely correct prediction: 5 points

Correct winner predicted and correct goal difference: 3 points

Correct winner predicted: 2 points

Incorrectly predicted winner: 0 points

A World Cup bracket to be filled out with friends

Instead of filling out a bracket on a sheet of paper, you could also go the digital route: you and your friends could use the app “Predictor for Friends” for iPhone and Android to make all your match predictions for the World Cup. Here, every completely correct prediction is rewarded with three points. Two points is awarded if the goal difference is correctly predicted and one point is awarded for choosing the correct winning team. No points are awarded for an incorrect prediction. You can earn 10 points by correctly predicting the outcome of the World Cup final. In order to prevent participants from changing their predictions during the game, all predictions must be made before the starting whistle. At the end of the World Cup, you can then compare the number of points you’ve accumulated with those of your friends and see who came out on top. Besides being able to see your friends’ rankings, you’ll also be able to see how you did compared to other participants around the world.

A World Cup bracket you can fill out with your friends using an app on your smartphone

And Where Will You Catch All the Action?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for most of us to follow the World Cup live and in person – however, this won’t keep people from cheering on their team once the ball gets rolling in Russia! Whether you decide to watch the games at a public viewing, while grilling with friends, or perhaps with your family, one thing’s for sure: it’s bound to be jam-packed with excitement!

Have fun making your predictions and cheering on your team!

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