Design a photo T-shirt.

Print and design a Photo T-shirt

Design a t-shirt with your favourite quote, slogan or memorable moment on it.

Design Photo T-shirts with your own photos and favourite designs. It’s perfect for an original gift, bachelor party, team event, or as a homemade design for yourself. The high-quality T-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and the high-quality print ensures that your photo T-shirt is extra durable and can withstand many washes.

We have collected creative ideas for designing your photo T-shirt to inspire you.

Self-designed T-shirts for a hen party.

Team Bride: Photo T-shirts for a hen party

At a hen party, the bride-to-be is the centre of attention. For the feeling of being in a team and so that others see that you are together on this special occasion, you can design personalised T-shirts for your hen party. To make the bride stand out visually from the group, you can make her T-shirt a little more eye-catching. For example, use a photo of the bride and add a slogan or the group’s name. Instead of a photo, you can combine graphic elements with text. It's easy to do with Canva. Simply save your work as a JPG and upload it to the ifolor design editor like a normal photo to place it on your shirt. While the bride's shirt should stand out, you can make the other shirts for the others in the group a little more discreet, e.g. by choosing a smaller print or a slightly smaller font. An inspirational idea - how about the bride and the hen group all wear uniform photo shirts, which would make a great commemorative group photo!

Of course, cool T-shirts with your own design and theme are also a great idea for those attending a stag party. Just choose the men's version of the photo T-shirt and the right sizes and get creative.


We have put together some cool activities and decoration tips for the party. Get inspired by our ideas for an unforgettable stag or hen party!

Design photo T-shirts with a club design.

Club T-shirts for all members

Design individual club T-shirts as club merchandise, a club anniversary or for another event. For example, you can display your club crest or logo on the T-shirts, as well as the club’s name or your slogan. If you want each club member to have their own T-shirt, you can personalise them with their name. You could use a group photo to design a T-shirt for an anniversary or an event.


You can also use a similar idea to design team shirts for your company, e.g., for the upcoming team event or for a company run. Use the company logo and slogan. You can even personalise the shirts with your employee’s names.

Personalise a T-shirt with your own star sign.

T-shirt with your own star sign

Create a trendy T-shirt with your star sign. From modern and minimalist to graphic and colourful, there are countless ways to represent your star sign. Save your favourite representation of your star sign as a JPG and use it to design a one-of-a-kind Photo T-shirt. If you like to be creative, you can design an image of your star sign by drawing and photographing it or digitally painting it with your tablet. Again, simply save the result as a JPG and upload it to the ifolor design editor to create your star-sign T-shirt. You can also add your name, date of birth or the name of your star sign.

Customised photo T-shirts for a children's birthday outing

Photo T-shirts for children's birthday parties

Treasure hunt, climbing park, mini-golf and more - children's birthday parties are usually action-packed. Design great T-shirts for the whole gang: T-shirts not only strengthen the feeling of togetherness, but they can also be very practical on an outing to easily see who belongs to the group. The shirts also make great gifts for the children who were there as they will be able to look back on this exciting day.

Creative tip: At the end of the day, have all the children sign the birthday child's T-shirt with textile pens. This will give the birthday child a nice souvenir from his or her friends.

How to design your photo T-shirt

The first step is to choose between the Photo T-shirt for men, women, or children and click on the appropriate size. Then you can start designing in the online editor. You can choose to have your shirt printed on the front or back. You can also choose from various layouts and use text fields to print a quote, the name of the T-shirt owner or a slogan on your shirt.



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